If you run a fitness business or have your own private gym in your home, then you know how much space and hassle fitness equipment can cause. Although the preferred use of this equipment would be for you or your clients to break some serious sweat with it, it is important to be realistic. You need to recognize what fitness toys you are not using but are just taking up too much space. Parting with your equipment is probably a little daunting and too permanent, so why not settle for moving some of your unused fitness tools into storage? Here are 3 tips on determining whether or not you should move your equipment into storage.

If you or a client have not used it in 3 months, put it in storage. If you haven’t used a piece of equipment for a few months, chances are you aren’t going to use it anytime soon. However, since new clients are consistently coming into your studio, it is best to not get completely rid of any equipment immediately

If an important piece of equipment in your studio, like your treadmill or rowing machine, is broken think realistically about whether you are actually going to get it fixed anytime soon. If you know you most likely won’t get it fixed within the next month, then place it in storage until you have the time, money, or resources to make it happen.


Are you or your clients tripping? If you have so much stuff that it is overflowing and you catch either yourself or your clients tripping on it then it is probably a good idea to move some stuff into storage. Not only is an overflow of equipment a hassle, but it is not aesthetically pleasing to have a cluttered studio.

Getting rid of fitness equipment is always a dreadful task for any fitness professional. This is why I suggest renting out an affordable storage unit, my personal favorite is American Self Storage. Placing your fitness equipment in storage not only allows you to declutter and organize your space but delays the process of throwing away any equipment you may want later.

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