Throwback Thursday: Is Age Just A Number: Training with older clients (May 8, 2013)

This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “Is Age Just A Number: Training with older clients”, written by James Berges in May 8, 2013. 

As one of the largest populations, the baby-boomer generation will have an undeniable impact on the world. The over-65 crowd will almost double in size by the year 2030. Not to mention people are living longer and more health-conscious than ever, setting the stage for a generous influx of senior citizens seeking personal training services. Exercise is beneficial for every age group, but must be tailored accordingly for this population.

Before actually delving into any specific workouts, educate the client’s family about what type of program you offer. Print out your routines that you have planned and instruct the family so they may offer the best support possible. Ask your client and their family members what types of activities they currently engage in as well as possible activities they wish they were able to take part in. This will inform your workout program, focusing on exercises that are representative of your client’s most common activities.

Throwback Thursday: The Last 30 Seconds (March 2014)

This weeks Throwback Thursday piece is “The Last 30 Seconds”, written by Warren Martin in March 2014. 

Does your training show when it matters the most in a fight?

Watching MMA fights at all levels, we notice the athletes that are at peak speeds, strengths, sharpness, etc., during the first minute of the fight, right? But as the rounds move on and the time ticks down we notice these peaks can change for most. Even at the highest levels, one instance in lack of judgment, decrease in reaction time, or decrease in power of a kick or punch can lose the battle. That fighter loses not because the other fighter had more skill but because he wasn’t more mentally or physically prepared. These are crushing reasons to lose. In everyone’s eyes it is known that the outcome was preventable. What happened? Yes, fighters most of the time will use a loss to motivate them to train even harder for the next fight. The important question is, “What went wrong?” I believe when a fighter finally reaches an opponent that has equal or slightly more/less talent and conditioning, there is one thing that guarantees victory. “Training Carry Over”, how much of the preparation for the fight actually carries over into the ring with situations like fatigue that happen in the” last 30 seconds” of the fight or later rounds. This is also seen in the boxing world as well.

Fitness News for October 12th

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Throwback Thursday: Treating Fitness Clients Like Athletes –The Right Way Part 1 (February 4, 2013)

This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “Treating Fitness Clients Like Athletes –The Right Way Part 1”, written by Jesse Irizarry in February 4, 2013.

Ever watch a kid play in the park? If you have not ever taken the time do so, find a park and try not to look too creepy. You will notice that very few kids have flexibility, mobility or stability issues. They jump off of things and start sprinting at full speed at whim. You will find these kids all look pretty athletic. Sure, some may possess more natural ability to jump higher and run faster but, provided the kid is in good shape, most kids have the same athletic ability.

As we get older, our life choices either cultivate this athleticism or hinder it. Some of us stop running around and jumping strictly for fun and restrict it to when we play organized sports while others sit in front of a computer screen or a t.v. for entertainment and get stiff, immobile and lose kinesthetic sense as the years go by.

Fitness News for August 24th

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Throwback Thursday: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone (November 2012)

This week’s Throwback Thursday piece is “Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone”, written by Acea Theroux in November 27, 2012. 
Back in November 2010, I was invited by fitness icon Josie Gardiner to attend a charity event in Boston. The fundraiser was organized by the ECA World Fitness Alliance’s Boston Balance to
raise money for autism research, and would be in the form of a two-hour group exercise class called Zumba®. The event would highlight a slew of very talented dancers and fitness professionals including the host of this event, the fabulous Ann Saldi. I have to admit that my initial assumption of Zumba® was probably similar to that of many others, in which I formed an option solely based upon what I’d heard or seen in a brief 15 second glance. I remember saying to myself, it’s just dancing right? How much of a workout could it really be? We make assumptions when we don’t fully understand a situation. It’s a natural reaction to instantly fill in any missing information by making things up.

Throwback Thursday: Group Training (March 2014).

This weeks Throwback Thursday is to Rhonda Cat’s March 2014 article “Program Design for Group Training”. 

If you are thinking of moving into the avenue of group training, know that it can be a great way to make more money and simplify your daily schedule. However, it is a learning process in regards to program set-up and efficiency. It is usually within the class that you realize your mistakes in planning or set-up and by that time it’s too late! If you have a happy client it may not be an issue but remember that your participants want a great workout. They want as little time as possible wasted and if you have to take time during THEIR workout to modify or change the structure it may leave them frustrated.

Here are some tips in order to have a smooth transition into group training from private training:

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