International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)

Mission of IFPA

The International Fitness Professionals Association is devoted to offering the highest quality learning experiences to individuals aiming to improve their lifestyle, and those aiming to improve the lifestyles of others. Our educational opportunities provide only the most practical and scientifically based health and fitness information that can be directly applied to “real life” experiences. It is with this dedication that the IFPA is committed to being the lifelong exercise and training resource to the entire fitness community.


To train individuals to become leaders in the fitness industry, in order to assist every person throughout the world in leading the health and fitness lifestyle.

International Fitness Association (IFA)

The International Fitness Association (IFA) is committed to providing fitness information to both Fitness Professionals and Fitness enthusiasts. Becommitted … Get Certified here online.

About IFA

IFA began in 1995 as a group of Aerobic Instructors and Personal Trainers sharing a common goal, to provide a category of Aerobics Instructors & Personal Trainers with the basic academic credentials necessary to instruct and guide the general population in health and fitness. We are dedicated not simply to a select few who seek certification but to the general population as well which is why all our services are free to everyone.

FIT Launch

About FIT Launch

The FIT Launch Studio in Snohomish, WA provides a variety of classes and services to assist you in meeting your Health & Wellness Goals. Our Gatherings and Grader programs are available throughout the U.S. and our exclusive studio schedule provides many small group and personal training opportunities.

Who We Are

We are recognized as a Continuing Fitness Education Specialist, Faculty and Master Practical Trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

ECA World Fitness

About ECA World Fitness

ECA WORLD FITNESS is an international organization and association representing the wellness and fitness community. Established in 1991, ECA is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming. ECA’s reputation for integrity is well known and has earned respect and trust for delivering Win-Win relationships with all of its partners.

Who We Are

ECA is well known for its leadership and fostering ideas of imagination and cooperation. Our audience represents the influencers in fitness, primarily from urban centers they are diverse, multi-cultural, “thrill seeking” explorers.

Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)

AEA Mission Statement
The Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) is a not-for-profit educational organization committed to the advancement of aquatic fitness worldwide.

AEA Purpose

AEA is committed to increasing awareness, education and networking opportunities to benefit professionals as well as the general public. With AEA, achieving healthy lifestyles through aquatic fitness is a team effort, supported globally.

AEA desires to embrace cultural diversity in our industry to assure that individuals worldwide can enjoy and employ the benefits of aquatic fitness programs regardless of age, ability, goals or interests.


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