• Acea TherouxAcea Theroux

    Creator and Founder of Plyo Power® the athletic based cardiovascular legs program that focuses on the precision of sports conditioning exercises. He holds a BS in Exercise Physiology, is a TRX® Senior Educational Course Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer-NASM, Certified Combine360 Trainer, Certified Spinning Instructor, Licensed Zumba® B1/B2/Toning/Gold/In the Circuit/Gold Toning and a Licensed TRX-STC/GSTC & RIP.  Acea also is a continuing education provider for NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA he loves to travel around the country and present TRX Trainings as well as his “Training Smarter, Not Harder Series” through conferences like: ECA, SCW-Mania, NEHRSA & NEFC.

    “If you're going to PREACH IT, do yourself & the people you're influencing a favor & LIVE IT! What do I love? To dance, suspension train, jump & move athletically... Did I mention DANCE?”

  • Andrea White MarinasAndrea White Marinas

    Andrea is a PMA Certified Pilates instructor and runs a private practice out of a boutique studio in Santa Monica, California. She received her complete Pilates certification through Balanced Body University at Core Conditioning, her prenatal Pilates certification through the Center for Women’s Fitness, and Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College. Early in her Pilates career, she worked as a physical therapy aide and learned firsthand the healing power of Pilates. Andrea works with a wide range of clients, from active men and women looking to take their fitness to the next level, pre and post natal moms, to those rehabilitating injuries.

    Andrea is passionate about the ability of Pilates to change lives. Andrea has studied movement her whole life. Prior to teaching Pilates, she danced professionally in New York and South Korea and has choreographed for musical theater, music videos & feature film. Andrea’s eye for detail and precision keeps clients focused and consistently challenged while having a fun workout! Andrea lives in Santa Monica with her husband Roberto and daughter Veronica.

    To connect with Andrea and take advantage of her offerings, please visit www.andreawhitepilates.com

  • Ann HeizerAnn Heizer

    With over 30 years of experience as a group fitness and personal training expert, Ann merges her passion for teaching older adults and athletes alike, combining balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, and brain fitness to the routines she teaches. In addition to training, Ann has been working with a group of senior citizens to further develop her program, Grounded XTTM Cross Training the Nooks and Crannies, since 2004 and is excited to share what she has learned in 12 years.

  • Ashlee NejtekAshlee Nejtek

    My name is Ashlee (Nikki) Nejtek - Alfred, born and raised in the Central Texas Area. I have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and have worked every position in the gym from kids’ club & front desk to Senior Management. I have worked at over 4 different chains of "big box" gyms giving me invaluable experience in the fitness industry. After years of working in corporate, my husband and I decided to take a step out of corporate and open our own facility, BEFIT, in 2013. We started training in our garage and quickly out grew it. In 2014 we opened a 2000 sq foot facility and again out grew it. BEFIT is now located at 900 S. WS. Young Dr. Killeen Tx 76543 in a 6000 sq foot warehouse-style fitness facility. Our vision is to build our own performance training health practice in the near future of about 12000 Sq foot so we have the capability to train much larger teams, groups of clientele and future patients.

    ● Associates Degree, May 2005, Temple College, Temple, TX
    ● Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management, Presidential Scholar
    ● Graduated Magna Cum Laude, May 2011, California University of Pennsylvania, PA
    ● Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, July 2012, California University of Pennsylvania, PA
    ● Doctor of Integrative Health Care, Concentration in Clinical Nutrition, Huntington College of Health Sciences (2016-2018)
    ● Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Oct. 2007 International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
    ● Certified Personal Trainer, May 2008 National Academy Sport Medicine (NASM)
    ● Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, April 2010 National Academy Sport Medicine (NASM)
    ● Total Body Suspension Training Certified (TRX), April 2010 Fitness Anywhere
    ● Kettle Bell Instructor Certified, 2011 Kettle bell Concepts
    ● Certified Personal Trainer, February 2012 Smart Fitness International
    ● Certified Specialist in Speed and Explosion for Sports Competition, National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE), March 2012
    ● CPR/AED/ First Aid Instructor Certification-Instructor Certification certifies in all 50 States-April 2012-current
    ● Certified in Bodybuilding Contest Prep, International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC), Jan 2014
    ● Fit tour Certified Kickbox Instructor, Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor Jan 2015

    "MY WHY:"
    I started in fitness as a way to find a healthy lifestyle for myself. I was always an athlete in high school and college. However, after a year of college, I quickly found myself involved with the wrong crowd and in the wrong relationships. I saw my life slipping away from me and my health suffering greatly as a result. I come from a family that is the polar opposite of my current lifestyle, and I saw myself beginning to follow these footsteps. I knew I did not want that for myself or my daughter’s future. I knew I had to change for the better. Growing up and seeing so many people suffer from self-inflicted, self-destructive habits that have caused them and their families great turmoil and physical stress, I envisioned a different way of life. I determined to do better and become better. With that motivation, I cleaned up my act, left everything behind, moved out of state, started back in school. Became a certified trainer and never looked back. Years later I have put myself through graduate school, earned Presidential Scholar and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Currently, I possess a variety of certifications and will continue to educate myself forever. I am currently working on my doctorate degree and I am excited to bring these tools I learn to our facility, staff, members, clients, and future patients. I have learned that there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it and put in the hard work. Success will come if you will work hard and never give up. The only way you won't accomplish your goal is if you quit. It's that simple. Join us at BEFIT, where we are not just a "gym" and we don't just "train" people. We are lifestyle coach's, lifestyle mentors, and we can help you develop yourself to your optimal physical capacity through self-empowerment, education, and lifestyle changes!

  • Avital MillerAvital Miller

    Avital Miller, upcoming author of Healing Happens , has passionately shared yoga, healing, fitness, and dance programs to thousands of people worldwide for nearly 20 years. She is E-RYT 500 certified through Yoga Alliance and has energy healing certifications in MCKS Pranic Healing and Ananda Level 2 Healing. She recently moved to Portland, OR after living in a spiritual community in Northern California for 6.5 years where she helped lead the Yoga Teacher Training and was Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers. Before that she spent five years living in California as a Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness and Pilates Teacher Trainer, Personal Trainer, YMCA Fitness Director, Outdoor Yoga and Fitness Business Owner. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Major in Dance from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She has performed and taught various styles of dance around the world since 1993. Avital has infectious joy always bubbling out of her and boundless energy. Her ability to universally love is very healing and refreshing. Her articulation and eloquence in everyday speech reveal clear wisdom. Her authentic presence cuts right to the heart of the matter offering poignant intuitive guidance. Her commitment to being a channel to rally for people's highest potential is admirable.

    To connect with Avital and take advantage of her offerings, please visit www.avitalmiller.com

  • Brad ShorrBrad Shorr

    Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a Chicago SEO expert serving small and midsize firms across the U.S.

