The painful truth is most trainers are not financially at the place where they’d like to be. And this makes them unable to see the bigger picture, in fact, it makes most of them needy and in a state of scarcity, which in turn oftentimes means they are selling themselves short.

So, let’s dive right into the content with a 4 step approach that will actually get you to attract the right clients, and charge more for your services.

Let’s dive right into the content with a 4 step approach that will actually get you to attract the right clients, and charge more for your services.


1. Don’t compete with other coaches on price

Here’s the first limiting belief most coaches experience:
In their career, they have achieved x and everybody around them is doing y, this in turn means they should charge a similar amount.

Because if they would charge more, then who in the world would go to them for personal training. Right!?

The truth is, if you’re able to deliver on your promise, sell, and position yourself properly, then your clients don’t care about what you charge. (More on positioning and selling in section 2 and 4).

But let this thought just sink in for a moment.

How would it feel if you only needed half the amount of clients and had to just use a little more effort on every individual client? It would probably make you a better trainer and will also give you a better lifestyle.

Here’s what I suggest. Overdeliver.

And I don’t mean staying 15 minutes longer. I mean going all out. You should be going overboard with the little extra’s you can give your clients. Stick with me on this one.

Here are a couple of ideas:
– Give the client your number, and ask them to send you updates on their progress. (Or if they have questions or if they are feeling weak and need some motivation, or for whatever.)

– You can send them little video or text messages telling them how strong they are. Whatever you can think off. (Just once a week). It takes 20 seconds to record and send, but they will remember it.

– Create a shared google drive file or whatever’s easiest for you. It’s an easy way to keep everything they are getting from you organized. (Before and after pics, training schedules, nutrition, etc…)

– Pay a little extra to print their workout schedule, place the schedule in a map, buy them a bottle of water, whatever you can think off to make them feel special.

– Create a certificate after they’ve gone through a transformation and tell them to keep it in his or her living room so it keeps reminding them of the transformation they went through. (As an added bonus people who visit your clients’ house will definitely ask questions about the certificate.)

Okay, you get the point. You simply want to be the best. (Even better than a celebrity trainer who charges 250+ dollars per session.)

This will get people to actually talk about you.


2. Learn to sell properly (the information described here is important).

I’m going to give you a short answer in 1 sentence:
Get your clients to convince themselves by asking them the right questions at the right moment.

Please, read the last sentence one more time.

Okay, so here’s an example on how I’d implement this.

Invite them to an introductory session (paid or free). Create your own script in the beginning as a guideline. (But only in the beginning because it will become second nature, and nobody likes to be limited by a script).

Here is a sequence of topics I would cover, and when reading these, go over every sentence slowly, and visualize what this would do to one of your clients.

– Start simple. Small talk – building rapport (just 1-3 minutes, not too long).

– Then pre-frame the call (Get them to understand what you are about to discuss with them).

– Now understand their motivation (why are they here, and spend some time at this phase).

– Now understand their current situation and go deep into their pain points (this is not supposed to be the most comfortable part, but it’s necessary to have a committed client).

– Meanwhile make sure you understand them, summarize, don’t sound like a robot, and truly care!

– Now create the dream, and shortly after the hell. (Example. Where would they be if they could achieve x and how will their life look like if they can’t achieve x.) Get them to visualize exactly on how they would feel if they could finally achieve their goal, and how it would look if they’d not be able to achieve this.

– Go deep into why they haven’t been able to achieve this on their own.

If you’ve done this correctly, then this is where the client is truly eager to work with you. And it’s also really easy to see which clients are going to be committed and which clients you’re simply not able to help because they’re not ready.

Finally. Close the gap. (Do this any way you like.)
Here is a simple sequence of 3 questions.
– How committed would you be if you could get to (insert their dream)?
– What would it be worth to you?
– And then simply ask them. What would you like to do about it?
*This is the part where they feel extremely understood, they’ve seen the future and are so eager to start working with you that you can feel it.*

And now you can tell them about how it’s going to work, the price, commitment etc… But make sure to keep your clients in their emotional state.
if the clients are screened beforehand, then this should be no issue at all.

If they are not screened, then simply remember, don’t defend yourself, and whatever question they’ll ask, simply turn it into a commitment.

Client: If I pay this amount of money what kind of results can I expect?
You: It depends. How committed would you say you are in implementing my teachings?


Client: Why do you charge twice as much as the other trainers?
You: Why do you think that I’m able to charge twice as much as the other coaches.

Simply turn their questions into a commitment. (Don’t go overboard with this but you get my point.)
But most of the time they are not even going to ask you these questions because you did your work in the beginning.

If any of this makes you feel uncomfortable. Then the first question to ask is. Are you actually able to get results? Do you feel like you should charge x amount for your service? Because if the answer is Yes! Then it’s your moral obligation to do everything in your power to help them. If not then probably evaluate who you are as a person and personal trainer.


3. Website (Don’t overthink your website, keep it functional)

1. Simply build a website that has a boatload of social proof meaning tons of pictures of you and your clients being happy, joyful, focused etc…
2. Furthermore, it should have a simple contact form, giant testimonial page, and your offering.
3. Start with the end in mind, so basically predetermine what you want the reader to do and then create each and every page with that specific goal in mind but make it fit into your most important goal.


4. Get your social media going (honestly!)

Do your research.
1. Make a list of the big names in your industry.
2. Make a list of social media profiles that have the following you want to have.
3. Find profiles that are on your level.

Now compare every profile. See what works, and implement it into your own profile.
Here’s what you’ll probably notice:
1. Consistency is king (meaning keep posting, and don’t give up).
2. A personal touch (meaning be your most authentic self, while you implement what works but give everything your own touch).
Examples. You showing your day to day life, combined with testimonials.

And lastly. Always put your clients in the spotlight.

If this article resonated with you then feel free to send me a message.

Have a beautiful day.

-Colin Dingelstad


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Colin Dingelstad

Colin Dingelstad

Colin has been studying business and psychology starting at the age of 14. At the age of 19 he started working with executives and CEO’s and focused on business strategies and mindset. He transitioned to working with trainers and coaches and got his first client from 1k to 7.5k in <4 weeks. He is obsessed about giving trainers predictable systems that enable them to genuinely attract as many new clients as they want.
Colin Dingelstad


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