New Year Promotional Planning and Ideas

It’s September. The year has gone by fast, right? Think about how many times holidays or other opportunities have come and go and you didn’t have a promotion ready and you missed out. Now, let’s think again, is it too early to start thinking about the New Year? What will likely your biggest and best time of year? No, it’s not. Let’s start to look at how you should be preparing for when that time quickly approaches.

We need to acknowledge a couple of things. People like resolutions. They like new starts. A new week, and especially, a new year is a perfect time for that. No other goal is as front and center in their mind as losing fat they’ve gained that year or over the course of several years. Most people who are coming to us are looking to lose a significant amount of fat. Yes, it’s a short term mentality to try to remedy that, but it’s your job to entice them in, educate them, and keep them on board for the long term to eventually reach those goals.

Four Fitness Technologies for Personal Training Businesses

Many fitness professionals probably got into this industry so they didn’t have to deal much with technology and computers and the like. But, let’s face it, it’s here to stay and we might as well take advantage of it. In this article we will look at four points of technology that can help you in your fitness business.

1. Credit Card Processing – Let’s start here with a payment processor that allows you to take credit cards because nothing happens until you make a sale, right? The 800 pound gorilla is It will offer you credibility and confidence in the consumer’s mind. It has relatively low transaction fees. You can use a range of their tools available, but the thing I like most is the ability to use automatic recurring billing (ARB). I suggest charging clients a monthly fee (like a membership) for your training service. Each person is charged automatically on either the first or 15th of the month. This way, you get paid every two weeks and can smooth out your cash flow and make predictions easier.

Resistance Training for Special Populations: Supporting Evidence

There are many conditions and diseases in which resistance training is tolerable, and in many cases, beneficial. Clients may be categorized into one of the areas which we refer to as “special populations”. There may be any number of special concerns or protocols you might have for each area. However, resistance training, in general, even at higher intensities is safe and effective for most clients who may fall into the following special populations. If you find yourself serving people in these populations, you need not fear. Thoroughly educate yourself on the subject, but you can be confident knowing that there is evidence already in existence to support what you may design for these clients.


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