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Had a busy week and didn’t get to check out Fitness Professional Online? No problem, we understand you are busy, so we have broken down the highlights so you don’t miss out on any of our quick changing content!

Monday July 6th: Fitness Industry NewsFitness News

Check out the top news stories across the globe. To dominate an industry, you have to know it inside and out, this is a great way to know all the developments.

Tuesday July 7th: Ask an Expertinquisitive fitness questions

This week we had Shaun Zetlin tell us his favorite questions to help build a deeper relationship with clients. Building trust is one of the hardest things to do as a trainer, so make sure to check out this great advice.


Wednesday July 8th: Marketing WednesdayMarketing

Adapting your marketing plan to the digital age can be tough. This week we addressed three practices that are necessary to maximize your success when using digital marketing.

StaggeredPushup1Thursday July 9th: Throwback Thursday

This week we threw back to a great article from February, 2013 detailing the staggered pushup. This is a fun, effective twist on the traditional pushup; certainly an exercise that should be in every trainers repertoire.

outdoorsFriday July 10th: Fun Fridays

Weekends are times for fun; this Friday we highlighted three great ways to stay fit while having a blast. Make sure to try out one of these fun options.

FPO Crew

FPO Crew

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