Summer weekends are a great time to relax, get outside, and escape from the routine of the week. Still want to get your heart rate up and stay in shape? Try out these three great ways to stay in shape and have fun in the sun this weekend!

1. Kayaking

If you live anywhere near water, whether it be an ocean, lake, or river, grab a kayak and go exploring. Most areas with water have a a rental shop, a few hours is all it should take to get a great workout. Kayaking gives you a strong upper body workout, particularly your upper back muscles, while also keeping your core engaged the entire time for stability. This is a particular great weekend option in hotter places; the water will be refreshing and allow you to work harder and longer despite the heat. So head down to the nearest body of water for some fun weekend fitness.

2. Cycling

Hcyclingop on the bike and go out and explore. There is no better way than to learn your city or area than on a bike, you can move quickly, reach any location, and truly explore without limitations. Live near mountains or wilderness? Even better, hop on a mountain bike and escape from all that concrete and into nature. Whether in the city or out in the woods, biking will work your body hard and provide great cardio. Cycling is a particularly great form of cross-training because of its low impact on the joints and muscles, allowing your body to recover from a week in the gym without regressing. So ditch the car this weekend and grab your bike instead to explore your area.

3. Hiking

hikingHiking is a great way to escape stress in your life by doing the simplest thing, walking. If you live near any hiking trails, escape into nature with with a friend or two, it will be a great chance to get to know each better and talk without any distractions. Don’t live near nature? No problem, just walking around your neighborhood can be nice way to relax and think. Try leaving your phone and any other electronics at home; you spent all week talking to people and responding to emails, this is your time, not theirs. Not only will you give your mind a chance to relax, but walking is one of the most underrated forms of fitness. Simply walking for an hour can work wonders for your heart, keeping it in shape without putting stress on your body. So grab a pair of tennis shoes, and head out for a walk or hike this weekend!

Trying one of these three activities this weekend is a great way to have fun in an active way and get some time outdoors. You work hard all week, so take the time this weekend to relax, recharge, and take care of yourself!

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