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Happy Spring 20215! TrainerLisa here with an important post that absolutely never gets old year after year and can only give you new ideas, new business, new income levels and that is Client Acquisition (woohoo!!)!

Whether you’re new to our wonderful industry or a seasoned pro, Client Acquisition is how you acquire and get clients, for your Personal Training, Group Ex, Pilates or any type of fitness, health or wellness programs that you’re doing.

This month, we will address how to get clients in different areas whether your online, gym, mobile training, in home or outdoor training.

There are various ways to get clients, but being the fitness industry (and often on a limited budget), we’re going to look at some of the most inexpensive way to acquire new clients as well as too retain your current clients and perhaps get back some of your former clients.

Now if I said this once I said it a million times, you need to decide who your target that is. This is the first thing you should always look at in acquiring clients…who do you want to train?
Training clients is an art and you should take your business as seriously as you would if you were working for someone else…even more so! You can’t be everything to everybody, but once you know who you want to train, now we have to acquire them.

The easiest way of course to acquire new clients is asking for referrals from your current clients as well as your former clients but, if you’re starting out new or in a new area you’re gonna have to look a little bit deeper. Often Fitness Professionals are reluctant to ask for referrals, or even testimonials as it seems a little pushy, where we often think our clients should absolutely LOVE to refer us to their family, friends and co-workers! Here’s the truth: Client’s don’t know what we want, unless we ask for it and this includes referrals. Think of it this way; do you give your hairstylist, manicurist, massage therapist, G\gardner, etc referrals without them asking? Be honest. Of course you don’t, but you have no problem telling people about the wonderful job that they’re doing. Same thing with your clients. If you want referrals…ASK FOR THEM! Ask who they know would benefit from training with you and you write down the information…don’t ask them to write it down for you, and if necessary, offer your current client a little “gift” for their referrals, as a Thank you. I would also ask them to let their friends/family/co-workers know that you’ll be calling them. No need in a surprise attack.

Advertising: Advertising is a great way but we have to throw away the old magazines, Readers, flyers and other things that we use to do (old school). Facebook and other Social Medias are a great way to market your business such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube. Some are free, but others such as facebook will charge you for advertising on their site, but you are allowed to choose the demographics that are best suited for you and your business.

I hope that by now you would have a business facebook page that you can direct business too. If you don’t I would suggest strongly you take the time and have a business facebook page that is purely about business fitness, nutrition, exercise and all other matters of wellness and a professional about your business. Your facebook business page is very different from your personal facebook page so you want to keep it professional, clean, no nudity or semi-nudity on your page you want to add people into your business page, not repel them away by showing too much skin.

Once you have your facebook page wow you are about directing traffic to your facebook page how to do this. One way is to place an ad on facebook they’re very inexpensive you can go as low as one ($1) dollar a day you pick your target mail, email, age, demographics it’s all there and then you said to parameters on what how much you want to spend per day on advertising and facebook will tell you how many people that could technically reach them.This is an opportunity to get your name out in the community and another suggestion looking for people to “like” and engage them with your knowledge. You can also drive your facebook presence to your website which I hope that you also have.


But keep in mind when you have a website you have to have content that drives traffic to your page. Blogging is also a great way of acquiring clients are getting your story out there. Everyone loves testimonials especially your own testimonial of what you’ve gone through your transformation story and what you can do for them. In order to get clients you have to be able to feel their pain and relate to what’s going on for them there are a lot of great marketing program that you can utilize there are free seminars that are always popping up on your Facebook page that you may not have noticed usually they do cost at the end but for that initial workshop on lecture conference it is free get some great tips on that and how to acquire clients new clients as well as retaining the clients that you have and also to pick up your old clients former clients that you’ve had.

Now this takes us to another area on client acquisition how to get back former clients that you have trained in the past. Former clients for whatever reason are no longer training with you via financial issues they moved out of town out of state or for whatever reason but it’s no excuse not to try to get them back. You can train them online, via Google hot spots, or if you aren’t in an area that is no longer the gym you can train them outside if it was about the gym membership. Send your client former clients and letter maybe with a nice offer a consultation as well as a mini workout, to show them what they’re missing and what you’re doing currently as a trainer.

Never let a client or a potential client walk away due to income problems. You can work around that problem if they can’t afford $60 per hour session, but can they afford $35 for 30-minute sessions?

Can they come and train twice a week instead of 3 times a week? There are many ways that you can get your clients great results and it’s a win-win-win situation.

Okay, I think that just about covers it for now, but if you have any additional questions or comments, please contact me or post at the end of this article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

– Cheers to a prosperous Spring and your Business

Fitfully yours.

Lisa L. Taylor (TrainerLisa), B.S. Holistic Nutrition, CPT ACE, AFAA, FITOUR
Taylor Made Fitness

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor

Lisa Lorraine Taylor (aka TrainerLisa) owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego has been providing quality Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching/Services since 1995. Lisa Taylor is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Ex, Fitness Practitioner (AFAA), AFAA CEU Provider, Fitness Consultant, Health Coach (gold), Instructor at USD, Writer and all round fun person!
Lisa with a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and a minor in Nutrition/Optimum Fitness has expanded her business to include being a Beachbody Coach, and a Fitness Consultant in helping others in the Fitness Industry and well as individual Personal Trainers to grow and market their business.
Lisa Lorraine Taylor


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