  • Brandon WilsonBrandon Wilson

    Fitness specialist Brandon Wilson is a certified Master Trainer and the owner of Global Core Fitness. He is from Houston, Texas and has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. After 7 years of growing his own fitness business in the United States, Brandon moved to Europe. Actively attacking his bucket list, Brandon is currently traveling the world while getting international experience and training online. Brandon is also completing his B.S. in Exercise Science. As a fitness consultant, he is enamored with helping others while being a life-long student himself. Brandon is a great example when it comes to work-life balance. Connect with Brandon at Global Core Fitness

  • Brian GrynBrian Gryn

    Hi. I'm Brian.
    My goal is to help transform your life, and inspire you to become happier and healthier. I am part personal trainer, part golfer, part internet entrepreneur, part author, part health coach, and I have a passion for getting the most out of individuals.

  • Brian SuttonBrian Sutton

    Brian Sutton is the Fitness Education Program Manager for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals. Brian is instrumental in the development of NASM education courses from initiation to launch, working alongside some of the brightest minds in sports medicine to create the most comprehensive courses in the industry.

    In addition, Brian works as an adjunct faculty member for California University of Pennsylvania in the Exercise Science & Sports Studies department.

    He is a regular contributor to several health and fitness textbooks, publications, and has been featured as an expert in the fields of health, wellness, and fitness for FitnessProfessionalOnline.com, Santa Barbara Fitness, Sharecare.com and HFPN.com.

    Brian resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife Leslie and daughter Hannah and enjoys a variety of outdoor and sporting activities including golf, basketball, and hiking.

  • Charlie CatesCharlie Cates

    Charlie Cates is a mastery level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist (MATm), a mastery level Resistance Training Specialist™ with honors (RTSmh), and a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a certified MATRx™ foot and hand practitioner and is a candidate to graduate from the MATRx™ total body program in February 2017.

    Charlie attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College in 2010, where he played varsity basketball for four years. In 2016 he graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Master of Science degree in exercise science.

    A type-1 diabetic, he is the owner of Muscle Activation Schaumburg in Schaumburg, IL . He is an instructor for the Muscle Activation Techniques™ program, introducing students of all different backgrounds to the MAT™ process.

    Charlie specializes in managing and improving the function of his clients’ muscular system through the MAT™ process and utilizing RTS™ principles.

    He can be reached via e-mail at charlie@matschaumburg.com. Follow him on twitter at @CharlieCates!

  • Chris GellertChris Gellert

    Chris Gellert, PT, MMusc & Sportsphysio, MPT, CSCS, AMS

    Chris is the CEO of Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems(PTCS). A continuing education company, that provides comprehensive continuing educational material in the forms of home study courses, live seminars, DVDs, articles and Elearning courses teaching in-depth, the foundation science, functional assessments and practical application behind Human Movement, that is evidenced based.

    Chris possesses a strong clinical background, advanced training, clinical and teaching experience and product development that diverse and unique as both a practicing physical therapist and personal trainer. Chris earned a B.S. in Marketing from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1992, an entry level Master's of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in 1999, and completed a rigorous, advanced masters of Orthopedics and Sportsphysiotherapy in 2011 from the University of South Australia. Chris has been a practicing physical therapist for 16 years, specializing in spinal dysfunctions and orthopedics, a personal trainer for 20 years, having worked from clients from 9 years to 90 years old. Chris has been presenting at international conferences since 2004 and presenting seminars on human movement, manual therapy, exercise and lumbopelvic stabilization training for the last 10 years. Chris has created over 10 courses, 5 live seminars, and is developing a team of experts to be part of PTCS, who will accompany him in writing, teaching and educating the science behind the movement.

    He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist(CSCS) through NSCA and is presently studying advanced ACSM and Cooper Institute certifications. He is planning on pursuing Fellowship training in Orthopedics and Manual Therapy as well as becoming certified in manual therapy and working with clients with vertigo.

    PTCS has created a unique educational learning platform. This dynamic continuing education platform will include home study courses, Elearning courses, live seminars, articles, videos, group chat and mentoring to personal trainers. This approach will teach the cognitive, visual and psychomotor training aspect behind the foundation science, functional objective assessments and the application science behind human movement. For more information on a home study course, live seminar, Elearning course or any continuing educational material, please visit www.pinnacle-tcs.com

  • Chris LutzChris Lutz

    Chris Lutz is the owner and founder of S.P.A.R.T.A. – Sports Performance And Resistance Training Association. He has a degree from George Mason University in Exercise Science and has over a decade of professional experience as a certified personal trainer. Teaching, reading and writing about proper exercise methodology are his biggest passions. Chris can properly teach you how to obtain a full body workout in 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week using a safe, effective and efficient method.

    Chris is nationally certified by National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) as a Certified Personal Trainer. He attended George Mason University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources Dept. in Fairfax, VA 2000 – 2004.

    Chris' combination of B.S. degree, high intensity training CPT certification, and over 5 years of experience managing a training facility, earned him his Master Trainer status.

    Chris is also the author of 2 books for the fitness industry: Start, Operate, and Grow Your Personal Training Business and High Intensity Metabolic Training. 

  • Christian ScullyChristian Scully

    Christian Scully is the editorial coordinator at Healthy.co.id, Indonesia’s health destination. He splits his time between Toronto and Jakarta. Although work and travel can be very time consuming he always finds a way to work out every day. He loves weight training but understands that cardio’s also important. So you can find him in sporadically spin classes and run around with the Zombies, Run! app.

  • Christina ChapanChristina Chapan

    Christina Lee Steele Chapan is a certified personal trainer with four certifications from ISSA ACE, AFAA and SCW. She specializes with fitness for children and those adults and children with special needs. In addition to attaining her certifications, she is also a certified elementary and special education school teacher with a B.S. in Elementary Education, a minor in Biblical Studies from North Central University, an endorsement in Special Education, and an M.A. in Curriculum and Development from Governors State University. Her passion is for training the future of tomorrow. She is available for training, speaking and writing.

  • Christine TorielloChristine Toriello

    Christine Toriello, a Reliv Bronze Ambassador and regular contributor on Military.com, is a successful entrepreneur working from home along the beautiful Maine coast. A former mechanical engineer, Chris has a passion for sports & fitness. As a worldwide trainer and nutritional expert, Chris has mentored & coached individuals, families, business owners, non-profit and sports organizations to perform at their peak with optimal nutrition. She also teaches marketing & branding of performance nutrition to help others expand their brand and develop a viable passive income stream.

  • avatar for Claire GarriganClaire Garrigan

    Claire Garrigan is a fitness sales coach dedicated to exclusively helping fitness professionals close more sales, make more money and have happier clients all while keeping integrity front of mind.

    Known as the ‘girl with all the right questions’ that has the ability to uncover the motives for why people buy and to overcome objections before they become objections, she has continually found herself in the top 3% of the fitness industry nationwide for PT and membership sales.

