High Density 6×36 Foam Roller Product Review

Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, has been around for a longtime. It’s a love / hate relationship and if you’re like me, you love the look on a cocky client’s face when they first experience what it’s like to find their IT band (ok, maybe I’m a bit twisted).

Our personal training team was sent a High Density 6×36 Foam Roller via Amazon for review. Although this foam roller came with a manual, there wasn’t much difference from other “black” foam rollers we’ve used in the past other than it’s unique additional tread, which of our strength coaches really liked as it helped provide slightly more traction.  

The bonus guide, and videos on the company’s website, is also attractive to those that haven’t had a lot of experience with foam rolling. This could be a great addition to send to clients.

Review of NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands

There are a few exercises that most fit pros agree that all clients should perform and lateral band walks tend to be one of them.

We were sent a set of the NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands to test in our training facility in Santa Barbara, CA. We go through over a dozen bands each week that break from heavy use and after three weeks, the NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Bands are still going strong.

It should be noted that these bands come in various resistance levels, so we didn’t double them up as we did with other brands (one around the ankles and one around the knees) and the NeeBooFit bands are larger, which means they have more room to “play” before stretching unlike other bands from Perform Better or Power Systems.

Free Marketing Course for Fitness Professionals!

As a Fitness Professional, you are always looking for more ways to help people, more ways to add value to your clients, and more ways to grow your business. You search for resources online but you come up with either a premium marketing course for triple your monthly salary or free resources from people who know nothing of the fitness industry.

What if we knew of the perfect resource that combines the knowledge and expertise of a marketing firm mixed with the experience and insight into the fitness world? As Fitness Professionals, we understand this dilemma and have been on the search for something to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Fitness Marketing Alliance is the perfect marriage of the 2 necessary industries when it comes to prospering in the fitness world.

BodyEvolver – Easy Body Comps for Fit Pros

If you’re new to the fitness industry, or if you’re a season vet, you know you should be doing assessments on all your clients. What you track gets attention and without tracking, there’s no way to tell if you, or your clients, are making progress.

This can be a tedious task at times and require a lot of calculations. If you’re like me, you’ve got an excel spreadsheet on your gym’s main desktop, charts in each client folder, and a series of formulas depending on the client’s goals. It’s a pain in the rear to say the least and it takes a lot of time to track the progress over time in any meaningful way – especially a way that’s visually appealing.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

Looking to invest in a WaterRower Natural for personal home use? Or just investigating the workings of a water rower machine as opposed to a traditional flywheel and baffle operated erg? Or perhaps you have a career in professional fitness and are looking to invest in a WaterRower Natural for your clients to use? Then hopefully this review of the WaterRower Natural with S4 Monitor will be of some sort of assistance, whether you agree with this given product assessment or not.

In terms of pricing, one of WaterRower’s “Natural” editions complete with an S4 monitor will run you about $895.00; however, you can also opt to buy the WaterRower Natural complete with their S4 monitor, and that will run you about $1,095.00. Another option if you’re not looking to invest around a grand and purchase a WaterRower Natural for good is that WaterRower also allows you the option to rent their machines for about $10.00 a week.

Core Stix Stands Out

Sometimes serendipity turns a mundane moment into a milestone. Just ask Mike Kadar, strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was digging fence post holes with his father on the family farm when perspiration lead to inspiration.

“I had to take a long metal bar that weighed roughly 30-35 pounds, drive it into the ground, and rotate it until the hole was big enough to place a post,” remembers Kadar. “It was then that the idea came to me. Why not fix the rod to the ground and have it flex in any direction?”
Flash forward twelve years, and from those humble beginnings comes Core Stix, an innovative training tool that truly stands apart.

“It trains your core in an upright position. Even when you’re working on isolated muscle groups, the core is constantly engaged through the low-impact exercises that are also easy on the joints,” explains Kadar. “I train professional hockey players that have an 82-game season. Core Stix gives them a demanding full-body workout with less stress on the body.”

Dark Side of Fat Loss

One of the first things you’ll notice in Sean Croxton’s book, The Dark Side of Fat Loss, is Sean’s writing style. Sean starts off the book talking about how we’d like you to forget everything you’ve ever thought about when it comes to exercise and nutrition here keep this several times.

Once the reader agrees Sean then delves into several very deep, and sometimes controversial, subjects.

Sean bares his soul and tells the reader about his past as not only a college educated professional, but his own struggles with depression and nutrition. He shares what he’s learned from three years of research and study and interviewing some the top professionals around the world. Sean goes on to state that he has a master’s degree from Amazon.com.


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