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Fitness Professional Online Show 020 : Lisa Lorraine Taylor

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Doug Holt: Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Fitness Professional Online Show. I’m your host Doug Holt and I’m happy to be here with you for Episode 20. I have a very exciting guest for you today on the phone. It’s going to be Lisa Taylor. Many of you know Lisa from all of her writings on

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Let’s go ahead and bring Lisa on. I’ll click over here in a second. But for those of you that don’t know Lisa and haven’t had a chance to read her articles on, please go ahead and do that as soon as you get down with this. She’s got some great information out there sharing her 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Lisa is the owner of Taylor Made Fitness in San Diego where she’s been providing quality personal training and nutritional coaching services since 1995, a lot of information for everybody on that. Also, she specializes in workouts of all abilities. She serves her clients in-home and studio, outdoors and now online. We’ll go into that in-depth in our conversation. Lisa has a BS in Holistic Nutrition with an emphasis on nutrition and optimal fitness. She offers her clients wellness that accommodates their lifestyles and their personal goals. So without further ado, let’s jump in on the call with Lisa.

Doug Holt: Hi, Lisa. Thank you so much for joining us.

Lisa Taylor: Thank you for having me.

Doug Holt: I know you’re busy so let’s just right into it. Lisa, for those that don’t know you as well, you pretty put yourself out there in the industry as a professional sharing your knowledge. How did you get started?

Lisa Taylor: Well, it was almost 20 years ago and I was working out at a gym in San Diego and I just happen to have trainer, [inaudible 00:03:53.24] training I want in and I asked for a few months later. I said if that’s your boyfriend and Serena were hunting and she said, “He’s my personal trainer.” Well, what does a personal trainer do? I’ve never heard of it.

And she told me and I was just really surprised that she didn’t have better results and at that time, I’m was in a corporate world and I said, “You know what, I’m going to go to school. I’m going to be a trainer and I’m going there change the world,” and that’s 20 years later, I’m still doing it.

Doug Holt: Such a common story of people that it’s your passion. You turned your passion into a career and somebody like you that’s been doing it for 20 years, you have to see some trends in the industry. Where do you see the fitness industry going in the next few years?

Lisa Taylor: Well, something really big is trainers are getting into group training and not just group exercise but just more of a real big of staff in the gym. Trainers are really starting to go outside and doing group training, getting certified in different modalities and teaching group in a proper form.

So if you have different types of people, different ages, different pre-existing injuries and how to train, say, ten different people who don’t know each other and getting great results based on their personal goals and yet trying to bring them together to work as a team. Because when people like the people they’re working with, they’re more inclined to show up and giving a 100 percent.

Doug Holt: Absolutely.

Lisa Taylor: And I think, a lot of trainers, they’re getting into indefinitely in California because our weather is pretty much always nice. There are trainers outside, I start from 5 in the morning outside and it is dark and we still make it happen with my client. So it’s becoming very big instead of just 1-hour, one client. People are really starting to open up to group training, body training half-an-hour, two or three times a week and they’re really liking the result that they’re getting.

I think either workout videos are showing that too by not just having one fitness professional teach you in class. They have different people behind them, different sizes and shapes to say, if you’re new, all of these person. If you want to take it higher, all of these person and I’m going to stay in the middle and people really like me there.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. I think it’s just kind of the travelling nature of people, we want to be around other people motivating and I think from a workout perspective too. You never want to feel like you’re the only one going through it, right?

Lisa Taylor: Exactly. It’s safety numbers.

Doug Holt: You being in San Diego, me being in Santa Barbara in Southern California, I can already see the emails coming through from the people that are getting hit by the winter storms, already upset at us.

Lisa Taylor: You know what, as soon as I have talked with people that do within the snow and I have to say, I am a native and I never lived anywhere else. So my experience with snow is what I see on TV. I’ve never touched it. I don’t know how cold 30 degrees is. It’s just I guess it’s colder than 60 so I know that. But there are ways to still do clients not necessarily outside but a potential that has somebody that has a bigger garage and you’ll say, “Hey, you know what? Instead of us giving up our sessions, I volunteer my garage and we all meet there.”

