How Personal Training Can Help To Re-Energise Your Golf Game

Golf is re-living its glory days, with 5.3 million adults across Great Britain and Ireland enjoying it last year.  Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced player, you may be looking for ways to boost your game as summer approaches and the prospect of sunny days on the green beckons.  If you’re already active in the gym, you may not have given much thought to training which can actually complement your golf game.  Equally, if you’re a fitness novice, you may be surprised to see just how much value a personal trainer can add to your golf.  Here are some of the ways you can use your fitness sessions to smash your golf goals.

From a Solid Business Plan to Real Estate — Here are 3 Tips for Opening a Successful Yoga Studio

On a regular basis, yoga is practiced by around 36 million Americans. And, with the number of those who practice yoga having nearly doubled in the last decade in the United States, the popularity of the discipline has risen significantly. However, for those looking to open their own yoga studio, doing so successfully can be a major challenge — especially if you don’t have much experience on the business side of things. From the components of a strong business plan to the value in hiring experienced instructors and what makes a good location, here’s what you should take into consideration.

Boosting Your Fitness, and Brain Power When You’re Over 50

Regular physical activity is a key pillar of good health throughout the ages, with recent studies showing that exercise in older adults can help them boost their memory, cut their risk of chronic disease, and battle anxiety and depression. If you wish to get back to your former fitness level or you are taking up regular exercise after a hiatus, the first step to take is to see your doctor to have a medical checkup and obtain recommendations and approval for specific exercises. Next, a qualified fitness professional can help suggest specific exercises that will help boost your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. When crafting your workout routine, keep the following considerations in mind.

3 Sport Massage Benefits Worth Punting to Clients

Over that past decade,sports massages have skyrocketed in popularity among pro athletes and even celebs like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Dolf Lundgren who want to keep their bodies operating at optimal levels.  While the term ‘sports massage’ may sound like it is a privilege reserved for an elite group of athletic people, this is nothing but a misconception. Truth be told, everyone, from serious athletes to casual exercisers can benefit from sports massages. Here are just three of many superb benefits to mention when suggesting the service to colleagues and clients alike.

Finding Fitness From The Home Office

Remote working is here to stay and it has brought with it a range of mental and emotional benefits – when it comes to physical health, however, the outlook is less positive. A report by CBS News asserts that personal trainers have found that remote working is breaking down the average fitness level of office workers – which was already at a relatively low level. Working at a computer and being confined to the same space every day runs the risk of creating serious long-term health problems, many of which start with injuries resulting from poor ergonomics.

Common Fitness Traps to Avoid when You’re On a Diet

Diet and exercise are more effective than either method alone when it comes to losing weight and body fat – as found by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. In the study, participants were divided into three groups. The first two groups either limited their calorie consumption and exercised for 45 minutes a day, respectively. The third followed a program that included both diet and exercise. Results showed that the majority of people in the third group achieved their goal of losing at least 10% of their starting weight, performing better than the other two groups. Still, weight loss involves a delicate balance between how you work out and what you eat and there are many pitfalls you should aim to avoid. The following are just a few obstacles that can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Key Reasons To Pursue A Home Exercise Regime

Despite the importance of regular exercise being common knowledge, as much as 80% of Americans do not exercise enough, according to the Cleveland Clinic. When it comes to exercising, there are a plethora of excuses that are commonly used. Apart from not having the time to work out and not being able to afford an expensive gym membership, the last year has also seen a lot of people shying away from exercise out of fear of falling ill. Thankfully, if the desire to exercise is great enough, there is always a way to incorporate it into your daily routine. Engaging in a home exercise regime is not only a very effective way to get in shape, but it also does not require you to have a gym membership or to stick to an inflexible workout schedule. In fact, many personal trainers are recommending home exercise routines to either complement or replace standard gym-based programs.

Changing Up Your Workout Routine During Pregnancy

Following a healthy diet and exercising during pregnancy can bring long-term cardiovascular benefits to a woman’s children, say scientists at King’s College London, while another (2021) University of Virginia Health System study shows that exercise during pregnancy can help children reduce their chances of developing diabetes and other metabolic diseases later in life. The key is definitely to stay active, but it’s important to adapt existing workout regimes. Whether you are a gym owner or personal trainer, the first step to ensure your pregnant clients are taking the right measures is for them to run their proposed workout routine by their health professional. Just a few considerations they may wish to discuss with their OB-GYN can be found below.

Surf Fitness: The Best Exercises To Get Fit For Surfing

Surfing is experiencing a surge in popularity as more people are eager to go out and try new activities in nature. According to an industry report, sales of seven to nine-foot surfboards increased by almost 3,700 percent in May 2020, compared to the same period in previous years. Moreover, places that didn’t have a booming water sports scene, such as Dayton, Ohio, now have tight-knit and growing surfing communities, as locals and out-of-state visitors are heading to these city to enjoy this exhilarating pastime. Surfing not only allows you to reconnect with nature, but it’s also a great workout that promotes cardiovascular fitness, improves strength and coordination, and instills confidence. If you’re about to go surfing for the very first time, or if you’re about to take it up again after a long break, there are certain workouts that you must do in order to get in shape before heading to the water. Here are the best exercises to get fit for surfing.


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