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TrainerLisa here and I hope your business has been rockin’ so far! In this Q&A, I’d going to address some of the best things that YOU can do (as the Fitness Professional) to aid your client’s success outside the gym!

Although your client’s success is determined by their personal commitment to their workouts (with/without you), as well as their nutrition, it’s equally as important to give your clients some great tools to help them when they’re not with you, including when they’re on vacation, out of town, on a business trip or just can’t make it in to see you for whatever reason.

The following are some ideas and tips that can help you in keeping your client’s committed, accountable and successful, which in turn can increase your business as you may or may not know….it doesn’t matter how you look, how many certifications/degrees you have, or how great you say you are…when your client looks good…you look AWESOME! And you can never put a price on client referrals, recommendations and word of mouth!

Okay…let’s get back to you and your client(s)!

Success tool #1: Designing a workout program that they can use away from you.  Yes, I know this is a no-brainer for many, but you’d be surprised how many Fitness Pros do not offer this to their clients, even when they know they’re not going to be training with them.

Designing your clients a workout that they can do when they can’t meet with you reassures them that you truly care about them, their goals and of course their success!  Showing them some great moves that they can do in their hotel room, or small space (visiting family), can greatly help them stay on track and feel motivated. 

Success tools 2:  Workout Apps – This can be a tricky one, so if you don’t like them, do not recommend them to your client (unless it’s yours of course). Lol 

There are some great workout apps that you/your client can download to use at their leisure that can enhance their results.  At the same time they can also feel that now that they found a great app, they don’t need your services anymore (hey…it happens).  Pick, choose and suggest carefully when offering apps, using companies that you believe in and as a Fitness professional would endorse!

Success Tool 3: Nutrition Apps – Believe me even if you’re not using a Nutrition App…at least 50% of your clients are!  Don’t believe me…Ask them! Although you will have clients who still prefer journaling their daily nutritional intake (this often is a smaller group than we’d like), many more are comfortable using and have been using Nutrition apps on their cell phones.  Now, some of you may be asking how can you “help” them if they’re already using an app?  Keep in mind that these nutrition apps/trackers give a generic nutrition program/calories.  You can fine tune the caloric, protein, carb, fat intake in order to make it more “personal” for your clients, their goals and their lifestyle.

nutrition appsBonus: They can also forward you their daily planner (even snapshot it), which you can then look at, at your leisure, verses you trying to view it during their workout/training session or classes, and (again at your leisure) offer advice, suggestions, etc., based upon what they’ve been eating verses the results that they’re getting. 

Many of the Nutrition Apps also have workout capability that can be used as an accountability, which is pretty awesome in conjunction to the training/workouts with you, encourage them to increase/add cardio on their non-workout days with you, such as Zumba, cardio-kickboxing, step, straight aerobics, cycling (gym/outside), walking, hiking, swimming or any other type of cardio activity can only help your clients to achieve their goals!

Success tool 4: Email and Texting – Accountability is a BIG factor in helping your clients to achieve their success outside of their training sessions.  This can be an option for you to offer your clients, if you’re comfortable making the time/commitment during your non-training schedule to assist, and answer any questions or concerns that your clients may have. 

This can be a simple text message, asking how their doing. Asking do they have any questions or concerns on the workout that you gave them, or having an agreement that they will check in with you on what they’re doing and if you’re comfortable eating (especially when your clients are going to a celebratory event, wedding or cruise. 

Bottom Line: As Fitness Professional we all want our clients to succeed in the goals and if the above are way(s) that can help you do so…Just Do IT!

  • Cheers to Life and Happy Spring Forward!

Fitfully yours,

Taylor Made Fitness





Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor (aka TrainerLisa) owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego has been providing quality Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching/Services since 1995. Lisa Taylor is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Fitness Practitioner (AFAA), AFAA CEU Provider, Fitness Consultant, Health Coach (gold), Instructor at USD, Writer and all round fun person!
Lisa with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and a minor in Nutrition/Optimum Fitness has expanded her business to include being a Beachbody Coach, and a Fitness Consultant in helping others in the Fitness Industry and well as individual Personal Trainers to grow and market their business.
Lisa Lorraine Taylor


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