With the increasing need of staying healthy and fit in order to survive in this competitive world, online education for health and fitness becomes a boon for people. Moreover, online education helps people in rural and urban areas to select the best educational courses of their choice. Taking online classes help them gain proficiency in a subject at their convenience from any location at any time, even without leaving their present job. It gives them the option to rise in their career while increasing their level of confidence and skill. Overall, online classes help society by nurturing more educated and healthy people all over the world. Education helps in reducing poverty and overcome several causes that in turn help the nation to grow faster towards a flourishing tomorrow.   

Online education or E-learning has expanded its wings globally with the high penetration of the Internet and technology. With advancement in the technology and easy access to the internet, distance is no matter for people nowadays. In every sector, the internet technology has made business processes faster, which is advantageous in increasing productivity and revenue. Similarly, online education is also one of the most flourishing sectors that grow rapidly. Today, with an increasing demand for education in every field, people are more conscious of getting a  higher education. Online education has unlocked the doors of people who are enthusiastic to enhance their skill in their profession without leaving their present jobs. Today, businesses demand skillful employees that force every professional to stay updated with the most recent technology in their domain. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to survive without upgrading their skills.

How Online Education Gains Traction – A Right Move to Grow Your Career Swiftly

India is the largest online education sector in Asia as well as in the world with great numbers of students availing online education. In present times, small as well as most reputed colleges have started offering online courses with the aim to benefit students with difficulties attending college physically. There are several reasons why many students need online education. These reasons include lack of time due to the job, distance, transportation, costly fee structure, abode expenses, and much more. E-learning becomes a boon for those students who want to get a swift rise in their career. The most significant benefit of online education is that one can study from anywhere at their convenient time just with the use of computer and with internet access once they have registered for the online course.

skill and expertiseOnline health and fitness Education in India and abroad – Enhance Your Skill and Expertise

There are a variety of online courses offered by different colleges and universities including courses for the health and fitness industry. In today’s harsh and struggling life, health and fitness are becoming important aspects for people to consider. For professionals and health enthusiasts, people associated with the physiotherapy and fitness industry can also take advantage of online courses to enhance their professional skills. Today, most professionals offering training in the gym or fitness center have not taken any specific steps to pursue higher education in this particular domain. Therefore, after taking an online course for Physiotherapy, it becomes very useful for them to offer even better training at the fitness center. It not only increases their skills of health and fitness but also boosts their level of confidence in their profession.

Why health and fitness e-Education? – For Betterment of Tomorrow with Healthy Move of Today

Online programs for health and fitness are prepared by highly skilled and experienced professionals by considering all features that can help make you a perfect trainer. By considering the best practices of the health and fitness industry, one can have a wide selection of activities and topics to choose from, such as fitness testing, personal training, strength, and conditioning. Moreover, one can learn indoor as well as outdoor training, communication, in addition to what you need to know as a physiotherapist or health & fitness trainer. One can choose their favorite course from an array of courses that best suits their professional needs.

Today, with an enhancement in lifestyle and an increase in health awareness in people all across the globe, there has been an increased demand from the public, private gymnasiums, fitness centers, yoga centers, and institutes for training that rejuvenate the body and mind of people. It has increased the need for professionals for precise skills that helps people to stay healthy and fit. There are several health and fitness centers in India with a number of trainers, but there are only a few of them who actually have a certificate of preparation for training courses. Online courses for health and fitness helps physiotherapists, fitness trainers, as well as health-conscious people to get the precise knowledge to get that competitive edge in their profession.

Future of Health and Fitness Education – Progressive and Flourishing

Nowadays, the life of people is full of hardship and struggles because of harsh competition in every field. It has a negative effect on their body and mind. As a result, people are forced to become aware of their health and fitness. Today, it becomes a basic necessity for people to become self-conscious for their health for the wellness of body and peace of mind.

The future of health and fitness education will bloom with increasing awareness of people to keep themselves happy. The internet is a wonderful medium that proffers tons of information to the people that want to increase their knowledge and ease their work. Online courses for health and fitness is the most useful and easiest option for many professionals and people that benefit from changing their attitude towards life and making it positive. It also helps in making society, the nation, and the world healthy. With online education, people in rural areas can obtain an equal advantage of getting an education at their places without any worry about costly transportation.

Today, people are more educated and understand that with healthy food, fitness of the body is equally important. Hence, it requires precise education that leads them to maintain a healthy life. With encouraging efforts from the government of India to make people healthy through appealing and effective messages, it helps people of the nation how that they can stay happy and healthy with proper health education.

In brief, the future of health and fitness education becomes very bright as it becomes a key necessity for people and their progressive, prosperous and long life.

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Monalisa Vadi

Monalisa Vadi

Director of IHFE fitness academy Monalisa Vadi (MPT), Creator of Ihfe academy, is a Physical Therapist specializing in the field of Musculoskeletal. She received a Master of Physiotherapist from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom in 2008. She holds certificates in aquatic training, yoga training and diet and nutrition. She has had extensive experience treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative situations, and sports injuries. She primarily focused on providing manual therapy to patients with musculoskeletal problems, sports related injuries and post-surgical conditions. Monalisa Patel began working in Satellite Hospital and Physiotherapy Research Centre in Ahmadabad, India in 2005 as the HOD at Physiotherapy Centre. She also worked in various Multi Speciality Hospitals and private clinics. Besides her knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, she has been designing the customized strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training for all both men and women of all age group people to assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals. She also has experience with Pilates exercises and has designed the programs for pre and post natal women, sport specific population, models, dancers, and rehabilitation. Monalisa has extensive experience in training the clients with bosu ball, foam roller, stability ball and resistance bands. In 2014, she opened IHFE fitness academy in order to begin the realization of her dream to offer quality education of health and fitness to the fitness enthusiasts and allied healthcare professionals. Monalisa understands that medical education is an ongoing process and, as such, continues to supplement her university education with the various health and fitness courses.
Monalisa Vadi


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