4 Ways to Rejuvenate yourself this weekend

As a personal trainer and business owner, you certainly have a lot going on. Between training clients, managing the business, and pursuing opportunities for growth, it can be hard to find a minute to relax. Yet YOU are the most valuable asset in your business, so this weekend it is important to let go of work and give that valuable asset a chance to recharge. Here are four tips, from various experts, on how to get the most out of time off this weekend:

Life coach Lori Deschene, founder of tinybuddha.com, says the first step to unplugging this weekend is ending friday well:

“It’s hard to relax on Saturday if you failed to return four important calls, file important paperwork, or finish a marketing report on Friday. Think about all the work-related things you tend to think about on the weekends, whether it’s your Monday meeting or a weekly report. Then, take care of it as best you can before you leave.”

Throwback Thursday: Fitness Business Technologies (August 2014)

This weeks Throwback Thursday piece is “Four Fitness Technologies for Personal Training Businesses”, written by Chris Lutz in August 2014. 

Many fitness professionals probably got into this industry so they didn’t have to deal much with technology and computers and the like. But, let’s face it, it’s here to stay and we might as well take advantage of it. In this article we will look at four points of technology that can help you in your fitness business.

1. Credit Card Processing – Let’s start here with a payment processor that allows you to take credit cards because nothing happens until you make a sale, right? The 800 pound gorilla is www.authorize.net. It will offer you credibility and confidence in the consumer’s mind. It has relatively low transaction fees. You can use a range of their tools available, but the thing I like most is the ability to use automatic recurring billing (ARB). I suggest charging clients a monthly fee (like a membership) for your training service. Each person is charged automatically on either the first or 15th of the month. This way, you get paid every two weeks and can smooth out your cash flow and make predictions easier.

Exercise and the Heart

Clients seek out the services of a personal trainer for many different reasons. Some would like to lose weight, others to improve fitness for their sport, and still others simply to look good in a bikini. However, it is important to remind clients of their bigger picture health and reinforce just why fitness is so important. Here is a rundown of one of the most important ways exercise will benefit your clients, heart health.

Fitness Industry News for July 13th

Here’s the best of what’s going on in the health and fitness world for the week of July 13th, 2015.  Younger Millennials embrace health and fitness apps more than most: When Janna Kahn wants to brag about her workout, she doesn’t tell her friends. She tells her phone……

Week in Review: July 6th-10th

Had a busy week and didn’t get to check out Fitness Professional Online? No problem, we understand you are busy, so we have broken down the highlights so you don’t miss out on any of our quick changing content!

Three Fun Cardio Workouts to Stay Fit this Weekend

Summer weekends are a great time to relax, get outside, and escape from the routine of the week. Still want to get your heart rate up and stay in shape? Try out these three great ways to stay in shape and have fun in the sun this weekend!

1. Kayaking

If you live anywhere near water, whether it be an ocean, lake, or river, grab a kayak and go exploring. Most areas with water have a a rental shop, a few hours is all it should take to get a great workout. Kayaking gives you a strong upper body workout, particularly your upper back muscles, while also keeping your core engaged the entire time for stability. This is a particular great weekend option in hotter places; the water will be refreshing and allow you to work harder and longer despite the heat. So head down to the nearest body of water for some fun weekend fitness.

Throwback Thursday: The Staggered Pushup (February 2013)

A staggered push-up is an anaerobic exercise that is a body weight movement performed in the prone position by bending your elbows at 90 degrees while your arms are used to help lower and raise your torso. The gravity and resistance that your body provides during this exercise creates functional and overall strength. Functional strength can best be defined as to effectively producing stabilization and movement to the body with daily activities.

The staggered push-up can be considered a “moveable plank” since the core is utilized for strength just as much as the upper body is during performance. Correct staggered push-ups should be performed with the upper body, torso, and lower body moving as one unit. Staggered push-ups are a tremendous exercise because of the multi-joint and multiple muscle groups they recruit during movement. Moreover and most importantly, staggered push-ups are a true test of strength, stability, endurance, and power.

3 Practices Required For Marketing Success

For years, marketers all over the world have been to trying and get the right messages to the right customers at the right time. The marketing method to reach this goal has been relatively consistent until now. The digital age has drastically changed the methods of client reach for marketers. In the digital age, the buyers have the power to do their own product research and are no longer reliant on the carefully constructed product descriptions that marketers have always provided.
Here are three practices that progressive marketers have embraced in order to adapt to the digital age and the resulting evolution of buyer behavior.

Fitness News for July 6th

Here’s the best of what’s going on in the health and fitness world for the week of July 6th, 2015.  Fitness Apps granting insights into states workout habits: Millions of Americans are recording their workout routines and activities on apps that are giving fitness experts new insights…


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