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Mission of IFPA

The International Fitness Professionals Association is devoted to offering the highest quality learning experiences to individuals aiming to improve their lifestyle, and those aiming to improve the lifestyles of others. Our educational opportunities provide only the most practical and scientifically based health and fitness information that can be directly applied to “real life” experiences. It is with this dedication that the IFPA is committed to being the lifelong exercise and training resource to the entire fitness community.


To train individuals to become leaders in the fitness industry, in order to assist every person throughout the world in leading the health and fitness lifestyle.

About IFPA

Before the IFPA began, in 1994, Dr. Jim Bell and many friends, who rank among the world’s foremost authorities on fitness, health, nutrition, sports conditioning, sports medicine and other related fields identified a major problem in the fitness industry. The major certification organizations had fitness certifications that did an excellent job of meeting the academic criteria of what fitness professionals and specifically a certified personal fitness trainer should know, but fell far short of the practical knowledge, skills and abilities that a certified personal fitness trainer must know to conduct safe and effective personal fitness training sessions.

This team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) put together the first Job Analysis Survey (JAS) in 1993 to determine the actual knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the certified personal fitness trainers to do their job with perfect execution. The JAS has been updated throughout the years and continues to be updated. The JAS is used by the IFPA Certification Commission to develop all IFPA Exams and IFPA Item Banks (Exam Questions).

The IFPA-JAS is also used by the Fitness Institute of Technology to develop all IFPA course work. Since 1994, the Fitness Institute of Technology has developed over 60 IFPA Certification Courses, over 100 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) courses and multiple college degree programs (A.S., B.S., M.S. PhD) in Medical-Fitness Training; Sports and Fitness Training and Personal Fitness Training. The SME’s involved in this meticulous development process, use the highest level of effort, attention to detail and both scientific knowledge as well as expert skills and abilities to always deliver the highest level course work available in the world today!

Why Choose IFPA?

Welcome to the IFPA course offerings sections. The IFPA is the recognized leader in practical fitness, health and nutrition education and certification. The IFPA has made a commitment to the fitness industry, fitness professionals and the community who relies on fitness professionals, to “raise the bar” and increase the knowledge and professionalism of all fitness professionals. In order to accomplish this goal, the IFPA is constantly adding new certification and continuing education courses.

Most people in the fitness industry separate fitness professionals into two tracks: (1) Personal Training and (2) Group Exercise (Group Fitness). The IFPA makes no such distinction. Both Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors are fitness professionals. The courses offered in this section are appropriate for all fitness professionals.

While many of you went through the Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructors Certifications to get a job in the fitness industry, you can grow much more rapidly in your chosen career by increasing your knowledge with the advanced courses you find in this section.

For those of you that went through the IFPA Personal Trainer Certification course, you learned that professional status is based on three criteria: (1) advanced education and training; (2) dedication in serving the community and (3) strict ethical guidelines. The courses in this section supply you the opportunity to gain the requisite advanced education and training you will need to attain professional status.

In all honesty, the competency levels of many Personal Trainers are significantly below where they need to be. This must change. Our communities deserve better. Our nation needs better. With obesity levels now at epidemic proportions action must be taken.

The medical community has tried to solve this crisis and failed. Medical and healthcare costs now exceed over one trillion dollars per year, 80% of these costs are a direct result of the lifestyle choices Americans make. The IFPA calls this the “anti-lifestyle”: (1) lack of physical activity, (2) poor nutrition habits, (3) smoking, (4) substance abuse and (5) stress. What is even worse is that our children are in nearly the same poor fitness condition as adults. Children are participating in the “anti-lifestyle” almost to the same extent as their parents. This is no surprise to anyone. The poor role-model of today’s parents are having a devastating impact on our children. The unfortunate consequences of children’s “anti-lifestyle” results in irreparable harm to the child’s development, inability to achieve maximum potential and serious medical and healthcare problems (we are now seeing children with adult-onset diabetes and cardio-vascular disease) diseases that until now, normally affected the aging population.

Since the medical community has failed it is now up to the fitness community to solve this crisis. If the doctors of today know nothing about exercise and nutrition, then the exercise and nutrition experts of today will become the doctors of tomorrow.

The courses you have at your disposal here today are designed to make you an expert in exercise and nutrition. It is the IFPA’s sincere hope that you take advantage of these courses and drive toward excellence in your chosen career. Do not settle for average, do not settle for mediocrity strive to be the best you can be.

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