Gaining new clients can be easier than you think!

Creating a short-term challenge through your business is a great way to bring in new clients and keep existing clients motivated.  Fitness can be a hard sell but introducing a FREE short term challenge may actually be beneficial as it has a very low barrier to entry. You may hear that giving away services for free devalues your business, but we must remember that fitness can be a very hard sell for the majority of the population.

The following tips to run a free short-term challenge can actually be less work than you think.  All you need is an email list of prospects and daily challenge emails!

Take a look:

social mediaStep 1:  Create a buzz!  Use social media to create buzz about your upcoming challenge.  Make a big deal that it is free.  There is no obligation and no risk to the prospect.  Encourage them to take these small steps to feel better about themselves all in the comfort of their own home!

Step 2:  Create an email list!  Ask for email signups and have a set end date of registration.  Throughout your buzz make it clear that this short-term challenge will not run again for another 30 days (or whatever time frame you want).  By encouraging prospects to get on board NOW, they are taking those steps to better their health instead of regretting their decision of not joining and setting them back even further to achieving their goals.


Create a Facebook page.  Each daily challenge can be placed on this page and it is an easy way to notify everyone at once. A Facebook community also allows the participants to encourage each other through the challenge.

Step 3:  Make the start date very clear and close to your deadline date or registration.  You want to make sure these prospects start as soon as possible so they don’t have a chance to regret their decision of joining.

Step 4:  Prepare official emails ahead of time that will be sent to your email contact list daily.  If you are running a 15-day challenge you must have 15 emails ready to go to be emailed out once a day, for 15 days.  A short-term challenge is much more achievable for the individual looking to start a program and less intimidating.  There is less of a risk of failure for the prospect if they join something short term.  You must also have the challenge run long enough for the prospect to “get hooked” or enjoy the change they see.  I believe 7 days simply isn’t long enough for this to happen.  When you announce a challenge in “days” rather than “months” the effort seems minimal and much easier to commit to.

Step 5:  Each daily email will involve simple steps the client can do on their own.  Such as an activity challenge.  A new recipe challenge.  Clean out the cupboard challenge.  Each challenge should include educational information that is easy to read and understand clearing up any myths in the industry plus an extra bonus such as a recipe or exercise tip.

calendarStep 6:  Encourage the prospects to record each day in a calendar or journal.  They can write as much or as little as they want but having the individual write down their thoughts and experiences throughout the 15 days will improve their consistency plus allow them to recognize the positive benefits they are experiencing.

Step 7:  At the end of the challenge offer everyone a FREE group training session.  Make it fun!  Meet at the park or at your training facility and put everyone through a fun workout.  Use this as a time for your personality to shine!  Encourage and educate and be sure to make them feel like they made the right decision by joining your challenge.

Step 8:  Email the list immediately after the group session thanking them for their dedication to the challenge and provide a call to action campaign!  Offer a short term program such as a 4-6 week group training program.  This would be a paid program.  Include pricing, a number of training sessions and how the program will benefit them.  Remind them that they have already taken great steps in the last 15 days to improve their health!  Why stop now?  Keeping the habit going is much easier than starting over!

Keep it simple and have fun!

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Rhonda Catt

Rhonda Catt

Rhonda CattNASM, CPTFMS Level 2Owner of Catt Conditioning Performance Center/Excel FitnessVernon, BC Canada
Rhonda Catt


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