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About ECA World Fitness

ECA WORLD FITNESS is an international organization and association representing the wellness and fitness community. Established in 1991, ECA is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming. ECA’s reputation for integrity is well known and has earned respect and trust for delivering Win-Win relationships with all of its partners.

Who We Are

ECA is well known for its leadership and fostering ideas of imagination and cooperation. Our audience represents the influencers in fitness, primarily from urban centers they are diverse, multi-cultural, “thrill seeking” explorers.

ECA is a small family owned business. Our people are friendly, intelligent, sincere and genuine. We listen, respond, innovate and act. We are passionate about fitness, our work, the industry. people and our planet.


ECA produces four quarterly publications entitled “ECA NEWS”, and offers workshops, seminars, on line events, resource materials, networking opportunities and a wide array of individual member benefits, including our claim to fame, our two annual conventions, which are legendary throughout the industry.


ECA events have become the most talked about fitness conventions in the world. Our two shows in New York City and Miami are known for their advanced level of education, creativity, innovation, superior value, excitement and energy. All new products and ideas begin at ECA. We continually set the bar for the rest of the industry to follow.

Social Responsibility

ECA is socially responsible. Through OBOW (One Body One World), we donate a portion of our profits and highlight organizations that care for the planet and its inhabitants. We are compassionate and caring and support human rights, environmentalism and sustainability, education, tolerance and diversity.


There are so many programs…why choose ECIT?

With a choice of so many certifications, education must fit the student’s goals. ECIT is your choice because:

A cademic education coupled with hands on practical skills, provide you with the ability to apply your knowledge.
ECIT provides professional support and continuing education opportunities after you graduate. Our relationship doesn’t end at graduation. In fact, it’s just the beginning!!!

What exactly does the Practical Skills training involve?

Practical Skills training will take place throughout the program. You will actually perform the steps of Health Screening and Fitness Testing, role playing with instructors and students. You will participate in Flexibility and Conditioning workshops, learn choreography, music selection and planning for group exercise classes.

When you learn about exercise selection, alignment, spotting and communication, you will be on a real gym floor learning the difference between various equipment and proper training techniques.

Practical aspects of personal training and group exercise is unique to our program. This training will give you an advantage when seeking employment over graduates from other programs.

Contact ECA World Fitness

ECA World Fitness Alliance
414 East Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561
phone: 516-432-6877
fax: 516-432-7044

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FPO Crew

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