    She now runs an online resource for fitness professionals who want more ways to sharpen their sales skills without the ‘used car salesman’ vibe.

  • Colin DingelstadColin Dingelstad

    Colin has been studying business and psychology starting at the age of 14. At the age of 19 he started working with executives and CEO’s and focused on business strategies and mindset. He transitioned to working with trainers and coaches and got his first client from 1k to 7.5k in <4 weeks. He is obsessed about giving trainers predictable systems that enable them to genuinely attract as many new clients as they want. Beyondsocialconditioning.com

  • Daniel DemossDaniel Demoss

    I'm Daniel DeMoss, a personal trainer based in Denver, Colorado. On my website, https://dumbbellsreview.com/, I provide tips to help you choose the best equipment for your home gym, as well as several diet and nutrition tips that will help you reach your goals faster.

  • Daniel YakupkaDaniel Yakupka

    Daniel Yakupka is an International Fitness Expert with 20 years of experience.

    Daniel has been featured in IDEA Health and Fitness Magazine as Top Fitness Professional in Washington DC and magazine contributor, ToddDurkin.com as Mastermind Member in the Spotlight, Fitnessmagazine.com, Ideafit.com, and SparkPeople.com.

    Daniel is a ACE certified trainer,MS,WLS,PES,TRX Coach and Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition.

    Daniel was named Argentina’s most successful personal trainer and worked in the Washington DC Metro area as a Fitness Specialist until 2008 when he opened Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Training Specialists.

    Daniel can be reached via email at daniel@fitforlifefitnessdc.com

  • Derek DepreyDerek Deprey

    General Manager for the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) where I teach my staff the core principles of leadership, training, and personal development. Working at the WAC allows me to fulfill my passions – personal growth, wellness and building relationships – each day. I’m constantly given the opportunity to meet unique and talented people and spend my day with many people I’d consider friends. I’m so passionate about my work that it often doesn’t even feel like work to me.

    Shortly after becoming a GM at the WAC, I delved into the world of personal growth and development. I couldn’t get enough of what I was studying, learning and applying, so much so that I created my own business, Move Results, as an avenue to engage and impact others. I feel that the best business to start is one that you need yourself. I just knew it was right because, still to this day, I go to bed and wake up every morning excited to pursue my business. It truly blends my day job and my dream job.

    My diverse career endeavors also include Wisconsin Lutheran College and the John Maxwell Team. With the former, I’m an Adjunct Professor of Adult and Graduate Studies as well as an active member of the Alumni Board. With the latter, I partnered with the esteemed John Maxwell Team after years of being inspired by him. I personally use his teachings to enhance my productivity, development and decision-making skills. Saying that I like to keep myself involved and professionally connected is an understatement.

    In my past life, I spent four years as a Video-Scout in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks, two years as the Coordinator of Basketball Operations in the NCAA with Marquette University and one year as the Director of Player Development with the University of Utah.

    If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past decade, it’s that now is the time to build your career, to build your life, and to strategically work on laying the foundation to accomplish your dreams and prosper to your true potential. While there are many people who try to accomplish this, very few of them are given a blueprint of where to start; thus, I hope you will find me as your resource for getting your compass pointed in the right direction.

  • Eldon BroughEldon Brough

    Eldon Brough currently holds the position of Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Detroit Mercy, a Division 1 member of the Horizon League. Prior to Detroit, Brough spent the the 2010-11 and the 2011-12 school years as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Dixie State College of Utah, a Division 2 member of the Pac West Conference. Brough got his start in strength & conditioning as a student assistant coach at the University of Utah from June 2008 to August 2010, and as the strength & conditioning coach at Westminster College(NAIA member of the Frontier Conference) from August 2009 to October 2010. Brough is a graduate of the University of Utah, having majored in Exercise Science, and is CSCS Certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. His website is www.coachbrough.wordpress.com.

  • avatar for Eric LeaderEric Leader

    Eric Leader is the owner of Every Body's Personal Trainer (http://www.everybodyspersonaltrainer.com/) one of the largest in-home personal training companies on the East Coast. Eric hold a degree in exercise science from James Madison University with a minor in nutrition. He is also a certified personal
    trainer through ACE and has been a personal trainer for over 20 years.

  • avatar for Erin Holt CSCSErin Holt CSCS

    Born and raised in New Hampshire, Erin found her passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle at an early age. She studied Exercise Physiology at the University of New Hampshire and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Professional (TPI).

    Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, Erin worked at elite facilities in Boston and New Hampshire training professional, collegiate, high school, and weekend warrior athletes. She collaborated with orthopedic doctors and physical therapists to design comprehensive training and rehabilitative programs for her clients. She has continued to build upon this integrated approach working with experts across the fields of sports medicine, fitness, nutrition, and wellness to provide the best possible support for her clients with the goal of providing unsurpassed training and education to empower others to reach their highest potentials.Erin grew up a competitive athlete playing soccer, basketball, track, and softball, and it was through her love of sports that she realized her passion for health and fitness.

    She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, and when she is not training you can find her backpacking, camping, trail running, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, or traveling. Volunteering has also been a huge part of Erin's life and she is extremely passionate about all facets of health and wellness, volunteering in local schools and serving on the Board of Safe Water International.

    Her passion and care for the wellbeing of others is evident in all she does – from the gym to the school yard, the trails to the stadium.Through my work as a Strength Coach/Personal Trainer I am given the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives everyday. I inspire and empower people to believe in themselves.

  • Fiona BarkerFiona Barker

    Fiona Barker is a clinical scientist with a special interest in vestibular disorders. She has a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Medicine from the University of Surrey.

  • avatar for Fit ProFit Pro
  • Greg MaurerGreg Maurer

    Greg has 27 years of experience in the commercial fitness industry. This includes extensive expertise with new product launches and the creation of the education and programming infrastructure to allow for the successful integration of new products and programs into existing business models including health clubs, studios, athletic training centers, rehabilitation centers, senior centers, and chiropractic centers.

    As the Director of Education for Sproing Fitness he created the education platform and training systems. This includes training Master Trainers to train and certify other trainers in the use of the Sproing Trainer for personal training, athletic training, and physical therapy.

    His hard work, leadership, passion, and extensive knowledge of health and fitness give him the tools to launch new technologies in the health and wellness industry.

  • James BergesJames Berges

    James Berges is a graduating senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences. James also interns at the health and wellness club on campus at UCSB. His passions lie in asking the big questions in life, and inspiring others to live well and reach their true potential. After graduation, he plans to travel to Israel and possibly pursue a career in allied health or wellness.

