How to bring new clients and keep existing clients motivated?

Gaining new clients can be easier than you think!

Creating a short-term challenge through your business is a great way to bring in new clients and keep existing clients motivated.  Fitness can be a hard sell but introducing a FREE short term challenge may actually be beneficial as it has a very low barrier to entry. You may hear that giving away services for free devalues your business, but we must remember that fitness can be a very hard sell for the majority of the population.

The following tips to run a free short-term challenge can actually be less work than you think.  All you need is an email list of prospects and daily challenge emails!

Do you ignore what you cannot see?

If you live your life and career as a strength coach or trainer, how many times do you ask yourself how well you are helping your clients?  Is the work you are doing making a difference in the lives of others?

We encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve their sports performance, and gain muscle.

It is easy to get caught up in the things we can see like how the body can move effortlessly with training, how we can improve athletic performance, and how we can achieve fat loss and gain muscle. But, we seem to neglect the things we cannot see.

This article focuses on the art of coaching in hopes that you will find a deeper level of coaching to help your clients.

Are You Ignoring Red Flags?

Maintaining shoulder health is an important part of a hockey player’s career. The risk of injury due to contact such as a body check is high and the fact that the shoulder is a very mobile joint increases the risk of non-contact injuries.

What is very interesting about the human body is how it informs us of dysfunction. Pain or discomfort in an area may actually be a referral from a different part of the body. The mistake many athletes make especially younger teenage athletes is pushing through these warning signs and not getting quality help from a hands-on therapist. In order to play through a healthy, long career in your sport you must take a preventative approach towards your Strength & Conditioning. This means being smart in how and when you train, taking adequate recovery and listening to warning signs.

Avoid Being Everything To Everyone

Big box gyms are everywhere. They made their mark in the fitness industry and paved the way for many successful business model practices. I am sure many of you realize the change that is here in our industry as we speak: the growth of group training and facilities geared toward specialty training. I think the big box gyms served their purpose but may be on a downward spiral. I also believe we are now reinventing the wheel and having to create a new branch of service and policies for the average fitness enthusiast. Did the big box gyms do a disservice to the fitness industry? Maybe yes? Maybe no?

I strongly believe that in order to fuel success you must pave a completely separate path from the big box gyms and demand a level of quality and service for your staff and clients like no one else. Separate yourself from everyone else! Why are you different? Fitness can be one of the toughest services to sell so do a damn good job of selling what you believe!

Program Design For Group Training

If you are thinking of moving into the avenue of group training, know that it can be a great way to make more money and simplify your daily schedule. However, it is a learning process in regards to program set-up and efficiency. It is usually within the class that you realize your mistakes in planning or set-up and by that time it’s too late! If you have a happy client it may not be an issue but remember that your participants want a great workout. They want as little time as possible wasted and if you have to take time during THEIR workout to modify or change the structure it may leave them frustrated.

Here are some tips in order to have a smooth transition into group training from private training:

Starting Your Own Business

Creating your business culture
Yup, think about it. A culture you want the public to want to be apart of. A Culture where you gain respect from local professionals in the healthcare industry and a Culture YOU can be proud of.

Your business represents you and what you stand for. So be prepared to represent well!

The future can feel so bright to someone starting out. That is called Excitement! You have big dreams, big aspirations. How do you find clients? Where do you look for work? Should I do private training? Should I open my own facility?

To be honest, you really won’t know what you want to do until you do what you hate to do! This is where you need to ask for help! In order to grow your business you must start with the word HELP.


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