Doug Holt: I’ve never heard of that.

Lisa Taylor: I’ve had it when it rains. There’s always someone that volunteers and say, “You know what? I’ll give my garage and we work out. Let’s go ahead the bands and the balls and whatever else and we still make our work.” Once they’re getting the results, they don’t know it’s hot.

Doug Holt: Yeah, absolutely. I own a private training studio in Santa Barbara and it’s never been an issue but we have trainers that are always looking to come in and try do a rent space or things and that on a recently rare occasion that if it ever does rain again, to try to get out of that weather but I’ve never heard of anybody using the garage or kind of a rotating garage and that sounds fantastic.

Lisa Taylor: Yeah, it’s because the people that building that bond as a group, as a team. So if you have 5 or 6 or however many, a lot of people won’t have that space. And they’ll say, “You know what, I will do it.” And it’s like, “Okay, we can still work out. Our trainer is here, we all like each other, we’re bonding, we’re having coffee or whatever afterwards,” and it’s nothing off our common interests if our trainer is trying to kill us.

Doug Holt: Yeah, exactly.

Lisa Taylor: “But we all agree our trainer is trying to kill us but we love the results.” They don’t want to stop because of the weather, that’s not an excuse, not when you’re getting involve, that’s not an excuse.

Doug Holt: No, not at all. That’s perfect, I love that. Being in the industry for 20 years, you obviously had struggles that everybody has in life let alone business, sort of fitness business. Tell us about one of the struggles that you have that actually turned into something positive and to a win for you. I know you’ve had more wins and probably anybody can count. Give us one example of those.

Lisa Taylor: I think, one of the struggles that I have personally because I’ve only been an employee of a gym once and that was for a month and I’ve always been an independent contractor and I always work for myself. But I think the biggest struggle that I’ve had is when you either work for yourself of like community or studio and renting space. I’m in-charge of my own marketing.

How do I brand myself if I don’t have the big corporation name behind me? How do I get the public to know who I am? And that’s always going to be the hardest thing for trainers and fitness professional fear. You can yoga instructor for going outside or doing morning yogas in the park or something. How do you get your name out there to the public? How do you set your prices so that you can be successful in your business but you’re not undercutting a profession on how great you are just because you won’t find.

And I think that comes with one year of practice and following all of that. And that what I didn’t have is finding people who have no problem mentoring and giving me suggestions. And sometimes, there are people that will charge you of course, but as soon as you know, you still have people that are so willing to help and teach you advice.

One of the advice I know Matt, who writes also for the magazine. He has a phenomenal business news. He has weekly newsletter to fitness professionals and he will talk with you, check out your website, give you some suggestions on marketing and he is phenomenal. I truly adore that man.

Doug Holt: And that’s great. That’s a great guy, he has written for Fitness Professional Online many times. Always giving great advice out there. And marketing is one of those things that we hear over-and-over when we’re interviewing top professionals like yourself, often, there are several things that are talked about but marketing always comes up and the importance of marketing whether you do it yourself or you outsource and you hire somebody who specializes in marketing. And I think with Matt or somebody else, it’s so important to get somebody who knows the industry and knows the industry really well. We see he has a common thread and has a recommendation all the time.

Lisa Taylor: That makes such a difference in your business in how it grows because the thing is that, as a trainer, as a group dance instructor, as a Pilates instructor or yoga or mind-body, you know your business but marketing, that’s not your forte. So why don’t you have somebody who specializes because that’s all they do. People come to you because you’re the professional, now you need it. And I myself need to go to that professional to take a look. “I don’t know that. You do. I need help,” that way.

Doug Holt: Well my clients always jokes, “I won’t actually pull my own teeth or I want to do my own teeth or I go see a dentist.” He happens to be a photographer but he sees a professional for everything and kind of “Do what you do best and hire out the rest” philosophy.

Lisa Taylor: Exactly, that’s perfect.

Doug Holt: I love it. We’d like to ask this question because I go through a ton of books. I’m a big audio guy but what book has made the biggest impact on you both professionally and personally. It maybe more than one book but what comes to mind when you think about that?

