What tools do you think are the best right now in aiding your clients’ success outside of the gym?

Hi FitPro Family,

TrainerLisa here and I hope your business has been rockin’ so far! In this Q&A, I’d going to address some of the best things that YOU can do (as the Fitness Professional) to aid your client’s success outside the gym!

Although your client’s success is determined by their personal commitment to their workouts (with/without you), as well as their nutrition, it’s equally as important to give your clients some great tools to help them when they’re not with you, including when they’re on vacation, out of town, on a business trip or just can’t make it in to see you for whatever reason.

How should your pricing differ, per person, for group sessions versus individual training?

Hi FitPro Family,

Trainer Lisa here, wishing you a happy and successful 2016 in both your life and business!

So! You have your marketing piece, you know who you’re targeting and have gotten in a ton of inquiries regarding your services, but know you’re wondering how you should price yourself for training both individuals and groups and how they differ! Here are a couple of scenarios:

What promotions can I offer to drive new clients to me?

Hi Fit Pro,

TrainerLisa here, Happy Holidays and I hope you’re excited to kick off 2016 with the renewal of current clients, and an in-box filled with inquiries of potential new clients clamoring for you and your services!

Now, how can you get those fabulous new, committed clients to contact you, let alone show up looking for your services? Well, wonder no more! I’m going to give you some ideas that I hope will get you excited and fired up to get started NOW and not waste another day trying to re-invent the wheel. But first, have you experienced the Fit Pro Cycle? If you’re not sure…read on:

In what ways should I advise my clients on their eating habits?

This can be a very tricky subject as there are standard guidelines on what a Certified Personal Trainer can and can’t discuss (or do) with their clients.  These particular guidelines are based upon where you live as well as well you work. In some states you need at least a two (2) year degree, in others you need a Bachelor’s Degree, a certificate or be a Dietitian, and of course in other states (or gyms), you need nothing.

The best ways to advise your clients is to stay in a “Safe Zone” of nutrition.  What this means is that when you’re advising, make sure you’re doing it with your client’s best interest at heart and that the program that you put them on, does not have a counter effect on what they’re currently doing and or eating.

Alternate Revenue Streams

Hi Fit Pros,

TrainerLisa here and in this month’s fabulous issue of Fitness Professional Online, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to tie in Alternative Streams of Revenue in your business.

Regardless of whether you’re an employee (at a gym, spa or wellness center), you’re an independent contractor, or work for yourself, everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) in our industry has thought of or has some Alternative Stream of Income. And if you don’t but have always thought about it, well think no more, it’s time to act and start securing your future!

Now before I get into what those stream are, and how you can tap into the business with little effort (hopefully), we’ll briefly touch on what exactly Alternative Streams of Revenue are, and what it can mean to you and your business.

The Most Inexpensive Way To Acquire New Clients

Hi Fit Pros,

Happy Spring 20215! TrainerLisa here with an important post that absolutely never gets old year after year and can only give you new ideas, new business, new income levels and that is Client Acquisition (woohoo!!)!

Whether you’re new to our wonderful industry or a seasoned pro, Client Acquisition is how you acquire and get clients, for your Personal Training, Group Ex, Pilates or any type of fitness, health or wellness programs that you’re doing.

This month, we will address how to get clients in different areas whether your online, gym, mobile training, in home or outdoor training.

There are various ways to get clients, but being the fitness industry (and often on a limited budget), we’re going to look at some of the most inexpensive way to acquire new clients as well as too retain your current clients and perhaps get back some of your former clients.

Continuing Education

Hi Fit Pros,

TrainerLisa here with a subject that is very near and dear to my heart…Continuing Education! As an AFAA CEU Provider and someone who is very passionate on keeping current with my personal certifications, I’d like to give you my intake on this awesome subject!

What are CEU’s/CEC’s?

CEU’s/CEC’s stand for Continuing Educational Units or Continuing Educational Credits, and this is a MUST upon receiving your certification(s). Every certification regardless of if your certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Spinning, Yoga, R.I.P.P.E.D, Turbo Kick, Pilates Instructor, or Zumba, Crossfit or any other fitness professional certification or modality, staying current in our industry is not only a smart thing to do, but in most cases it. Is. MANDITORY!

Focus on slow times

Hi Fit Pros Online,

TrainerLisa here with help you with Client Retention. Keeping your clients on track, accountable and showing up can always be challenging, but can also make or break your business. This is especially true for those of you (like myself) who work for yourself.

As many of you seasoned fitness professionals know, and those of you who are new to the industry will learn (very quickly) once the holiday season (mid-October through January 02nd) gets into full swing, your clients, members and students go into holiday full mode swing also!

The key is how to keep your clients coming in during the holidays, vacations, company parties and other distractions that can cause big gaps in your day as well as in your pocket.

Here’s some tips on how to keep your clients showing up, getting results, staying accountable and of course you staying busy:

Looking Ahead: Marketing for the New Year NOW!

Hi Fit Pros,

Happy September to you all, and I hope you’re ready and fired up for 2015! For those of you who aren’t (don’t worry, you’re not alone my friends), TrainerLisa’s here to give you some helpful tools to help you get prepared and ready to make 2015 your best year ever!

Planning for the New Year starts…NOW! Not in December, definitely not in January and maximally in November. The reason behind this is when it comes to marketing (trust me on this one), your competitors have already put the “5W’s/1H” of business and marketing! If you’ve already started thinking about what you want to do and what you’ve already done in the past, you’re already well ahead of the pack!

If you work in a gym or contract for a gym, often your hands are tied to what you want to do, but…if you work for yourself…your sky is the limit!

Which social media networks should I use to promote my new business?

Which social media networks should I use to promote my new business?

Hi Fit Pro and Thank you for the great question! Years ago it was easy to answer your question with a few simple methods of making and distributing flyers on car windows (making people mad), and placing ads in the newspaper (expensive).

Nowadays there are many more options for Fitness Professionals in marketing a new business. The following are a few that you can incorporate in social media as soon as you finish reading this:


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