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As a Fitness Professional, you are always looking for more ways to help people, more ways to add value to your clients, and more ways to grow your business. You search for resources online but you come up with either a premium marketing course for triple your monthly salary or free resources from people who know nothing of the fitness industry.

What if we knew of the perfect resource that combines the knowledge and expertise of a marketing firm mixed with the experience and insight into the fitness world? As Fitness Professionals, we understand this dilemma and have been on the search for something to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Fitness Marketing Alliance is the perfect marriage of the 2 necessary industries when it comes to prospering in the fitness world.

Fitness Marketing Alliance offers a FREE 7 day marketing course specifically created for Fitness Professionals. From the bare basics of knowing your audience to understanding your strengths and learning the ‘secret sauce’, they walk you through the things you need to know for growth and success.

At Fitness Professional Online, we want to provide you with the best resources in the industry that don’t empty out your wallet. We believe in helping each other succeed, and giving a voice to those who have quality expertise to share. So do yourself a favor and check out the marketing course for Fitness Professionals by Fitness Professionals.

Below are a few screenshots of the emails you will receive when you choose to take the course. After taking the course, let us know in the comments below or in an email to what you think and how it helped so we can give feedback to fellow FPO readers!

Darcy Curry

Darcy Curry

Queen of Operations at Fitness Professional Online
Darcy is the 'Queen of Operations'. Not only does she make sure everyone stays in line, but she has acquired the skills and knowledge it takes to help run a multitude of businesses. As a UCSB graduate with a major in Communication and emphasis in Sport Management, she has used her knowledge and experience to effectively manage teams of people, constantly think innovatively, and become an expert in managing websites.
With a father who taught her the importance of making health and fitness a priority, Darcy quickly fell in love with fitness as a part of her daily routine. Through runs with her dad, and exploring the trails of Yosemite, Darcy learned to appreciate the beauty and relaxation of the outdoors. After moving from Fresno, CA to Santa Barbara, she knew this was the place she belonged and has called it home.
Although health and fitness is a close second, Darcy's true passion has always been finding ways to motivate, encourage, and inspire others to reach their potential and know they have someone rooting for them . This combination of a love for fitness/health and the wellness of others has lead Darcy to where she is today and couldn't be happier!
Darcy Curry

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