Lisa Taylor: I think the one that really works with me and hit my spirit was The Secret David Duchovny and David Duchovny years earlier. “I get it.” David Duchovny said, “If he knows all of the information that they’re telling you, why you should be as good as that?” Because it is common state, clean that energy out there. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and praise what you do have and look at everything as a positive because when you think of negative things and “Why isn’t this happening to me and I have bills?”

It’s like, “Okay. That’s why you keep talking about it.” But when you put that by great energy, “I need somebody to help me and my business.” There are going to be enough people come to them and your clients will look for referrals are the bridge for business and I have that top of my head. I had a hard time asking my clients for referrals but you know what if there is, if you start to act from people all over you, they are more than happy to help or give their suggestions at things you don’t even know.

You have to just open your heart, open your mind. Even if you know it, you’ve been doing it for 20, 30 years, “I know the fitness industry.” But if you’re not successful, maybe you shall witness someone else’s perspective, someone else’s point-of-view and get some new energy into your business.

Doug Holt: Absolutely.

Lisa Taylor: That really happens every now and then. In fact, when I found it, I do know I had buried it in a box or something. One day, it just appeared on the floor and I thought, “Well, that’s weird.” I haven’t seen this audio in years, for years and it just somehow appear to my wall obviously. It was time for me to actually listen to and make that vision forward and I have clients who do it every year that comes and do a vision board, all those things you want to accomplish, what are your goals. Not just to say, Doug, [inaudible 00:15:47.04] put pitchers, it’s sensational and believe it, it can happen.

Doug Holt: Absolutely, so much power.

Lisa Taylor: Yeah, and so that’s what I do all the time. Not just saying I want to succeed but I will put that energy out there and it starts coming towards me and if I fail, at least I have grabbed that opportunities.

Doug Holt: Yeah, we follow everything we focus on, right? So if you’re focusing on negative thoughts, negative things going to happen, I can’t remember who said it but “Be the gardener of your mind and pull out the weeds. First find them, don’t deny the weeds are there, we all have them.” It’s not motivation necessarily but find those weeds, dig deep and sometimes gardening is tough. Gardening isn’t always fun but the end result is always beautiful.

Lisa Taylor: Yeah. And I went to a workshop and they asked us, “Tell us what you do, what you have to do every day” and I have to take a picture of something like “I have to go to work. I have to go get there,” I thought of that. Then a woman said, “What if you change that “I have to” to “I get to do it.”
I said “I get to go to work,” my gosh, I get to go to work? Lucky me, yey! I get a paycheck. I get gas. Especially in California, I can get gas in the car. And once you change the mindset of “I don’t have to do it” to “I get to do it” everyday, you’re happier. Not “I have to get up and go to work,” no. “I get to go…” “I get to get up and go to work.”

I get to train some great to train some great people and I get to see results and I get to get a great paycheck that I worked for myself. I mean it’s like, every day my work, I’m not training because I don’t go to work, I got time. I love my client” and I tell them all the time, “I am very blessed to have you and you’re lucky to have me too. Just so you don’t forget that.”

Doug Holt: I first remember hearing something about that by Brian Tracy. Gosh, it’s got to be 15 plus years ago but he had a similar exercise and he walks somebody through. He tells his stories in these anecdotes that are just to me are hilarious. He’s just a great speaker but he has the same idea, changing your mindset from “have to” to “get to” and a world of appreciation is really what it comes down to. And living in that mindset is just so much better for everybody.

Lisa Taylor: It’s a message that you see someone and you say, “Hi, how are you doing?” and they actually tell you, “Okay”. Didn’t know you were going to actually stop and tell me. Well, every time you see them and they tell you something negative and horrible about how their life is horrible and it starts almost sucking you dry, you’re like “You know what? I want to avoid this person. I like them but they just don’t see the sunshine. They don’t see that it’s a beautiful day. They don’t see that they can see,” and you start avoiding that person.

