How to Add Value and Profit

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and youʼve got the perfect program to get your clients beach- ready in no time, right? But is that their goal or yours? While your plan may be perfect, and your motives may be pure, you may be providing more of what you want and less of what your client needs. With a little extra attention to detail and understanding your clientsʼ needs and wants you can not only add more value to their program and fitness goals, you can also add more dollars to your bottom line.

Are You Listening?

Your clients are looking to you as their resident expert when it comes to their personal wellness. If a client says that their goal is to shape up, do you know what that means? Have you asked enough questions to get to their true motivation? Are you afraid to find that out for fear that you may not have a solution for them? Most fitness professionals shy away from areas beyond their expertise and while that is understandable, you may miss an opportunity to provide additional and welcome services and products. It all begins by actively engaging in a conversation.


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