Periodization and Business

Position Your Business to offer Long term packages with Principles of Periodization
“Will you paint my picture?” the lady said.

“Absolutely,” Picasso answered.

Thirty seconds later the picture was complete.

“That will be 5000 dollars,” Picasso said.

“Five thousand dollars?! It took you 30 seconds!” The lady was shocked.

“It took 30 years to learn to paint the picture in 30 seconds.”

Basic Strength Program With Different Periodization

What does a basic strength program look like with different Periodization systems?

There is currently scientific literature on 4 different periodization systems:

Linear periodization
Reverse Linear periodization
Daily Undulating Periodization
Block Periodization

It is important to understand that these systems are all examples of the application of Periodization.

Wood Chop + Standing High Cable Pull – a superior combination for maximal safety and efficiency

I have a stupid question for you.

Do you want to make the most of your training time? Are you interested in burning the maximal amount of calories and while stimulating increases in muscle mass, all in the shortest possible amount of time?

I am sure your answer those questions are yes.

Well, so called combination exercises fits the bill. In a combination exercise you combine (hence the word) to or more exercises in a smooth sequence.

7 Extraordinary simple, hard exercises on the floor

In the pursuit of world class strength, power, speed or endurance, we can afford to leave no potentially beneficial training method on the table. The best strength coaches and personal trainers embrace the whole spectrum of training methods from extremely simple, no equipment methods, like bodyweight exercises on the floor, to high tech measurement tools like myo test (

This article is about one of the simplest, yet most effective, new bodyweight exercises on the floor.

When I teach new personal trainers, I always say that regardless of their background and their personality, there is at
least some part of the personal training process, where their strength’s come in to play.


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