Do you work a regular job from 8-5 or do you have your own business? Do you want to get richer? If you’re a business owner are you waiting for the big business boom? Probably all of us would not mind earning a couple extra thousand dollars and taking a couple extra vacations per year or owning your own jet and yacht.

The truth is: to get rich, you need to be smart and you need to believe in yourself. There are 5 golden rules that can help make you get rich and improve your chances to boost your revenues.

Rule #1: Dream Big

Do you remember when you were a child and you had all these dreams? Or did you have a vision? What happened to your dreams? Did you give them up or build them? Re-assess your dreams, and see if you can bring them to reality. Think about what steps and actions would you need to take to give birth to your dream.

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Rule #2: Persist

Never give up, keep believing in your dreams, believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard for it. Things rarely come easy, and what tends to come easy will go easy. Do you remember when you were a child and you would yell, scream, and persist till you finally got the lollipop you wanted? Do you remember the tantrums you threw? As adults, we may still hold these tantrums but we tend to act differently. Some of us persist less, some give up, some leave it to destiny and faith, and some are risk takers still are willing to fight for what they want. Which one are you? Are you ready to have your dream, build it, protect it, and make sure it grows? Persist on what you believe you want, be prepared for the unexpected jungle ride and remember to trust no one in business.

Rule #3: Grab Opportunities

Remember the Pacman video game where the more Pacman eats, the more you win? Life is exactly the same, eat opportunities and do not let them pass by as they do not come often. Every opportunity is a golden star and can take you closer to your dreams. Expect to see the ‘real’ and the ‘fake’ opportunities that try to come into your life. Eat only the real ones.

Rule #4: Invest

If you have the money invest it by owning your own gym, product, or business. Keeping and saving money is great; however, you need to be able to take a risk and invest it if the investment is right. If you do not have much capital try to find a way to gain more capital by selling fitness items, supplements, or creating your own e-book. If this is still out of the question, try to invest in yourself. Invest in your education, your image, your personality and everything that can make you stand out of the crowd. Try DVD: In light of Change (available on worldwide) a super workout where I share my celebrity secret workouts to make you younger, firmer, slimmer in just 2 weeks, and a true inspiration on connecting your body and mind to make it through this world happier and healthier. Remember, your body is an empire, and when you are connected to you, you can achieve miracles. Investing in yourself and your body will help better prepare you to attract more opportunities and be ready for the next opportunities that come.

Rule #5: You Are Rich

Do you believe you are rich? Do you really believe you are? Or do you just desire to be rich? To be rich you need to accept and admit that unlimited abundance, wealth, and prosperity are normal to have and it is your right. Therefore, truly open your heart to believing, accepting, and knowing you are rich and the wealth will come. You can start by envisioning how your life will be when you are richer. Will you have a Ferrari? Lamborghini? Will you live in Beverly hills? Monaco? NYC? How will the new richer you be living? How will you dress?

Now that you know the 5 golden rules to get rich, try to implement them and persist until the change happens. The change will happen as long as you believe. I will be waiting to see you on the other side.

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Julie Rammal

Julie Rammal

Holistic Personal Trainer at J Sport
She began her fitness career in Virginia when she was 16 and won Title: Miss Virginia swimsuit in 1997. She later started her holistic career in 2003 in California, USA.

She has trained numerous celebrities, and VIP worldwide and is known for her holistic approach to understanding and assisting the body and mind to reach its goals in just 3.

She graduated from George Washington University, San Diego State University, and from Natural Healing University in the USA, and received numerous awards and certifications from various organizations. She has studied with some of the most successful healers such as Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center of Neuro acoustic research in California and Joseph Pilates direct students.

Julie has lived in over 40 countries worldwide, and honors our ancestral knowledge and practices, and particularly honors Native American approaches to healing. She believes,“Our medicine is in our earth, and our healing begins when we are in tune with the earth.”

She has assisted in the healing of cancer patients and has helped clients who suffered from stress, migraines, allergies, hearing loss, muscle pains, sinus problems, and digestive.

She follows the philosophy, “Live the way we are to live, do not doubt, trust, and all will come into your favor.”
Julie Rammal

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