Every personal trainer worth their salt knows that fad diets and exercise programs don’t work.

Every personal trainer worth their salt knows that fad diets and exercise programs don’t work. According to a Business Insider report by Chris Weller, this is primarily because in most cases, the science behind these so-called revolutionary fitness hacks have been either blown way out of proportion or optimized to make a certain eating plan or workout appear more effective than they actually are. Unfortunately, these quick fixes are what sell and some personal trainers have started using them to build a solid client base more quickly. But is sacrificing your integrity for the sake of getting more clients really a good idea? Well, the short answer is no—and here’s why:

It’s all about the results

Again, pretty much all types of get-ripped-fast programs are totally ineffective. So, while they can definitely help you get new clients faster, they cannot help you retain them. After all, if your clients don’t see any results, then it’s only a matter of time before they either get demotivated or decide that you have no idea what you are doing. Either way, they’ll most likely quit. In contrast, while a healthy diet and a sensible workout program based on sound scientific principles may seem boring, they do work, allowing you not only to keep your client’s long-term but actually make a difference in their lives.

Existing clients talk to potential clients

Of course, what your existing clients say about you depends on how well you do as a personal trainer. The question is: would you be willing to ruin your reputation by using attractive diets and programs that don’t work for the sake of getting more clients? Or would you rather work hard at acquiring new clients in the beginning and do an impossibly good job training them that they end up turning into evangelists for you and your services? Keep in mind that word of mouth marketing is extremely powerful. Having it in your arsenal should definitely give you an edge over the competition.

Stick with what works

Maintaining your integrity by sticking to what actually works no matter how challenging it makes attracting new clients early on will pay off way more in the long run. In contrast, duping clients with attractive but ineffective fad diets and workouts may work in the beginning but are bound to cause serious problems later on. At the end of the day, quick fixes are, ironically, not only ineffective when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals, but also in helping personal trainers build and maintain a solid client base.

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