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Simon Sinek - Start with WhyThe first thing I said to a friend after hearing Simon Sinek’s keynote speech at the IHRSA 2012 Conference in Los Angeles, was, “We are never going to be the same!” Sinek—author of the book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action—is leading a movement to motivate people to do what inspires them. Have you ever met someone who makes you bring your “A-game” to life? Sinek’s the same. His infectious enthusiasm and dynamic presence, draw people in. It’s a gift he uses to teach leaders and organizations how to inspire others and find fulfillment by discovering their why; the purpose or cause that drives us.

Sinek refers to the relationship between one’s why, how, and what as the “Golden Circle” and it explains why some are great leaders and are able to obtain loyalty. Intrigued by those with remarkable influence in the world, Sinek has discovered they all have three common traits: They’re clear as to their why and act on it; remain disciplined and accountable to their values and principles that determine how to bring their cause to life; have tangible proof of what they believe as a result of everything they say and do. When you “walk the walk,” people are authentically drawn to you and relationships develop built on trust. Loyalty and lasting success are inevitable.

Individuals and organizations with success and power do not happen by mistake. It takes conscientious work based on a common set of values and beliefs. Loyalty to a company, for example, stems from employees and customers knowing the brand’s why, and having it resonate. According to Sinek, people are influenced either by manipulation or motivation. Influencing by manipulation (discounts, promotions, etc.) does not breed trust or long-time loyalty. “Those who lead are able to do so because those who follow trust that the decisions made at the top have the best interest of the group at heart. In turn, those who trust work hard because they feel like they are working for something bigger than themselves.”However, Inspiring leaders and companies Erin Simon IHRSA think, act, and speak from their why. When people know why you do what you do, they react from the limbic portion of the brain (center of emotional response) where trust and loyalty develop. Think about an individual or institution that inspires you. Why? How do they represent who you are? Do you inspire others in return? Are you speaking to the basic human need to belong?

“A company’s challenge is to never veer from saying and doing the things they actually believe,” explains Sinek. “People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Leaders and organizations good at communicating what they believe, win our heart. In Start With Why, Sinek writes, “Those who lead are able to do so because those who follow trust that the decisions made at the top have the best interest of the group at heart. In turn, those who trust work hard because they feel like they are working for something bigger than themselves.” Trust is vital to success. Successful companies take care of their employees first because happy employees means happy customers.

But it all starts with why. Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do? Why do you surround yourself with the people you do? Why does your company exist? Discovering your why is a challenging process that takes clarity, discipline, and consistency but one well worth the effort. Seek out and serve the people who believe what you believe. When we are surrounded by like-minded individuals something magical happens; a foundation of trust is built. The more we care about our company/community the more we thrive and succeed for the whole of the group. A true sense of purpose is extremely emotional, it leads us to act in a way completely consistent with our core values and beliefs.

Sinek simplifies it to these three truths—purpose is human, forming trust is life, and why is your magnet.


Erin Holt CSCS

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Erin found her passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle at an early age. She studied Exercise Physiology at the University of New Hampshire and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Professional (TPI).

Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, Erin worked at elite facilities in Boston and New Hampshire training professional, collegiate, high school, and weekend warrior athletes. She collaborated with orthopedic doctors and physical therapists to design comprehensive training and rehabilitative programs for her clients. She has continued to build upon this integrated approach working with experts across the fields of sports medicine, fitness, nutrition, and wellness to provide the best possible support for her clients with the goal of providing unsurpassed training and education to empower others to reach their highest potentials.Erin grew up a competitive athlete playing soccer, basketball, track, and softball, and it was through her love of sports that she realized her passion for health and fitness.

She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, and when she is not training you can find her backpacking, camping, trail running, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, or traveling. Volunteering has also been a huge part of Erin's life and she is extremely passionate about all facets of health and wellness, volunteering in local schools and serving on the Board of Safe Water International.

Her passion and care for the wellbeing of others is evident in all she does – from the gym to the school yard, the trails to the stadium.Through my work as a Strength Coach/Personal Trainer I am given the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives everyday. I inspire and empower people to believe in themselves.

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