Industry Discounts

What are our Industry Discounts?

Industry Discounts offer a great way for advertisers to share their business with our readers by limiting the risk to try a good or service. Our Industry Discounts page came as a way to offer both our advertisers and our readers a win-win situation. Unlike most discount sites, our page is focused to fitness professionals in the industry who tend to be more motivated consumers. These are the influencers in our community and are often looked up to by their peers. If they weren’t out trying new things, they wouldn’t be here on our site. We created our Industry Discounts to allow them to try your business with a reduced risk.

Let us know how we can help you offer a discount to our readers.

What should it look like?

Newsletter Advertising

Why advertise on our newsletter?

Fitness Professional Online sends out monthly and weekly newsletters through e-mail with a calendar of events, updates and news. This is a great opportunity to increase visibility for your events, businesses, and special deals. Advertise in our next newsletter, which reaches over 3,000 health and fitness professionals throughout the community.

Health and Fitness Supplier Directory

Advertising your business on the Fitness Professional Online Health and Fitness Supplier Directory is an effective low-cost way to advertise your business and services to health and fitness professionals around the world. Your listing will include:

Your own company page
Your company logo
An article up to 1,000 words on your business
Listing in one category
Up to three featured products in that category on your listing page
A direct hyperlink to your website, and contact information

Cost: One payment of $197 per year per category listing

Website Advertising

Why should you advertise on our website?

With the success of our online issues of Fitness Professional Online, we are expanding the opportunity for advertisers to allow you to promote your products and services to reach a broader audience. Advertising on the Fitness Professional Online Website offers unique opportunities for business and organizations to get multiple exposures. This is a well-known triggering effect that is used by many top advertising companies. Our sophisticated tracking system allows for permanently placed ads on one or more category areas on our site so you can directly target the viewing options for your ad. We also offer rotating ads, which you are only charged per impression, which can allow you to better monitor you budget.

Fitness Professional Online Radio Show Advertising

About Fitness Professional Online Podcasts

Fitness Professional Online Radio Show brings in-depth interviews and features directly to a listener’s desktop computer, headset, car, or portable MP3 player. With at least one podcasts each week (on Monday morning) and a host of special programs, Fitness Professional Online Radio Show audiocasts reach regular readers of Fitness Professional Online as well as health and fitness professionals who use iTunes or frequent any of several dozen podcast sites on the web.

You now have the opportunity to educate these highly motivated professionals about your products and services through sponsorship opportunities.
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