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Hi Fit Pro,

TrainerLisa here, Happy Holidays and I hope you’re excited to kick off 2016 with the renewal of current clients, and an in-box filled with inquiries of potential new clients clamoring for you and your services!

Now, how can you get those fabulous new, committed clients to contact you, let alone show up looking for your services? Well, wonder no more! I’m going to give you some ideas that I hope will get you excited and fired up to get started NOW and not waste another day trying to re-invent the wheel. But first, have you experienced the Fit Pro Cycle? If you’re not sure…read on:

The Fit Pro Cycle:

Every year many of us go through the same old business cycle –
January – March: Tons of new clients…yay!
April – June: Many of those clients have dropped off due to lack of results, money, dedication, motivation, etc.
July – September: Many of our clients are out of town, vacation, and can’t come in for a number of reasons!
September – November: Back to school, vacations are over and people are more than ready to re-commit to you…yay!
November – December: Holidays…need I say more?!

If you’ve ever experienced the above, what I want you to do right now is to get your mind set on making 2016 the year of Change, Prosperity, and Increase Income! Remember “Do What You Have To Do, Until You Can Do What You Want To Do” – Oprah Winfrey. Okay, take a deep breath, clear your head of “what ifs”, or why any of the following won’t work for you and just take a Leap of Faith in yourself and your business!

Promotion #1: New Year Offer

Go through your email listing (yes…you should/must have one), and send out several newsletters offering an “I Want You Back” or We Miss You” promotional offer (yes…it’s okay to do this). This works for several reasons, but the most important is 1. It reminds your former clients, that you’re still out there and willing to train them.

1. It reminds your former clients, that you’re still out there and willing to train them.

2. It gives a sense of urgency to contact you and get more information on your New Year Specials

You can send out 2-3 news blast with a count-down to the New Year! Secure those former clients by adding to your offer by offering a discount (at your discretion) if they PIF (Paid In Full), PIA (Pay In Advance), or based upon which training/fitness packet/sessions that they purchase.

Promotion #2: Social Media

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest (etc.) page? Huzzah, you’re already in the game! Question 2: Do you have a business social media page? No? Well, if you don’t, I want you to promise me and yourself that you will launch a business FB page within 48 hours of reading this article! Promise!!

For those of you who don’t have a business FB page, and feel that having a personal page or maybe not having a page at all is fine and you don’t want to bother with the stress, people knowing your business, etc., but here are a few reasons why you should have a Social Media page:1. It can help you build your brand to those who may not know your business

1. It can help you build your brand to those who may not know your business2. You can advertise your business for pennies on the dollar.

2. You can advertise your business for pennies on the dollar.3. All of the above and many other Social Media sites will help you with your advertising, so you’re not alone.

3. All of the above and many other Social Media sites will help you with your advertising, so you’re not alone.4. You can fine-tune your audience. For example; people interested in:

4. You can fine-tune your audience. For example; people interested in:
a. Personal training.
b. Yoga
c. Wellness
d. Meditation
e. Weight loss
f. Running
g. Walking


1. Age
2. Sex
3. Married, single, domestic partnership, etc.
4. Income
5. Children
6. Education, etc.

As you can see, you’ll be able to fine tune your demographics and target just those that you want to use your services!

Promotions #3 – It’s All In Your Words!

When promoting for new clients, you have to know your market. This was something that I’ve had a small struggle with myself, as a multi-certified Fitness Professional. I tend to market to everyone, but never could zero in on my favorite, although I know who I truly prefer and prefer not to train. If you’re not sure, write down every type of client you could train, then write down the pros and cons of training each one. Once you have one or two firm types of clients, zero in on those types and launch your marketing campaign, and focus on those types of clients!

Promotion #4: Referrals (don’t be afraid to ask for them)!

Referrals will always be your best bet in getting new clients. Speak with your clients, your current clients as well as your former clients. Drop them an email, give them a call, or even text them, print these you know what’s the best way to get in touch with those people.

When you contact your clients, let them know that you have openings for 4-5 even 10 new clients basis and do they know anyone that they feel with benefit from your services, This gives them to help you grow your business. This might seem a little weird as it was to me at first, but your clients really do want to help you grow your business ask them can they give you the names of 5 people that they feel would benefit get their number and then let your client know or ask them to tell their friends family whoever that you will be contacting them, this way it’s not a surprise for as you know no one likes to give surprise phone calls and you don’t want to smack a solicitation vs your friend truly did refer you to them.

Promotion #5: Giving back!

giving backGiving back, assisting in different charity organizations or donating your services to a worthy cause that is close to your heart is a great way to give back and to get your name out in your community! This is a great for several reasons:

1. You will be speaking to like-minded people who also endorse/support your charity organization

2. Your name and brand will get exposure to people that you might not have thought about or had not heard of you.

3. Building your name in the community as a Fitness Professional.

4. It’s a great way to give back to the community

5. Great way to get potential new clients and or referrals!

I hope you’re able to see where I’m going with this and are slight if not extremely excited about this! Go online and look at different organizations whether it is for a race (5k, 10k, ½ or full Marathon), the March of Dimes, a children’s fundraising program, an after school program to build the community parks, anything with animals, or helping others (Alzheimer, Breast Cancer, AIDS, etc.), or anything that offers donations a silent auction.

Contact the organization, and let them know that you would like to donate some of your services (and if accepted), you and your company will be part of their fundraiser.

It doesn’t matter if you’re donating 3 30-minute sessions training sessions, a Consultation, a Pilates class/workout, a nutrition program (or a combination any of the above), it’s up to you and what you feel passionate about. One reminder though…do not offer more than your heart wants to give. For example, do not offer 10 60-minute training sessions, and then try to figure out how to get out of it if somebody actually purchases them and wants to use them, as you are not getting pay for those sessions/lessons, you are building your brand in the community. See where I’m going with this?

Alright Fit Pro-Family, I hope that these ideas have sparked a fire for your marketing campaign, as well as building and growing your fitness business. It’s not too late to get started and the best time is to start today! Read the article makes positive decisions make notes and golf course! If you have any questions, please drop me an email at and I will be more than happy to go over there with you.

– Cheers to life and here’s to successful 2016

Fitfully yours,

Trainerlisa (aka Lisa Taylor), B.S. Holistic Nutrition, ACE, AFAA, FITOUR
Taylor Made Fitness

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor (aka TrainerLisa) owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego has been providing quality Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching/Services since 1995. Lisa Taylor is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Fitness Practitioner (AFAA), AFAA CEU Provider, Fitness Consultant, Health Coach (gold), Instructor at USD, Writer and all round fun person!
Lisa with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and a minor in Nutrition/Optimum Fitness has expanded her business to include being a Beachbody Coach, and a Fitness Consultant in helping others in the Fitness Industry and well as individual Personal Trainers to grow and market their business.
Lisa Lorraine Taylor


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