Holistic Fitness is your new anti-aging workout kit to survive the new technological wave and future. The workout was specially designed by International Celebrity trainer Julie Rammal, to strengthen and stretch your body naturally/holistically. The methodology was used by celebrities, the royal family, and VIP & prestigious families worldwide. The workout was kept secret for years and is extremely popular because it gave results in just as little as 3 training sessions with over 15 major benefits including its anti-aging, slimming and firming effects.  It offers therapeutic benefits such as removing physical blockages, opens chakras, meridian points, improves blood circulation and your chi (life force energy), your body and mind awareness. How cool is that?

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You might be wondering, what is holistic fitness? The holistic program is a magical workout that contains the finest ingredients of ancient and modern fitness practices, and alternative and complementary medicine and is truly the future of the movement. It combines the best of Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Primal Movements, Martial Arts, Dance, Stretching, and focuses on being Connected to nature.

In this century most of us have lost complete connection to ourselves and continue to disconnect more with artificial surroundings, toxic food, poor posture, stress, technology and more. All of this ages us. It seems as if humans have lost their own natural ability to know what is good or wrong for themselves. We see this in fitness, where the true essence of movement has been lost in many new fitness practices, new gym equipment, specific classes etc…As a result, we may think we are exercising correctly, however, the truth is true fitness is simple, organic, and healthy in nature.

Holistic fitness will give you a chance to deepen your knowledge of your own body and move correctly as it was designed to do. By moving correctly, our body will move with ease and be in harmony with nature and get phenomenal results quickly. It honors the body and its natural movements and the classes and sessions are designed to give you a full-body workout, working your entire body as one rather than individual muscles. Each exercise sequence is designed to include: strength, stretch, detox, and opens up meridian lines/chakras.

JSport’s holistic fitness workout includes the following benefits:

  1. Re-connects and empowers you
  2. The exercise system offers therapeutic health benefits and fitness exercises that were founded on the basic building blocks of what our body was designed to do.  Your muscle memory quickly recognizes this movement and exercises and this is why results are seen in as little as 3 sessions.
  3. It Lengthens your muscles and strengthens them naturally (leaving the body proportional)
  4. Tones your body naturally (removing sagging skin, decreasing cellulite, and creates a beautiful tone corpes for men and women).
  5. Improves your range of motion, and makes you move with EASE
  6. Improves cardio, strength, and blood circulation
  7. Holistic Fitness is anti-aging
  8. Improves your respiration, energy, vitality.
  9. Improves your flexibility
  10. Weight Reduction
  11. Protection from injury
  12. Improves athletic performance
  13. Unified body, mind, and soul
  14. Opens your meridian lines, chakras, and detoxes
  15. It is an All in 1 class (with the variety of yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, stretching and more you workout intelligently and more effectively)

Holistic fitness is anti-aging and has a miraculous formula of strengthening and stretching your muscles. In our lifetime people either do and live with one of the two: tension or relaxing. Our muscles stiffen up because: of the way we exercise, accumulated muscular tension, and injury. Holistic Fitness understands and trains the body the way it was designed to move. As a result, we can then work out freely, pain-free, and have a healthier range of motion and healthier movement, joints, and health. Holistic fitness trains you from the inside to get the outside look that is healthier, pain-free, and natural.

As we age, our muscles do not need to change significantly. Unfortunately, injuries and stress in our lifetime leave heavy imprints on our delicate body. As a result, when we get older, our movement changes, coordination, flexibility, muscular tension, and posture. The truth is you do not need to age, and holistic fitness can make you younger.

In aging we see a mix of muscle fatigue (soreness), and joint compression which leads to stiffness and chronic pain. Holistic fitness helps removes accumulated muscular tension which prevents your joints from degenerating, improves your movement and balance, and makes you feel younger and more.

Now, here is your “Get Younger workout holistic workout”  https://www.facebook.com/Jsportofficial/

Julie Rammal

Julie Rammal

Holistic Personal Trainer at J Sport
She began her fitness career in Virginia when she was 16 and won Title: Miss Virginia swimsuit in 1997. She later started her holistic career in 2003 in California, USA.

She has trained numerous celebrities, and VIP worldwide and is known for her holistic approach to understanding and assisting the body and mind to reach its goals in just 3.

She graduated from George Washington University, San Diego State University, and from Natural Healing University in the USA, and received numerous awards and certifications from various organizations. She has studied with some of the most successful healers such as Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the Center of Neuro acoustic research in California and Joseph Pilates direct students.

Julie has lived in over 40 countries worldwide, and honors our ancestral knowledge and practices, and particularly honors Native American approaches to healing. She believes,“Our medicine is in our earth, and our healing begins when we are in tune with the earth.”

She has assisted in the healing of cancer patients and has helped clients who suffered from stress, migraines, allergies, hearing loss, muscle pains, sinus problems, and digestive.

She follows the philosophy, “Live the way we are to live, do not doubt, trust, and all will come into your favor.”
Julie Rammal

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