Using Group Heart Rate Monitoring to improve results and sales of group HIIT Training

Accurate systems for monitoring heart rate during exercise have been around for many years, but to date have not been widely deployed and used for group athletic training or group personal training. Several systems exist to provide both the coach and participants access to individual and group heart rate data in real time during a workout and afterwards via access to the data which is recorded and stored on the web.

These systems are deployed with flat screen monitors so that the entire group and coach can constantly see their actual heart rate, percentage of maximum heart rate, calorie burn, and current training zone.
Participants wear chest strap or arm/leg band monitors which can accurately monitor heart rate and transmit it to a computer, cell phone, or Ipad which is then wired or wirelessly connected to the flat screens.

Launching Successful Club Programs

Without an effective launch process and strategy any new program will fail! It is important to have a formal process in place to evaluate, plan and then execute effective program launches including a detailed timeline with tasks, responsibilities and dates to ensure that a new program is successful.

There are several key areas to consider for any new program launch:

1. What is the Market for the new program?
Who is the ideal customer for this program (age, sex, profile, member, non-member)? The more specific and clearly defined the better!
Why will this particular program appeal to this group?

Group Training Clubs: A New Emerging Fitness Club Model

The rise of the low priced fitness club model has forced many traditional clubs to adjust their offerings and value proposition to remain viable. Low price clubs such as Planet Fitness can and do take significant market share from traditional clubs in their immediate geographic area. However there is a new club model emerging that can successfully compete side by side with low priced clubs and with traditional clubs, but with significant leverage in terms of cost to open and overall overhead and profitability.

A New Value Proposition

These clubs can be referred to as Group Training Clubs which have a completely different value proposition that resonates with many consumers even more than low price clubs or high end clubs with many amenities. The value proposition for these clubs is about guaranteed results through effective programming.

Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag (BB) is a functional movement tool invented by Ivan Ivanoff — a highly accomplished international Greco‐Roman Wrestler and coach. Although he developed the tool for wrestling it can be used by an extremely wide range of users and is probably the most versatile functional training device available. Because of the bag’s unique shape and composition, it allows loaded movement in all three planes of movement. The BB facilitates functional overload in rotational movement patterns not possible with any other training modality, along with allowing a total body conditioning workout that addresses strength, power, anaerobic endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and high levels of caloric expenditure for weight management.

Functional Core Conditioning

Because the design of the bag facilitates functional rotational movement, as well as linear movements in the sagittal and frontal planes, it provides tremendous benefits for core strength and stability.


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