  • avatar for James CiprianiJames Cipriani

    Jim Cipriani is a 20 year veteran in the fitness industry with over 30,000 personal training sessions under my belt. His background in collegiate sports and competitive powerlifting led him towards his career path in personal training. With a love for Pumping Iron, Jim competed in bodybuilding for over a decade and in the 90’s and early 2000’s was one of the best drug-free bodybuilders in the country. Once called a "Rising Star" by the National Fitness Hall of Fame, in 2009 he was awarded the honor of being named one of the "Best Trainers in the America." He now has a thriving business in Nashville (Cutting Edge Personal Training) built on the motto of "Better Programs...More Personal Attention...and Guaranteed Results!" For more information, go to http://www.jimcipriani.com/

    Instagram: james.cipriani

  • James DilleyJames Dilley

    I train Martial Artists Online & in House. 24 years of experience in competitive sport & over 16 years of martial arts experience.

  • James TaylorJames Taylor

    James Taylor is a rep for Let Me Bank. Let Me Bank is a finance advice site that helps people start their own business, get out of debt and become financially free regardless of their credit history. Find out more here - https://letmebank.com/.

  • avatar for Jesse IrizarryJesse Irizarry

    Jesse Irizarry is a strength and conditioning coach with a drastic variety of experience ranging from working in a lucrative New York health club to a D1 collegiate football program. Jesse startedJdi Performance to coach athletes and motivated clientele alike to reach their potentialand ignore the nonsense being presented as training. He is on a personal vendetta against this nonsense. Commercial gyms hate him.

  • avatar for John EJohn E
  • John McGillJohn McGill

    John McGill was born and raised in Farmingdale, New York. He is a content writer and freelancer, working on different projects worldwide. John enjoys creating new blog posts, brand slogans and product reviews. He lives in New York City and is actively looking for fresh out-of-the-box ideas for future posts.

  • John OddenJohn Odden

    Bachelor of Science, Central Washington University

    Certifications and Courses
    StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell Instuctor
    NSCA- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer
    ACSM- Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
    FMS- Level 2 Practitioner
    Max Shank Ultimate Athleticsm
    Original Strength User Course
    Kettlebell Strong- Double Kettlebell Course with Geoff Neupert
    Personal Accomplishment
    #1 Ranked in World for Scottish Highland Games Lightweight Class
    3 World Records as Lightweight Competitor
    Former Heavyweight Professional Athlete
    Multiple Amateur Heavyweight records and championships
    StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge Elite Class Competitor
    StrongFirst “Beast Tamer” (Strict Press, Pistol, and Pull up with 106lb “Beast” Kettlebell)
    Competitive Olympic Lifter in 94KG Masters Class

    As a young athlete, I was always fascinated with health and fitness. After getting my first weight set of plastic covered cement weights from Target when I was 12, I became instantly hooked on becoming stronger and learning how to challenge my body to learn new skills. Unfortunately, I was misguided and ended up with chronic low back and shoulder injuries that sidelined my athletic career until recently. Both of these injuries initially started in the gym. I knew there had to be a better way to use resistance training and other forms of training as a way to strengthen my body without reinjuring myself. Unknowingly, these injuries started me down the road on my quest to learn as much as possible about how to help others perform at their best while living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Slowly my pain improved to the point where I could do some reasonable heavy lifting while competing as a Scottish Highland Games athlete. Through the use of carefully designed resistance training programs, metabolic conditioning, mobility/corrective exercises, and proper nutrition, I was able to progress to the professional level in the sport I had grown to love. I have continued to compete for over 10 years while setting three world records in the process. I am now pain-free and feel better than ever at age 37! I also love exploring the great outdoors and enjoying a good brew in true Bend style after a long day of snowboarding, hiking, or paddle boarding.

    My background includes 15 years of personal training, strength coaching, wellness coaching, and professional experience in the gym, wellness, and clinical settings 12+ years working full time in high school strength coaching, employee wellness, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation settings for St. John Hospital in Longview, WA. During my career with St. John, I successfully created a system wide weight management, employee group fitness, post rehabilitation and high school strength and conditioning programs. I am currently pursuing my certification in Olympic Weightlifting through USA Weightlifting and my SFB- Bodyweight Certification though StrongFirst.

    I provide individual personal training (one on one), customized semi-private coaching (small group 2-4 clients), group classes (6-10 clients per class), online coaching and personalized nutritional planning services to a wide variety of clientele, ranging from young athletes to frail seniors with significant limitations. I want to help you achieve your goals and empower you to become more fit than you ever thought possible while moving well and training with a clear purpose.

    Please contact me for more information. I would be glad to discuss options to get you started towards your goals today.

  • avatar for John Paul CatanzaroJohn Paul Catanzaro

    John Paul Catanzaro is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. He owns and operates a private facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario providing training and nutritional consulting services. John Paul has authored a book, The Elite Trainer (2011), and has released two DVDs, Stretching for Strengthening (2003) and WarmUp to Strength Training (2005), which have sold copies worldwide, been featured in several magazines, and have been endorsed by many leading experts.

  • Julie RammalJulie Rammal

    She began her fitness career in Virginia when she was 16 and won Title: Miss Virginia swimsuit in 1997. She later started her holistic career in 2003 in California, USA.

    She has trained numerous celebrities, and VIP worldwide and is known for her holistic approach to understanding and assisting the body and mind to reach its goals in just 3.

    She graduated from George Washington University, San Diego State University, and from Natural Healing University in the USA, and received numerous awards and certifications from various organizations. She has studied with some of the most successful healers such as Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center of Neuro acoustic research in California and Joseph Pilates direct students.

    Julie has lived in over 40 countries worldwide, and honors our ancestral knowledge and practices, and particularly honors Native American approaches to healing. She believes, “Our medicine is in our earth, and our healing begins when we are in tune with the earth.”

    She has assisted in the healing of cancer patients and has helped clients who suffered from stress, migraines, allergies, hearing loss, muscle pains, sinus problems, and digestive.

    She follows the philosophy, “Live the way we are to live, do not doubt, trust, and all will come into your favor.”

  • avatar for Julio SaladoJulio Salado

    Julio Salado NSCA-CPT., USAW Performance Coach, is a nationally recognized personal trainer, post rehab specialist, certified Kettle bell & TRX Suspension Training instructor, motivational speaker and author.

  • Justin PriceJustin Price

    Justin Price is the creator of The BioMechanics Method® - the world's fastest growing corrective exercise education program for health and fitness professionals. He is an IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year, subject matter expert on corrective exercise for the American Council on Exercise and BOSU, founding author of PTA Global, Director of Content and featured author on corrective exercise for PTontheNet and an education provider for TRX and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

  • Karen MarzecKaren Marzec

    Karen is a fitness and wellness expert with over two decades of industry experience. She offers an insightful approach to helping individuals and organizations uplevel health and wellness initiatives. She is a speaker, consultant, and the owner of Bellafit Wellness for Women and Bellafit Bootcamps. Karen is the creator of an innovative new program, called Biofield Fitness, which combines traditional strength training with chakra awareness and balancing to achieve the ultimate mind, body, spirit connection.

