Life can be a constant challenge full of daily hurdles. Everyone has their own struggles. No one is immune from stress. While some stresses can actually lead to positive action, stress can be an absolute killer to us physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s very easy to not want to move or exercise when feeling this constant negative tension. However, this is exactly what we must all do to reverse the adverse effects of stress: exercise. And, as fitness professionals, it’s vital to teach and provide proper guidance to our clients to move even when not with us. So, what’s the proper vernacular that the fitness professional should reiterate to their clients about stress and exercise? Moreover, how does the fitness professional inspire their clients to move especially when not in their company?  How does the need become greater than the want?

Here are some helpful exercise tips that will help us all combat the stressful challenge of our daily lives! -Fitness Professional OnlineForemost, let’s be clear that not everyone loves to exercise and it’s incredibly easy to sit on our couches, feel worse about ourselves, feel bad about those stressful problems, and then choose unhealthy foods to consume as a coping mechanism. What’s worse is that in the present moment this might help ease our stresses, but in the long-term, it only makes all of us feel shameful and continues the self-destruction.

Below are some helpful exercise tips that will help us all combat the stressful challenge of our daily lives!

  1. Self-love– This is the fundamental element and the secret to living a beautiful life. No, it won’t rid you of all your stresses, but it’s a healthy reminder to remember before your stresses become out of control and manifest into anxiety or depression. While everyone’s fitness goals are different, it’s vital for the fitness professional to reiterate and encourage to each client their “why” especially on those stressful days. When the fitness professional truly understands their clients’ “why” it will only further help with inspiration, motivation, and compassion. This reminder can be a positive tool to inspire each client to get back on their own fitness journey, by making all of those healthier choices even when times are tough. A client’s “why” is their initial commitment they made to themselves when it comes to their training, so reminding them of it is a powerful motivator. 
  1. Choose Wisely– Life is always about constantly making the correct choice. Every moment of every day, we are all given the power to make choices that impact our lives. Yes, when life is hard and stressful, it can be tempting to make the easier choice. However, the fitness professional knowing and understanding their clientele on such a personal level, have the ability to guide their clients into making the best choices for themselves as it pertains to their fitness and wellness goals, to better manage and address their stresses based upon their personal history and goals. 
  1. Embrace the Happiness– We all feel better after a workout even those who hate to workout. Exercising also promotes the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the brain chemical that creates the sensation of happiness. Remember, if your mind is feeling stress then your body suffers, too. Have your clients remember that euphoric feeling they felt after accomplishing a workout in your sessions together especially after that stressful day. This reminder should serve as a positive tool next time your client lacks the inspiration to exercise. 
  1. Stick to the Plan– As fitness professionals, especially those running their own business, it’s critical to schedule your workouts ahead of time and executes them on days even when your client is incredibly stressed. Planning ahead will most likely help combat some of those excuses of, “I have no time” or “I have too much to do.” After all, as fitness professionals, it’s up to us to inspire our clientele by reminding them that this is their time to do something beneficial for their body. Moreover, for some, their fitness journeys aren’t just about looking better aesthetically; they might have some serious health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes for which they exercise to address. For these clients, it’s incredibly critical for them to obviously show up to your sessions together and remember their “why.” Therefore, maintaining their exercise plan, regardless of the stresses they may be juggling, should be their number-one priority.  
  1. Meditate –As fitness professionals, our job is to help our clients achieve healthier bodies, however, their minds are sometimes as equaling in need of guidance. The mind and body absolutely work as one to achieve the best workout possible. If your mind is in a negative place, then the workout will most likely suffer.

Therefore, recommending meditation as a post-workout tool – either together with the fitness professional or privately –can be a hugely effective way to manage stress. The fitness professional could suggest after every workout, to sit in comfortably on the floor or lie down on a comfortable mat flat on their back to the floor. Next, they will close their eyes and concentrate peacefully on their breath (both inhaling & exhaling) and the workout they just performed. Instruct them encouragingly to visualize how they want their body to look and imagine how good they will feel when they reach their personal fitness goals. By positively meditating on the body they desire or the health they want to achieve, and embracing the credit they deserve for the investment they’ve made towards themselves with the workout they just completed — the more likely their stresses will disappear.

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Shaun Zetlin

Shaun Zetlin

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For over ten years, Shaun has successfully run his own personal training business in the New York City Metro area. Able to relate and adapt to each individual, Shaun prides himself on developing exercise plans and nutritional menus to foster every client's fitness needs. His clientele ranges from the athlete, and senior citizen, to bodybuilder, and dancer. Shaun's specialties include: strength training, power techniques, corrective injury training, and core stability training.

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Shaun's first full-length book, "Push-up Progression Workout for a Stronger Core" is currently available worldwide both in paperback and e-book formats. It was featured as one of three top books in 2013 for healthy living as selected by Dr. John Whyte of The Discovery Channel. His latest book, "Push-up Progression (2nd Edition)" has already achieved great success and notoriety in the world of fitness. It is currently featured in bookstores across the United States and United Kingdom in paperback and available wherever e-books are sold. Shaun has had a multitude of articles, program designs, and tips published within a variety of books, magazines, and on websites in the world of fitness and beyond including: Price World Publishing, Demos Medical Publishing, Livestrong, Rodale Books, OnFitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Brides Magazine, and GO: AirTran Magazine. Additionally, Fitness Professional Online recognizes Shaun as an "expert," answering questions for other fitness and health professionals.

Shaun also has media experience in both television and radio, ranging from fitness modeling, to hosting his own weekly radio fitness show.
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