The Benefits of Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell Sport, known traditionally as Girevoy Sport (GS), is gaining popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike that want to try something new. Personal trainers should become familiar with the sport as it offers generous opportunities to enhance cardiorespiratory ability, endurance, power, stability, and confidence, all without impact to the joints… yes, it is a non-impact sport!

Similar to running, rowing, or swimming, GS involves movements of a cyclical nature, with a lifter’s success resulting from proper technique, flexibility, strength, power, breathing patterns, aerobic capacity, stability and mental focus.  As opposed to Olympic or Power Lifting, Girevoy Sport requires the person to lift a sub-maximal load and complete as many repetitions as possible in ten minutes with one change of sides on single-weighted lifts such as Snatch. 


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