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Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, has been around for a longtime. It’s a love / hate relationship and if you’re like me, you love the look on a cocky client’s face when they first experience what it’s like to find their IT band (ok, maybe I’m a bit twisted).

Our personal training team was sent a High Density 6×36 Foam Roller via Amazon for review. Although this foam roller came with a manual, there wasn’t much difference from other “black” foam rollers we’ve used in the past other than it’s unique additional tread, which of our strength coaches really liked as it helped provide slightly more traction.  Foam Roller on Amazon

The bonus guide, and videos on the company’s website, is also attractive to those that haven’t had a lot of experience with foam rolling. This could be a great addition to send to clients.

Here are some of the advertised highlights:

  • Molded EPE foam roller has a 1.9 lbs. per cubic foot density
  • Great for targeting specific muscles for self-myofascial release to ease aching muscles
  • Great for balance, flexibility, and strengthening exercises
  • Will not lose its shape after moderate to heavy use and easy to clean
  • Made in the U.S.A. Black Foam Roller

Also, since this company fulfills on Amazon, as a Prime member, you can send your clients (or yourself) a foam roller quickly and easily. I suggest sending them out as gifts – they aren’t expensive, they make an impression, and your clients will think about you each time they roll.

If you do decide this is for you, please use our affiliate link to help support this site and allowing us to continue to provide unbiased reviews.

EPE Black High Density Foam Roller, Round, 1.9 lbs per cubic foot

Doug Holt

Doug Holt

Doug Holt is the “Trainer of the Trainers” who focuses his time on developing cutting edge programs and techniques in the fitness industry. Doug’s vast experience, combined with a passion for helping people, has led him to work in just about every aspect of the fitness industry.
Doug Holt is the managing owner of the Conditioning Specialists in Santa Barbara, running the day to day business operations as well as providing fitness services to clientele. Doug is able to draw upon his experience as the former Assistant Director for the International Sports Sciences Association’s Education Department, Director of Information Services for the National Board of Fitness Examiners, and his years in the exercise equipment industry to give clients a well rounded offering of services. Doug Holt is also the publisher of Santa Barbara Fitness Magazine.
Doug is currently working on developing certification courses for health and fitness professionals. He is a regular contributor to many publications and has been featured as an expert in the field of fitness.
Mr. Holt has over 18 different degrees and certifications in the health and fitness field. Click here to read more about Doug's fitness background.
Doug Holt


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