    Reach her via email Karen@karenmarzec.com

  • avatar for Karsten JensenKarsten Jensen

    Karsten Jensen, MSc, is the founder of Yes To Strength, an organisation dedicated to sharing the secrets of creating individualized training programs with strength coaches and personal trainers. Yes to Strength offers The Flexible Periodization Method – the FIRST complete method of periodization, dedicated to MAXIMIZING results through a PROVEN 9-Step sequence to create truly INDIVIDUALIZED training programs. Yes To Strength also offers an extensive portifolio of workshops, one on one consulting with strength coaches and personal trainers as well as one-on-one training with high level athletes.

  • Kathryn RyanKathryn Ryan

    Kathryn Ryan is a third year student at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and she is pursuing a double major in both Psychology and Communication. She loves the outdoors, and in her free time you can most likely find her at the beach or hiking the beautiful trails of Santa Barbara, California. With a passion for food, one of her favorite hobbies is cooking (and of course, eating!), and she loves to cook meals for both her friends and family. With graduation on the horizon next year, Kathryn hopes to pursue a career in marketing for a non-profit organization.

  • Kristine IversonKristine Iverson

    With a background in corporate training and a passion to travel, Kristine spent a number of years sailing the high seas on cruise ships, with Norwegian Cruise Line. Once her feet were on solid ground she obtained balance thru yoga certifications. Her love for yoga and holistic living flourished when she committed to a consistent practice. Kristine founded Crow Practice LLC, whose flagship service is THRIVE OVER STRESS training. CROW Practice now offers over 20 different wellness services in Florida. Crow Practice is spreading it’s wings in the convention market, offering wellness rooms and Zen Dens along with Virtual Live Streaming Fitness classes.

  • Kristy MoxKristy Mox

    I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified Instructor who is incredibly passionate about sharing my fitness experience, while inspiring and motivating others to make life changing steps toward a fitter, happier, healthier existence!  The only thing I’ve found to be more exciting than transforming my own physique, outlook on life, body image, improve my health and wellness has been helping others to do the same!

    My journey in life has been paved with cobblestone, leading to dirt-roads and filled with detours but lo and behold, I found the key to happiness!  Fitness has been the glue that holds me together; it's what has enabled me to stay healthy and retain my sanity while raising 2 small kids single-handedly, all while managing to fit into my jeans and achieve rockstart status on the monkey bars at my kid's school playground! 

  • Laurie LasseterLaurie Lasseter

    With over 28 years of Fitness Industry Experience, over 40 years of Endurance Running Experience and 30 marathon completions (including 3 Boston Marathons and all 6 World Marathon Majors – Chicago, New York, Boston, Berlin, London, Tokyo), Laurie specializes in training and working with runners to create a customized, comprehensive and integrated running, coaching and strength training program to help them achieve their running and racing goals while avoiding injury.

    Laurie has used her methods to help her clients achieve injury-free race completions (including numerous age group and overall medals) as well as first marathon completions and time goal achievement at all distances (including Boston Marathon-Qualifying efforts).

    Laurie owns L2 Performance Training and also trains clients at Edward-Elmhurst Health and Fitness in Woodridge, IL as well as at Charter Fitness (Willowbrook, IL) and LA Fitness (Bolingbrook, IL and Naperville, IL). She also writes regularly for the Naperville Marathon Blog and the Edward-Elmhurst Healthy Driven Life Blog.

    For more information visit www.L2PerformanceTraining.com

  • Lisa Lorraine TaylorLisa Lorraine Taylor

    Lisa Lorraine Taylor (aka TrainerLisa) owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego has been providing quality Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching/Services since 1995. Lisa Taylor is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Fitness Practitioner (AFAA), AFAA CEU Provider, Fitness Consultant, Health Coach (gold), Instructor at USD, Writer and all round fun person!
    Lisa with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and a minor in Nutrition/Optimum Fitness has expanded her business to include being a Beachbody Coach, and a Fitness Consultant in helping others in the Fitness Industry and well as individual Personal Trainers to grow and market their business.

  • avatar for Lisa ShaughnessyLisa Shaughnessy

    Lisa Shaughnessy is a marketing and social media professional in the Washington DC metro area. She combined her passions for helping people, marketing and lifting heavy things to create AgilitySocialCues.com, "The Fitness Professional's Online Resource for Marketing and Social Media Information". Lisa helps owners of fitness businesses gain new clients by creating marketing, social media and messaging strategies tailored specifically to their business goals and target customer. When she's not working with her fantastic clients she enjoys lifting weights, traveling, playing golf and hanging out with family and friends.

    Her articles have been featured on FounderSync's blog and in Fitness Professional Online's monthly publication. Lisa also hosts a weekly interview podcast, The Fitness Marketing Q&A Show™, where fitness professionals share they're marketing experiences and lessons learned.
    Lisa is also the author of The New Rules of Fitness Marketing: How to Attract Clients and Build a Successful Business Even if You Hate Selling.

  • avatar for Lori Kennedy PTS, RHNLori Kennedy PTS, RHN

    With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition world, Lori is responsible for the sales, marketing and promotions for WOW! Weight Loss Inc. 

    Lori started her career as a personal trainer while attending Concordia University in Montreal. At the same time, she was suffering from severe stomach issues which went undiagnosed by many doctors over a two-year period. Fortunately, Lori was introduced to naturopath Dr. Shelley Averbach, who developed a Candida protocol for Lori to follow during her time away at school. Lori credits Shelley for literally “saving her life” and introducing her to the power of food. 

    Lori quickly established herself as an expert personal trainer and fitness program developer. She was one of six team members responsible for the build out and start up of The Pavilion, a 20,000 square foot fitness complex.

    Although she was successful in her fitness management career, her passion was with food and nutrition. Lori returned to school to study holistic nutrition. While managing the nutrition department for all three locations of the Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada, fellow nutritionists and personal trainers sought out Lori’s successful weight-loss program and her advice on sales and marketing their own businesses. 

    While Lori’s professional career in holistic nutrition grows, she stays true to her passion. This has led her to mentor over 250 nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers within Canada to create weight-loss programs that improve client compliancy, increase sales and better market their businesses.

  • Lorna KleidmanLorna Kleidman

    Lorna Kleidman is a 3-Time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport and 3-Time National record holder. Coach and member of AKA and IKSFA. Lorna is also creator of the KettleX fitness and education. Certified with NASM, Afaa, WKC, MELT Method, Starting Strength, SGF Fundamentals. Lorna is based in NYC and available for training, seminars and offers an online Kettlebell fitness certification for trainers.