It’s like, “Fake it until you make it.” Even if you’re in a bad mood, don’t pray everybody will hate you. Address why you’re in a bad mood, who brought that feeling on and was it something that someone said or was it something how you perceived what they said? And if it’s not going to change, brush it off. Be like a dog, get some sand over that stuff and. There are something enough I’m going to say but I realized I’m not going to say it.

Doug Holt: I haven’t heard that analogy before but it’s perfect.

Lisa Taylor: Yeah, dogs do it. It’s like in the beach, dogs do their dues and then kick some finicky moment.

Doug Holt: I think it happens especially to younger trainers. When they first start off, you feel like you have to have this specific image and it’s very easy to get caught up in that environment and that environment can foster a lot of expectations and negativity around it and it’s important to realize that for your clients, you need to maintain that positive space for them and for their success.

Lisa Taylor: And for new trainers coming in, it’s always interesting because a lot of them get into it for other reasons versus what we’re still in it for, you know, “I’m going to get money. I have a great body. This is easy.” It’s like, “You know what? Great luck with that,” because each one of your clients might sign-up with you because of how you look on the outside but they stay with you because of what is in the inside.

Doug Holt: Very true.

Lisa Taylor: They don’t want this model-looking trainer when they are not there either because a lot of times, it makes them very self-conscious of how great you look and how bad or how not bad or great they look. And that’s why, most gym, even of the commercial show trainers wearing guys no shirt and girls with booty shorts and everything, I check with gym do not have trainers that dress like that. Most of them wear t-shirts or collar shirts, longer shorts and everybody dress.

It’s not about what you’re wearing. It’s what knowledge that you have and it’s very easy to fall in especially newer trainers to fall into this “I have to have a stunning look to be a trainer. I have to have a certain look to be anything.” It’s like you’d be surprised, half of the most successful people don’t look like what she would have been they do look like.

Doug Holt: I’m just going to add-on to that. My experience being in the industry and I’ve worked in just about every field in the fitness industry at this point and really, the people that you see on camera usually are actors more often than not. And the people that or actually one, are probably making a little bit more money but two are the real professionals.

They are usually on the other side of the camera directing and making everything happen and then they hire an actor or an actress to come in and play that role. It is TV. They do that for every industry, I’m sure. But I’ve been in the fitness industry, I have consulted on several videos and I am definitely better at the guy behind the camera than the guy in front of the camera. I know where my skills apply. I’ll leave that to the pros.

Lisa Taylor: But even if you look that a lot of negative, the competitors will look great from bikinis, [inaudible 00:22:55.05] physic, body-building but very few of them and I can even name one that trains themselves and does their own nutrition. They have to go to someone else. They have somebody dialing in their nutrition and telling them. Not as time goes on, they might not need it. But everyone needs someone that knows more.

So you’re a trainer, you want to compete, you go to somebody who specializes in competition. You know just say, “I want to read this magazine” and it’s like, “No, that’s not where they got the look but they re-do somebody else their bio.” They have to, even Arnold. [Inaudible 00:23:41.22] that’s how the way it works.

Doug Holt: Exactly. Everybody, even top CEO’s that I worked with have coaches. Whether it be a trainer or a success coach or a business coach because we all have our own patterns and not all of our patterns really serve us. But it really takes an outside point-of-view all of the times to look at those patterns and show us the right way of going, kind of call us our own bullcrap.

Lisa Taylor: Yes, it’s so important. In our industry, we try to be so much to so many that what I learned, someone in marketing, [inaudible 00:24:21.03] because there’s a couple of people told me this, “If you don’t know, you know a lot of stuff. Specialize, don’t just be everything for everybody.” Check two or three types that you really have a strong, strong passion for. Those are the people you should look at training.

“Could you try someone for marathon?” “Yeah.” “Do I do marathon?” “No.” But I know I’m not to train somebody to compete in different time but that’s not where my heart is. I’m not into this person who had been training for 2 years and now need something else. I like people who are new to the industry. I like dealing with people who will need me not just a sounding board as far as a personal trainer and not just a nutritionist.

