Breaking Up With a Client

Being a personal trainer and working with clients is much like being in a relationship – you see each other multiple times during the week; you share intimate details of personal lives with each other; you go through some difficult times together (albeit it may be a challenging workout session). Over time these relationships grow and change. You learn more about each other, you share new stories and experiences, and you begin to see someone for what they really bring to the table. Sometimes all this is for the better, other times for the worst.

The Honeymoon period is over…

The beginning of any relationship is great – you get along well, sessions are going as planned, and you think this is the “perfect client” for you. Once that honeymoon period is over though and true personalities begin to shine, you may realize this person you once thought was the “only one for you”, is now your biggest nightmare.

5 Tips for Improving Posture in Your Classes (and a little science fun!)

“Stand up tall.”

“Shoulders up, back, and down.”

“Sit that butt down and back onto a chair”

How often do you find yourself saying these cues over and over in classes in order to “fix” your participant’s poor posture? Do you find yourself getting annoyed when you have said it for the 100th time and no one seems to be listening? Or do you find ways to dynamically correct their posture in ways that they are not aware of?

Have you ever considered that participants may completely understand and hear you, but that due to limitations in mobility or strength they physically just are not able to do what you are asking?

Are you a martyr to life as a fitness professional?

Life is just one big rollercoaster ride filled with climbs, drops, twists, turns, and moments of fear when you are hanging upside down and don’t know where the next turn is going to take you.  Sometimes it is an awesome rollercoaster where you can see everything that is ahead, and sometimes you are hanging out on the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster in Disney World, a pitch black indoor coaster where you go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, never knowing what is ahead.  Sometimes these roller coasters can be awesome experiences, other times they can leave you a little nauseous and just wanting the comfort of a warm bed.

No matter how great we are at masking them or imagining they’re not there, rollercoasters are part of life.  Many times we are told that it is how we take these challenges, embrace them, and push through to the next door that defines who we are.  In most cases, I truly believe this.


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