  • Madeline GuentherMadeline Guenther

    Maddie Guenther is a second year at the University of California , Santa Barbara. She is working hard to attain a BA in economics and mathematics but also loves writing on the side. She has played on the club volleyball team at UCSB for the past few years and tries to spend s much time outdoors as possible. Maddie prioritizes and promotes a lifestyle that is active and healthy.

  • Matthew KornblattMatthew Kornblatt

    Matthew Kornblatt is the CEO and Founder of RightFit Personal Training; a digital marketplace connecting consumers with independent personal trainers. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Matthew's entrepreneurial spirit began in college when he had the opportunity to co-own a summer camp with a childhood friend. A couple years later, Matthew combined his passions (business and fitness) to launch the first version of rightfitpersonaltraining.com.

  • Maureen FahertyMaureen Faherty

    Moe oversees corporate wellness and fitness initiatives as a Wellness Specialist for a financial services company and all their U.S. locations. She is also a Personal Trainer at Harvard Business School and the creator of Fitness MoeJo, a blog in which she shares advice, personal experiences and inspiration on maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle.

    She has a B.S. in Business Administration from Framingham State University and a M.S. in Physical Education/ Strength & Conditioning from Bridgewater State University. She is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and with USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach.

    Moe lives in Boston where she keeps busy crossing things off her fitness bucket list.

  • Michelle BelkoMichelle Belko

    Michelle Belko is currently a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She will be graduating early in the Fall with a BA in Sociology, and is pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. She is a yoga enthusiast and hopes to become a certified instructor once she graduates. Her passion for health, wellness, & fitness constantly inspire her work. She believes that every single person deserves to live their greatest life and is dedicated to sharing this message and helping to empower others.

  • Mike CadotteMike Cadotte

    Photography, marketing, using light to accentuate muscular physiques, and capturing amazing actions are my passions.

    I am a full-time photographer of over 20 years with a specialty in commercial advertising and marketing photos. My interest over the past several years has been working with athletes and fitness professionals both making impactful images that show their physiques at their best and also helping with their marketing needs.

    Besides fitness, my marketing clients also include home builders, real estate agents, and high line automobile dealers.

  • avatar for Mike D'AngeloMike D'Angelo

    Exercise Physiologist & Founder of BodyEvolver PT Pro
    Mike D'Angelo is an Exercise Physiologist with more than 20+ years' of groundbreaking success in the fitness industry. D'Angelo holds a degree in Exercise Science and is certified through the ACSM and NCSF. A native of Boston, he is a former internationally ranked natural bodybuilder and an endorsed contract model/spokesperson for a handful of well-respected fitness companies. D'Angelo a holder of Pro status from "ESPN's MuscleMania/Fitness America" and was a winner of numerous "Natural USA Bodybuilding Championships".

    But most importantly to his many clients, he's a fitness professional passionate about maintaining – and teaching others to maintain – a healthy, balanced lifestyle through the benefits of comprehensive exercise and nutrition programs. His dedication runs so deep he developed BodyEvolver PT Pro. A cutting-edge online program, which is quickly getting recognized as the most effective, efficient way for fitness professionals to Measure, Track, Plan and Manage their client's progress and results. Mike D'Angelo's expertise in body sculpting know-how, his dedication and enthusiasm for the personal training industry and the development of BodyEvolver PT Pro, have all lead to him being a sought after expert in the field of personal training.

  • Monalisa VadiMonalisa Vadi

    Director of IHFE fitness academy Monalisa Vadi (MPT), Creator of Ihfe academy, is a Physical Therapist specializing in the field of Musculoskeletal. She received a Master of Physiotherapist from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom in 2008. She holds certificates in aquatic training, yoga training and diet and nutrition. She has had extensive experience treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative situations, and sports injuries. She primarily focused on providing manual therapy to patients with musculoskeletal problems, sports related injuries and post-surgical conditions. Monalisa Patel began working in Satellite Hospital and Physiotherapy Research Centre in Ahmadabad, India in 2005 as the HOD at Physiotherapy Centre. She also worked in various Multi Speciality Hospitals and private clinics. Besides her knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, she has been designing the customized strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training for all both men and women of all age group people to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals. She also has experience with Pilates exercises and has designed the programs for pre and post natal women, sport specific population, models, dancers, and rehabilitation. Monalisa has extensive experience in training the clients with bosu ball, foam roller, stability ball and resistance bands. In 2014, she opened IHFE fitness academy in order to begin the realization of her dream to offer quality education of health and fitness to the fitness enthusiasts and allied healthcare professionals. Monalisa understands that medical education is an ongoing process and, as such, continues to supplement her university education with the various health and fitness courses.

  • avatar for Nick TuminelloNick Tuminello

    Nick Tumminello has become known as "the trainer of trainers." He's the owner of Performance University, which provides Fitness and personal trainer continuing education. Nick is a fitness expert for Reebok and the author of the book Strength Training for Fat Loss. Nick lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida were he trains a select group of individuals and teaches mentorships. You can check out his DVDs, books, seminar schedule and very popular blog at PerformanceU.net.

  • Noel LyonsNoel Lyons

    Noel Lyons is a Masters & Wellcoaches certified Health Coach with 27 years experience in the health & fitness industry. An Ironman, he has also competed for GB (age-group) at 5 World Triathlon Championships.

  • Patrick GamboaPatrick Gamboa

    As COO of ISSA, Mr. Gamboa's primary interest is to ensure that ISSA students are provided with the highest quality distance education experience in line with our Mission statement, goals and objectives meeting both accreditation and state licensing standards to ensure our students have the utmost ability to benefit personally, vocationally and if chosen entrepreneurially. Mr. Gamboa has been in the fitness industry for over seventeen years and is an industry leader, educator, writer, consultant, coach and trainer whose educational background includes Bachelors and Associates of Sciences degrees in Exercise Physiology and Biology respectively.

    He is an ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences, an ISSA Master of Sports Sciences and the Head Master Trainer for the ISSA with more than 15 Fitness and Nutrition related certifications including: Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults, Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning, Youth Fitness, Water Fitness, Endurance Fitness, Golf Fitness Specialist, Specialist in Adaptive Fitness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and certificates in Pre-Natal and Post Partum Exercise, Exercise and Fibromyalgia, Unilateral Training, Plyometrics to enhance SQS, Exercise and Arthritis, Exercise and Diabetes, Exercise and MS, Foam Roller Training and more.

  • Rhonda CattRhonda Catt

    Rhonda CattNASM, CPTFMS Level 2Owner of Catt Conditioning Performance Center/Excel FitnessVernon, BC Canada

  • avatar for Ryan GensertRyan Gensert
  • Ryan KetchumRyan Ketchum

    Ryan Ketchum is the Executive Director and Co-Owner of Fitness Revolution. FR helps boot camp and studio owners earn more money, have more freedom and rediscover their passion for fitness through a unique coaching process. Through their coaching programs they are helping fitness business owners learn how to become high performers and finally have the business they want. Learn more about Fitness Revolution at http://frnation.com/.

