American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA)

American Sports & Fitness Association®    Our motto says it all:  “ASFA® – The Online Resource for Fitness Professionals.” ASFA® specializes and tailors certifications to those who already work in the fitness industry and have an extensive pre-existing knowledge in the area. ASFA® helps you specialize your continuing education and…

How To Properly Build Your Brand

Over time, branding has evolved to have a variety of meanings. But when trying to think about creating YOUR brand, a great place to start is looking at why Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, Apple, and even Disney stand out from the rest. What makes a consumer or client lean towards one product or service more than another? The answer is marketing, but more specifically, it is the power of branding. It is the idea of both tangible and intangible characteristics that make the brand unique. It is developing an image, even a promise, with successful results.

Every company needs a brand or even a persona of its own, but it is important for YOU, the entrepreneur, to build and define that brand yourself before it gets defined for you. You get to choose how you portray your company/business – so it would be smart to take some dedicated time to really cultivate what you want.

Instagram Business Crash Course

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for both individuals and businesses. It’s the perfect community to build a presence with support and credibility. You may think you know the in’s and out’s of Instagram but there are more tips and tricks than you think that will earn you more followers and activity, which is essential for your business to grow.

Typically we only release these ‘courses’ to those who are in our mastermind groups, however, it added so much value to one of our mastermind groups that we knew we had to give all the Fit Pros on FPO an opportunity to learn from it as well. We received really positive feedback from those who were on the call that we really encourage you to grab a notebook, grab a pen, sit down with a ready-to-learn spirit and press play!

Top Fitness Leaders of 2016

We asked – you voted. A new year is upon us and there are some big shifts happening in the fitness industry. We want to know who YOU consider a leader in the fitness industry, paving the way. We received a number of incredible names in the industry and…

Free Marketing Course for Fitness Professionals!

As a Fitness Professional, you are always looking for more ways to help people, more ways to add value to your clients, and more ways to grow your business. You search for resources online but you come up with either a premium marketing course for triple your monthly salary or free resources from people who know nothing of the fitness industry.

What if we knew of the perfect resource that combines the knowledge and expertise of a marketing firm mixed with the experience and insight into the fitness world? As Fitness Professionals, we understand this dilemma and have been on the search for something to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Fitness Marketing Alliance is the perfect marriage of the 2 necessary industries when it comes to prospering in the fitness world.

3 Tips to Storing Your Fitness Equipment

If you run a fitness business or have your own private gym in your home, then you know how much space and hassle fitness equipment can cause. Although the preferred use of this equipment would be for you or your clients to break some serious sweat with it, it is important to be realistic. You need to recognize what fitness toys you are not using but are just taking up too much space. Parting with your equipment is probably a little daunting and too permanent, so why not settle for moving some of your unused fitness tools into storage? Here are 3 tips on determining whether or not you should move your equipment into storage.


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