The Rotator Cuff Conundrum

Disclaimer: Please see your doctor if you have any pain in your shoulder. This article is meant to be informative and not a form of treatment.

Snap and POP! What happened to my bicep? A young man explains he was only reaching for his whey protein on the top shelf!!! Could the snapping of his bicep tendon be prevented? The answer truly lies between his bicep brachii or his coracobrachialis; one of them just gave up! Perhaps if he incorporated stretches for his pectorals and incorporated weekly rotator cuff exercises, this may have been avoided. In truth, many people find rotator cuff exercises boring, but with a little diligence, injury is truly preventable.

Regress to Progress: Accessory Exercise for Olympic Cleans

As a U.S.A.W. Sports Performance Coach (Olympic Lifts) & also a post rehab specialist, I have the background & experience to help members improve their athletic performance while preventing injuries.

Exercise technique is paramount for all modalities of fitness but especially when doing Olympic lifts such as the clean, clean jerk and snatch. These movements are a combination of strength, timing and power. Incorporating accessory exercises for each lift will lead to noticeable gains in strength, conditioning, performance & even body composition.

One accessory exercise for the Olympic lift called the “Clean” is a barbell “balanced” front squat.
Adding this exercise will teach you how to stay upright throughout the squat, reinforce front squatting biomechanics, improve motor skills & most importantly, teaches you that the barbell rests on the front shoulders & clavicle.
Try this exercise with a practice barbell or fixed barbell that ranges from 20lbs and up. The weight should be light enough that you can catch it if it rolls off the front shoulders.


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