  • avatar for Sally PerkinsSally Perkins

    Sally Perkins is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and travelling as much as possible.

  • Sara FlemingSara Fleming

    Sara Fleming is an ISSA Certified Fitness and Youth Fitness Trainer, USA Weightlifting Coach, and USA Track and Field Coach who provides group and personal training in Raleigh, North Carolina . Sara has a masters degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Georgetown University spent ten years working as a medical researcher before transitioning to working in the strength and fitness field. Sara authored a certification course on group training and serves on the faculty for the ISSA's College of Exercise Science. Sara is a founding member and instructor for Practical Strength for Trainers, a seminar geared towards giving trainers an opportunity for hands on, interactive mentoring on both coaching and programming. Sara has competed as a masters weightlifter and also as a Highlander and Highland Games competitor.

  • Sean CroxtonSean Croxton

    Founder of Underground Wellness
    The word most often used to describe Sean is PASSIONate! This passion comes from a lifelong love of fitness and health, and a dream to revolutionize the way THE WORLD thinks about health. Recognizing the failures of health care, Sean promotes the concept of self care. In order to regain and/or maintain superb health, we must become more responsible for ourselves.

    After graduating from San Diego State University in 2001 with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology (emph: fitness, nutrition, and health), Sean began his journey as a certified personal trainer. Despite his extensive education in health, he was met with much failure as clients got heavier and sicker. Client programs consisted of endless cardio and the horrific Food Guide Pyramid. Rather than accept defeat, Sean took his failures as an opportunity for growth. He has since spent thousands of hours educating himself on the many truths that eluded him throughout his formal education, often joking that he got his Master's from Amazon.com.

    After years of study and a litany of classes and course, Sean works with clients to uncover the root cause(s) of their health challenges. He works with individuals from all over the world by phone/Skype from his home office in San Diego, CA. Sean takes a holistic, functional approach to rebuilding health from the ground up. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA), and currently enrolled in the Functional Medicine University program, Sean does not focus on symptoms. Rather, he is solely concerned with uncovering the root cause(s) of health challenges.

  • Sean PastuchSean Pastuch

    Dr. Sean Pastuch is the owner and founder of Active Life. Since 2016, Active Life has helped over 10,000 people get out of pain using lifestyle, mindset, and exercise intervention, without going to the doctor or missing the gym, from anywhere in the world. This early success has lead to market demand from physios, chiros, and coaches to learn how Active Life has done it. Since 2018, Active Life has educated over 400 health and fitness professionals on how to best serve their clients and patients.

  • Sean Yeager-DiamondSean Yeager-Diamond

    Sean Yeager-Diamond is a native of Santa Barbara who's career in the fitness industry includes a long history of diverse roles. He has pursued a serious education Physical Wellness and now holds several certifications in the field among other degrees. He's worked the front desk at two large private athletic clubs, taught classes of 100+ participants, and currently has a stable client base of over 40 clients a week; all while placing an emphasis on his continuing education and expanding the impact he makes on the community. His current focus is helping newer trainers, and fitness startups deliver their messages to as broad of an audience as possible.

    "My own path began with a weight loss of over 135lbs. That gradual transformation gives me the unique perspective of someone who has experienced both the anxieties and successes of trying to achieve something seemingly beyond them. I then took what I learned from that experience with weight-loss to other personal fitness goals. In the gym I have developed from a novice into a seasoned professional trainer. Athletically I have gone from a cycling enthusiast to a true race rider; from a runner to an event participant and coach; from a swimmer to a leader in large-scale multi-sport events. My focus and speciality is providing results while helping individuals and groups to achieve a higher level of proper body mechanics. I am lucky to be one of the first to provide Certified Foundation Training in Santa Barbara. I have taken the first steps on many fitness journeys and have the experience to help you on your own, regardless of the goal.

    As a Personal Trainer, I am able to use a combination of personal experience, knowledge, and passion to truly help others on their roads to health and wellness. I hope my own struggles and achievements will allow others recognize that fitness, exercise, and nutrition can be an enjoyable part of everyone's lives."

  • Shaun ZetlinShaun Zetlin

    As the son of a professional bodybuilder, Shaun was exposed to weightlifting and exercise at a very young age. After overcoming his own physical limitations having been born with club feet and gross motor skills, Shaun made it his mission to share his passion and knowledge of proper fitness and health to help others meet their fitness goals.

    For over ten years, Shaun has successfully run his own personal training business in the New York City Metro area. Able to relate and adapt to each individual, Shaun prides himself on developing exercise plans and nutritional menus to foster every client's fitness needs. His clientele ranges from the athlete, and senior citizen, to bodybuilder, and dancer. Shaun's specialties include: strength training, power techniques, corrective injury training, and core stability training.

    In addition to the highly regarded Master Trainer status, Shaun is a certified personal trainer of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). With NASM Shaun also holds specialized certifications in: Pre- and Post-Natal, Corrective Exercise Practices, Cardiovascular Weight Loss, Youth Training, Senior Citizen Training, Balance Training, Core Stabilization, and Self Myofascial Release (SMR). Additionally, Shaun is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist, with training in the Female Athlete, Knee & Shoulder Rehabilitation, and Marathon Training. Shaun earned his Bachelors degree in English Literature and Writing from the University of Delaware.

    Shaun's first full-length book, "Push-up Progression Workout for a Stronger Core" is currently available worldwide both in paperback and e-book formats. It was featured as one of three top books in 2013 for healthy living as selected by Dr. John Whyte of The Discovery Channel. His latest book, "Push-up Progression (2nd Edition)" has already achieved great success and notoriety in the world of fitness. It is currently featured in bookstores across the United States and United Kingdom in paperback and available wherever e-books are sold. Shaun has had a multitude of articles, program designs, and tips published within a variety of books, magazines, and on websites in the world of fitness and beyond including: Price World Publishing, Demos Medical Publishing, Livestrong, Rodale Books, OnFitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Brides Magazine, and GO: AirTran Magazine. Additionally, Fitness Professional Online recognizes Shaun as an "expert," answering questions for other fitness and health professionals.

    Shaun also has media experience in both television and radio, ranging from fitness modeling, to hosting his own weekly radio fitness show.

  • Summer SidesSummer Sides

    For over 15-years Summer has been inspiring people to reach their health and fitness goals through personalized training programs, group fitness classes, and fitness education. As a Fitness Educator, Summer is blessed to currently deliver and develop nationally recognized certification and continuing education courses for the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). Previously she has served as an Instructor Assessor for Les Mills BODYPUMP, CXWORX, and the GRIT SERIES, as the Certification Manager for IGNITE 360, and worked as a Regional Master Trainer for Train Dirty Fitness.