I want to help those who really need me. They might be a little scared and nervous and have been burnt before. I want to show them that fitness, it’s not just on a least thing. Everybody deserved optimal health and fitness, the old thing. “I want to show them that it’s not what you’re receiving. You know this things that you see on TV, you know that they don’t talk to their clients like that. No, the thing has not been like that. We don’t yell in getting our clients face. We always call their names. If you have someone that does, fire them. I’m the trainer who was going to work with you not work at you.”

Doug Holt: Could TV drama doesn’t necessarily make good trainers.

Lisa Taylor: Exactly, but they look good.

Doug Holt: They look good. They look on TV. And I’m not going to call anybody out but you can look at some of their backgrounds and read how they got there and they’re great at what they do. Absolutely great at what they do but I have nothing but good things to say about that.

But as far as our industry goes, it’s a little bit different. He actually get behind the scenes and he’d been in the industry for a while. A lot of people listening to this or in that situation or maybe they’re in a rotten, a lot of times, some trainers don’t train themselves very much. They get tired of doing that and so they seek out another trainer to help them get back on shape, get back on track.

Lisa Taylor: Yes, very much so in Arc Magazine that are professional magazines, that’s what you’re supposed to read. You subscribe online, get it in print highlighting that resonate with you because every article every month like we are having client retention, that’s so important specially October, November, December when the industry slows down because people are on vacation in holidays and Thanksgiving and Halloween and Christmas and they have people coming in and they don’t want to come in. How do you keep them on track without you losing your home or not being able to go home? So you want to make that a win-win situation and that’s the October issue is “client retention”.

Doug Holt: Yeah. Fitness Professional Online absolutely. And you’ve been a great contributor. For everybody listening, I’ll put links to the show notes but everybody should be reading your articles. You have so much wisdom to share and experience.

Lisa Taylor: Well, thank you.

Doug Holt: Nowadays, when you and I probably first started on the industry, those resources weren’t quite as readily available as they are now with the advent of the internet and how accessible everything is and people are. That surprises me that more people don’t take advantage of those resources.

Lisa Taylor: It’s amazing to me. And a lot of people in the industry are struggling with. Like there’s an article, someone has already been there done that, that wrote a great article on that. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s still a circle and it still goes around. You can put winds and spinners and all these stuff but it’s still a circle. So don’t reinvent the wheel just make the wheel personalized for you and that’s part of the branding.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. For someone just starting out in the industry or somebody that’s been in the industry for a little bit, stuck in a rot, maybe he or she is been scared to make a move. He’d rather go out of the gym going on their own or just going their business. But somebody that hasn’t had quite as much success as you’ve had, what advice would you give them. They want to step up their game or they want to really get in to the industry and dig in with the business, what advice would you give them?

Lisa Taylor: I would start off by saying, find someone that can mentor you. Find someone who will sit down with you even for 15 to 20 minutes of their time. And this is what I want to do and I noticed you were doing this, how did you get started? Because everybody has a story and very seldom is “I worked out all my life”. Most people, that’s not how they got to do the industry somehow, they fail in the industry and they loved it so much, they stayed with it.

Find someone, email people. If you see somebody on Facebook, it’s a little bit harder but check out their profile because usually, they have an email address or a website, send it to them. Be sincere. It’s possible that I can pick your brain. Most people in our industry are always willing to help if you’re sincere about it and you’re going to pick the advice because there’s nothing worse than being an hour or emailing back and forth with phone conversations and you’re trying to help someone with their business and they don’t take the advice.

And then a year later, you see that they are still complaining about the same thing a year later. You’ll say, “Well, I gave you some really great tools on how to deal your business. Where you can go…” For instance for me, in San Diego, Continuing Adult Ed Classes.

Doug Holt: Absolutely, political college.

Lisa Taylor: Yeah, you know what you’re doing? You [inaudible 00:30:58.14] quarterly and say, “$59 for class or cooking class or meeting class”. You contact that school and say, “I want to teach a fitness class.” Most of the time, nine times out of nine, they will say okay and you teach the class. That’s how I picked up so many of my clients. They said teaching a class once I liked it. Do you do anything outside of this place?” “Well, yes I do.”

