4 Ways to Rejuvenate yourself this weekend

As a personal trainer and business owner, you certainly have a lot going on. Between training clients, managing the business, and pursuing opportunities for growth, it can be hard to find a minute to relax. Yet YOU are the most valuable asset in your business, so this weekend it is important to let go of work and give that valuable asset a chance to recharge. Here are four tips, from various experts, on how to get the most out of time off this weekend:

Life coach Lori Deschene, founder of tinybuddha.com, says the first step to unplugging this weekend is ending friday well:

“It’s hard to relax on Saturday if you failed to return four important calls, file important paperwork, or finish a marketing report on Friday. Think about all the work-related things you tend to think about on the weekends, whether it’s your Monday meeting or a weekly report. Then, take care of it as best you can before you leave.”

Margarita Tartakovsky, of PsychCentral, suggests escaping into nature this weekend:

“Head outside and sit on a bench or a blanket and let your mind get quiet while you engage all your senses. Engaging your senses is a powerful way to relax. What do you see, hear and smell?”

Author Michael Hyatt encourages you to connect with friends and family to relax:

“Time with friends and family can melt troubles. The people who bring us joy may not even know the burdens we hold when we sit down to the table or lean against the porch railing—and we just might forget them too. It happens to me all the time. Laughing, telling stories, and even sharing our frustrations can make us feel restored and our problems more manageable.”

Jonathan Alpert, of Inspiyr, says it’s important to prevent the Sunday Blues from ruining your weekend:

“Is it hard for you to enjoy the weekend because you’re dreading the work week that lies ahead? Remember, you’re wasting an entire day of your life every single time you do this. Allow your Sunday to be chill and enriching.”

These four tips can help you relax and recover from a long week at work. While you may be tempted to just keep working this weekend, instead take the chance to take care of yourself. Not only will this improve your quality of life, but its a good business decisions to protect your greatest asset, YOU. 

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