Unlocking the Benefits of Hiking

More and more people are seeking the health benefits of heading outdoors. In 2017, hiking outranked fishing as the most popular type of camping recreation for the first time since the first iteration of the North American Camping Report. From the fresh air and stunning views, it can provide to the great form of cardio you can receive, hiking is suitable for many fitness goals and body types. Deemed a mind and body workout, hiking is an exercise that holds physical as well as mental benefits and can force you to get out of your everyday routine to experience the great big world waiting outside for you.

Indoor Activity! Indoor Fun and Learning!

I have had the opportunity this year to have a fairly large classroom. And I have found that kids like activity in their learning.  Presently, I have various sports equipment that I bought either at the Dollar Tree, Five Below, or on Amazon.  Here is some of the equipment I have used in my classroom.

Get Kids Active with Go Noodle!

My passion is both education and fitness.  As a special and elementary teacher and certified trainer and instructor, I see where so many teachers are overwhelmed to keep their children focused, happy and busy. So in order to keep with the demands of pressure to teach academic concepts, there is a website that allows teachers to motivate, refocus and get the wiggles out that is available at both home and school.  This website is GoNoodle.

4 Ways to Rejuvenate yourself this weekend

As a personal trainer and business owner, you certainly have a lot going on. Between training clients, managing the business, and pursuing opportunities for growth, it can be hard to find a minute to relax. Yet YOU are the most valuable asset in your business, so this weekend it is important to let go of work and give that valuable asset a chance to recharge. Here are four tips, from various experts, on how to get the most out of time off this weekend:

Life coach Lori Deschene, founder of tinybuddha.com, says the first step to unplugging this weekend is ending friday well:

“It’s hard to relax on Saturday if you failed to return four important calls, file important paperwork, or finish a marketing report on Friday. Think about all the work-related things you tend to think about on the weekends, whether it’s your Monday meeting or a weekly report. Then, take care of it as best you can before you leave.”

7 Hilarious Gym Fails You Have to See

It is no secret that going to the gym can be intimidating. All of the different machines and exercise equipment can be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry! Most people are willing to help you out if you ask them! Besides, there is no way you could fail harder than the seven people featured in this article. Read on to find out what not to do at the gym.

Giving a new meaning to “Dog Trainer”

As personal trainers, it can be tough to teach our clients various exercises. The push-up is one of the best foundational movements. In fact, it’s such a great movement that regular FPO contributor Shaun Zetlin wrote not one, but two books on Push-ups.

One thing I didn’t see in Shaun’s books was this:


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