    Summer created GXunited as the ultimate resource for GX instructors after she realized there was not one single place to go to get information about certifications, conferences, choreography ideas, or blogs specifically for GX instructors. She is excited to spread her love of GX with more people through this venture! Check it out at GXunited.com and follow us on social media @GXunited.

    Summer holds both an MS and BS in Kinesiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, as well as a BA in Dance Studies. She has achieved many of the top industry certifications, including NSCA CSCS, ACSM EP-C, ACE & AFAA GFI-C, and holds many specialty certifications, including Balanced Body Pilates Reformer, YogaFit, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, and 7 Les Mills programs.

    Currently, she is traveling the nation on a nomadic adventure with her hubby and 3 puppies, while discovering new and exciting exercise ventures. Join their journey on Instagram @ournomadicadventures.

  • Taylor BoscoTaylor Bosco

    Taylor’s drive behind her passion stems from her own fight to overcome depression. She used the power of fitness (body & mind) and nutrition to heal herself and is now on a mission to help others overcome their challenges and reach their highest quality of life. She believes exercise and proper nutrition is an extremely vital part of life, as health is the groundwork for all happiness.

    Through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and NLP studies, Taylor has mastered different techniques, conditions, nutrition and several other aspects that need to be acknowledged to help someone achieve their healthiest, strongest & best body and mind. She holds herself to her highest standards because that is how she believes she can maintain a high quality of life.

    Taylor finds fulfillment through helping others get results and is beyond grateful to be currently feeling her heart with this fulfillment on a regular basis through her company, My Body Taylor.

    social: @mybodytaylor

  • avatar for Taz DunstanTaz Dunstan

    Taz Dunstan is a loving mum of two, business owner of XL Personal Training, a fitness professional, sponsored athlete, health and wellness ambassador, author and presenter. With over 15 years of fitness industry experience she has a wealth of knowledge which she is passionate about sharing with the world.

    Tazs' passion for health and fitness has seen her diversify her specialties from athletics and rowing to scuba diving, rock climbing, functional training and mountaineering. Despite several achievements, including summitting Mt Acongagua, in Argentina, in 2018, her greatest achievement is being a strong role model for her children and empowering people to empower themselves to establish sustainable lifestyle choices.

    Above all Taz wants to impart a strong message that everyone should own their choices and have a cause greater than themselves.

    "If you have the ability to help someone, do it!" Taz Dunstan.

  • Terry BlizzardTerry Blizzard

    Terry Blizzard has climbed to the top of the fitness industry in Atlantic Canada. For more than a decade, he has been improving the health and well being of men, women, athletes, and youths.

    Terry began his fitness career as a personal trainer 17 years ago in a big box gym, where monthly sales quotas and selling tactics were the focus of business, rather than client results. Terry made the decision to leave the big box world to transform the health and fitness industry in his local area.

    Terry is a certified ISSA Master Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. He has also completed Function Movement Screens Level 1 & 2, completed courses in Sports Phycology and is competent in the study of movement and its impact on the body.

    Terry has been mentored by some of the best in the fitness world. He has spent thousands of hours learning from other industry leaders, including Juan Carlos Santana from I.H.P. in Florida, Mike Boyle from M.B.S.C. in Boston, Jonathan Chaimberg from Adrenaline Performance in Montreal, Charlie Weingroff from New York, A & R Crossgrove from Results Fitness in California, Eric Cressey from Cressey Performance in Boston, Kevin Neeld from Endeavor Sports Performance in New Jersey and Rob King From Heavy Weights in Newfoundland.

    At Afterburn Performance, Terry has introduced a lifestyle transformation approach using innovative training techniques. He has dedicated his life and career to helping others find the motivation to transform their own lives. Terry is an inspirational voice and his philosophy has helped countless clients achieve their personal goals, whether it is weight loss, weight gain, elevated sports performance, injury rehabilitation, dealing with diabetes, controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure, or simply overall ‘fit for life’ objectives.

    Terry Has also helped the development of some top hockey players including most notiable Jonathan Huberdeau, Charlie Coyle, Nathan Beaulieu, Tomas Jurco, Thomas Chabot and Jakub Zobril.

  • Tim WesleyTim Wesley

    Tim has been responsible for consulting to health clubs across the USA. He has also conducted new and ongoing training for health clubs to ensure owners’ and sales people have all of the tools and resources needed to be successful.

    Tim opened Fitness Industry Consulting Services after spending the last 20 years working with health clubs across the country, where he has served in almost all capacities of the fitness industry. Tim's most prolific roles include affiliate consultant with FMC, General Manager, District Manager, Marketing Director, Corporate Sales, and Staff Trainer.

    Tim's extensive experience in marketing, training and managing sales people and staff in health clubs have been a key factor in the growth of fitness facilities nationwide.

    Tim has also created the world's first Business Growth Network that gives small business owners and entrepreneur’s access to all the tools, resources, and support they need to immediately attract more clients, increase profits and grow their revenues faster and with greater confidence and certainty.

    “I teach small business owners how to outthink, out-market and outsell their competition, and I will help your business find $10,000 in 45 min. without spending a penny on marketing or advertising.”

    Email: twesley@twfics.com

  • Viju MathewViju Mathew

    Viju Mathew has been the photo editor for three national publications (Islands, Spa, and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons), an Associate Editor for Spa magazine, Destination Wine Country, and Elite Meetings (A publication on the meetings industry and business travel). Freelance writing has appeared in numerous publications both regional and national including, Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine, Resorts & Great Hotels, Spa, Islands, Snow, Discovery Life, and NFL.com.

  • avatar for Vito La FataVito La Fata

    Vito La Fata, known as "The Systems Guy", is a fitness entrepreneur, business coach and all around fitness professional. Vito is the creator of Fitness Profit Systems, a business coaching and education company with the mission of improving the marketing, business and leadership systems in the fitness industry. FPS exists exclusively for the purpose to help network, coach and train the industry to come together with the mindset of co-petition vs. competition. Vito is also the owner of Fitness Evolution in Laguna Hills, CA. FE exists because we believe fitness is the cornerstone to a life of maximum potential and happiness.

  • Warren MartinWarren Martin

    Warren Martin has been professionally changing people’s lives since 2000. He has always been active and interested in fitness as far back as he can remember. He played all available sports in school and then two days after he graduated from high school he was shipped to Marine Corps Boot Camp, where he was awarded most physically fit in his platoon upon graduation. From there he went on to get his Bachelors in Wellness & Fitness. He then developed his Methods, and WM Fitness has grown to be known as one of the most sound and prominent programs in the nation. In that Journey, Warren started by learning about the fitness industry through NASM and APEX Fitness Group nutrition, because their foundation was science-based and they were soon to be the leaders in the industry. His programs are used by the normal everyday person up to the Professional Athlete such as an international pro basketball player, top LPGA player, Pro Boxer, and former Mr. Arkansas – bodybuilder, just to name a few. 


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