Always have a spotter

It is no secret that going to the gym can be intimidating. All of the different machines and exercise equipment can be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry! Most people are willing to help you out if you ask them! Besides, there is no way you could fail harder than the seven people featured in this article. Read on to find out what not to do at the gym.

1) Don’t ever lift heavy weights without a spotter (resting the bar on your face is generally what we try to avoid). Come on people!

Don't be that guy

2) Don’t be that guy… respect the gym equipment. It should be upright folks!

use the machines correctly

3) On that note, learn how to use the gym equipment correctly (pretty sure this machine was not designed to make your forehead stronger). Again, most people are willing to help you learn!

Wear the correct attire

4) Wear the correct athletic clothing to the gym! Belts? Dress pants? What are you doing?

Weighted Planks

5) Just because your friend says it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it always is…

Don't be that girl

6) Please! Don’t be that girl. Leave makeup and selfies for after the gym.

guy falling off treadmill

7) Above all, stay focused! Distraction can have some major consequences (although those pants are pretty distracting)… LOL

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