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Our mission at Fitness Professional Online is to give a voice to the fitness professional – that is you and this is your chance to share your voice. If you are interested in being an author for FPO, please read further because we are interested in hearing what you have to say.

What are the themes for this year?

  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Client Acquisition
  • Client Programming
  • Alternate Revenue Streams
  • Networking
  • Special Populations
  • Technology
  • Client Retention – Focus on Slow Times
  • Continuing Education
  • Reflection & Planning

What are the guidelines for an article on FPO?
We have 6 major guidelines:

  1. Articles must be original work and unique to Fitness Professional Online (republished articles are not allowed).
  2. We do not accept articles with excessive self-promotion – this is what your bio is for, directing your readers directly back to you.
  3. You need to be able to work as part of a team, valuing the readers as the top priority.
  4. Our target audience is not the general public with a hobby for fitness, but other fitness professionals constantly looking for ways to grow and learn more through the expertise of others.
  5. We ask that every feature be between 700-2000 words.
  6. Guest writing is an unpaid position, but is the perfect platform to propel your writing career.

How often do we release articles?

We release 4-8 articles each week… unless we find more great information that we think you need to know and will love. In that case, we release more.

Do we promote the articles?
All of our articles get promoted via our social media and weekly newsletters. However, the best way for the community to hear what we have to say is for the community to constantly share with each other. We ask that you not only promote your own articles on our site, but help the fellow FPO community members get their voice heard. By working together, we can harness the power of a marketing agency and allow the “little guy” the same chance to be seen as someone who pays a large agency. The difference? The “little guy” doesn’t have to sell his soul to a company in exchange for getting his voice heard.

How long will it take for your article to be published?
The date of publish is all dependent on where the team thinks your article will best fit. We want your article to get as much exposure as possible, so if we think your article would do much better in a later month, then we will wait to publish it then. However, this does not mean you can’t submit more articles in the meantime!

How will you benefit?
Every author will have a bio at the bottom of their article. This allows you to direct your newfound loyal readers to you by linking to your site (this is also great for SEO purposes). Not only will you be expanding your reader base but will be connecting with other likeminded fitness professionals in the community (aka awesome people). The opportunity to grow your presence and role is always present.

How do you submit your content?
We have determined after an author has submitted 5+ articles, they will be set up as “author” in our system. This means you will be able to add and edit your own content directly to the site, allowing you more ownership and control to how your content is displayed. Once your article is approved by an editor, it will “go live”. Our editors are professionals in the industry with decades of experience. Their goal is to keep FPO promotion free

Click the Apply Now button and send an article you would like to be published. We will have our team review it and determine where we think it fits best. All articles you submit will have your name, image, and bio at the bottom, allowing further promotion of yourself and your work.

We are looking forward to hearing your voice!

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