Simon Says

Discover your potential to the power of why

The first thing I said to a friend after hearing Simon Sinek’s keynote speech at the IHRSA 2012 Conference in Los Angeles, was, “We are never going to be the same!” Sinek—author of the book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action—is leading a movement to motivate people to do what inspires them. Have you ever met someone who makes you bring your “A-game” to life? Sinek’s the same. His infectious enthusiasm and dynamic presence, draw people in. It’s a gift he uses to teach leaders and organizations how to inspire others and find fulfillment by discovering their why; the purpose or cause that drives us.

Sinek refers to the relationship between one’s why, how, and what as the “Golden Circle” and it explains why some are great leaders and are able to obtain loyalty. Intrigued by those with remarkable influence in the world, Sinek has discovered they all have three common traits: They’re clear as to their why and act on it; remain disciplined and accountable to their values and principles that determine how to bring their cause to life; have tangible proof of what they believe as a result of everything they say and do. When you “walk the walk,” people are authentically drawn to you and relationships develop built on trust. Loyalty and lasting success are inevitable.


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