The elementary schools, a lot of the elementary schools like for fitness professionals to come in and teach an after-school programs for the kids. It doesn’t tail a lot of money but you know who noticed it? Your parents. Your grandparents who’ll say, “Would you consider training me and my friends?” “Yes, I would. Please and thank you,” and that’s how you build up who you are in your community.

And writing articles, that’s how I met you guys. I’m interested in writing an article, “Please and thank you. Yes, I am.” And that’s what I do and workshop that I do lectures and watch and learn. Just to get my name out there into the community so that they know, “Well, I am a person that you can come to and I will give you a 100 percent even if you have questions a trail of the trainers.” You’re not yet my client and I’m not going to take yours.

The fitness industry is really small and it’s up to them to know other people even in different states. “I know you. I’ve heard of you.” “You know what? Let’s put together. Let’s brainstorm.” “My gosh, I love brainstorming.” And it’s such a wonderful feel that I am so blessed to still do it and every now and then I get that day where I am not quite sure which is what I am supposed to be doing with my life instead of management in the corporate world.

And I just said, “If I’m not supposed to do this, then get me about my clients.” And then I know we’re back into the corporate where were sitting at sigh and 9 to 5 and if something happens and it turns around it’s like “You know what? It’s not time. I’m not supposed to be done. There’s still so much more than I can do and I welcome all challenges.”

Doug Holt: So much great advice. Anybody that’s listening, I hope you’re writing this down. Of course we’ll have all these information in the show notes. Lisa, we’re running out of time. I want you to come back and I want to do another episode with you.

My goal for bringing back this show is to give back to the fitness community and then doing some to try to keep in about half-an-hour so you and I could talk for the next 4 hours and get information out there. And I want to do it, I want to bring you back and I know I’m going to get a lot of emails from people that have a lot of questions. But in the meantime, if somebody wants to get a hold of you or find out more of what you’re up to, what’s the best way?

Lisa Taylor: The best way is emailing at or you can find me, it’s a little bit harder on my personal Facebook page because if we’re not friends, it goes into this spam message. I’ve transferred that to tell people, always check your spam inbox messages because people you do know that aren’t friends with Facebook, a lot of messages kind of stuck there. Otherwise, my Facebook page is Taylor Made Fitness SD.

Doug Holt: What a great name. I’ll have all those links in the show notes. So you guys listening to this, just go to, you know where to go and you can click on all the links, get a hold of Lisa and get more information. And make sure you click on her bios, you can search all the other articles she has written, just a wealth of information and more to come.

Like I said, thank you so much for taking the time. I know you’re on a quick break and you have a lot going on and you’ve got a dog that’s probably mad at you for being on the phone with me but I appreciate it. I appreciate the time and I love to have you on again and I think there’s so much more we can cover regarding marketing and everything else that you’ve been doing, you’ve mentioned retention and I think that’s one of the thing that a lot of trainers missed.

So love to have you go on again, if you’re up for it?

Lisa Taylor: I would love to but just let me know. Text me and let me know and I will be there.

Doug Holt: Awesome. That sounds great. Have a great Monday and thanks again for being on the show.

Lisa Taylor: Thank you, my friend. You also.

Doug Holt: I want to thank Lisa again for being on the show. As you all probably know, anytime a fitness professional takes time out of their day to be with us. This time, they could be spending with their family, their loved ones or on their business making a little bit more money yet they choose each time to spend with us to get back to the industry that’s giving them so much. So out of that love, I really appreciate it and I understand where they’re coming from.
Please show them some love by going on to their websites, visiting them, reaching out to them, putting a comment on Facebook, they’re checking them. They’re also checking those iTunes reviews, so I really appreciate and appreciate you guys supporting a lot. That’s it for us. Have a great day and we’ll see you again.

Announcer: Thank you for listening to the Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. You can share your thoughts and join the discussion on this episode by going through our website or on Let us know what you’d like to hear on future shows and please feel free to contact us via e-mail or give us a call at (805) 500-6893. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The FPO Crew is made up of a number of skilled, fit, intelligent, and beautiful people who love overall wellness as well as helping people. Everyone in The FPO Crew has a true passion for working with Fitness Professionals all around the world to help grow the industry and thus help more people on a larger scale.
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