Lori Kennedy

Fitness Professional Online Radio Show 013: Interview with Lori Kennedy

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Doug Holt: Hey everyone and welcome to our next episode of Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. Lock on one here at Fitness Professional Online behind the scenes. Just got off a great call with our team and Vito LaFata. If you don’t know Vito, definitely go ahead and Google him. You’ll be hearing a little bit more from us about Vito and some of the things that we got going on with him. We’re also re-doing our website. Got some dynamic back in work being done by our web development team. Quick shout out to Umad who’s working on that and heading that project along with Darcy, our Queen of Operations here and everybody else on the team.

A couple of quick updates, the things that are going on: Make sure if you’re getting your CEC’s and your CEU’s, this is the time of the year where everybody is rushing to get those in. Go ahead and go to the FitnessProfessionalOnline.com website, see a list of providers on there. We’re doing everything we can to update that. We don’t charge to be listed on that site so it is unbiased listing. We really want to give you the fitness professional as many options as possible to see what’s out there that we can get the best education and you’re not rushing last minute just to get CEC’s just because you need them or CEU’s depending on the agency that you’re working with. But those will be available on there for you. And again, our new website should be launching December 1st. So depending on when you’re listening to this. Whether you’re watching this on YouTube or listening to this on our radio show itself. Go ahead and check that out.

And today, we got a great talk for you. It’s Lori Kennedy. For those of you that don’t know Lori, she’s got 10 years experience in the fitness and nutrition world. Lori is responsible for the sales, marketing and promotions for Wow Weight Loss, Inc. Lori started her career as a personal trainer like people have while attending Concordia University in Montreal, she quickly established herself as an expert personal trainer and fitness program developer. Lori was one of 16 members responsible for the build out, start-up of The Pavilion which is a 20,000 sq. ft. fitness complex.

Although she was successful in her fitness management career, her passion was with food and nutrition. So Lori returned to school, stayed holistic nutrition and while managing Nutrition Department for all three locations of the Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada, fellow nutritionists and personal trainers sought out Lori’s successful weight loss programs and her advice on sales and marketing their own business.

While at Lori’s professional career at holistic nutrition grows is true to her passion. This has led her to mentor over 215 nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers within Canada to create weight loss programs that improve client complacency; increase sales and better market their business. You can find Lori and her company at WowWeightLossProfessionalOnline.ca. And we’ll go ahead and make sure we put a link in our show notes for you. Also make sure you can get the transcripts when you hear this call, we’ll bring Lori in. She’s dynamic and got a lot of business background and acumen, so really expecting a great call. So without further adieu, let’s go ahead and bring Lori on to the call.

Doug Holt: Hi, Lori. Thank you so much for joining us today. I really appreciate it.

Lori Kennedy: My pleasure, thanks.

Doug Holt: So we just read your bio to everybody and you’ve done so much in the industry and you’ve been in the industry for over 10 years. Tell us a little bit about for people that don’t know you, how did you got in to the fitness industry?

Lori Kennedy: So I got into the fitness industry frankly because I needed a job, I was going abroad and wanted to be able to work wherever I could to do the travelling. So I started off as a personal trainer. I’ve always been into exercise, those of a competitive dancer and a competitive gymnast and a competitive gymnast my whole life. So it was just sort of the next progression. And so which is my personal training certification and my career I guess just evolved from there.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. It sounds like a fairly typical story that a lot of us get into. Like so many people as seems we interview, you took it to a whole another level. What do you think inspired you to take it to the next step and not just be somebody in the fitness industry so to speak?

Lori Kennedy: Well as I was training clients, they all were complaining that they weren’t getting a result and that I think I’m the best trainer in the entire world as nutritionist do. I realized that there’s more to it than seeing a client twice a week or three times a week for 30 or 60 minutes that a lot of it has to do with their mindset, the emotional response to eating. Once they were actually eating, their relationship to food. And also just their day-to-day health—their stress level and sleep.

And at the same time, I was also suffering from severe stomach issues. Now after seeing many doctors and having many medical tests, I was told it was fine and I didn’t feel fine. So my own poor health coupled with not getting results from my clients really let me down the path of nutrition and opening those doors for myself—going back to school, becoming a nutritionist and implementing both fields of practice in under one but business.

Doug Holt: Okay. Now, you’re in Canada, correct?

Lori Kennedy: Yeah. I’m in Toronto.

Doug Holt: So you’re in Toronto and a lot of our listeners, we have listening all over the world. In fact we got an email from somebody in the Philippines just yesterday. So they’re all over the place listening to this. The laws of nutrition as so to speak are different everywhere, right?

Lori Kennedy: Yes.

Doug Holt: Okay. And if somebody that’s interested in going into nutrition is there a certain path you recommend them looking into right away?

Lori Kennedy: Well, I will say that there are plenty of phenomenal nutrition coaches that have no degree or certification. They’re all self-taught. So I think first of all if you have a passion in something, just start learning about it. That would be my first suggestion.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: If you want to take it one step higher, there’s multiple certifications that you can thought would allow you within a certain scope to be able to give nutrition advice to clients. I went to a school called the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I received the diploma. If you would want to take it one step further, you can go into a dietist program at the university. Usually, it’s a 4-year very intensive degree and then you have to do an internship. So it just depends on your time commitment, how much money you have to invest in your education frankly.

But like I said before, if you have a passion for it, there are many certifications, many great certifications you can take that would enable you to give nutrition advice within a certain degree or scope of practice. And you can get started almost immediately but letters after your name in this day and age does not really mean anything anymore. I’m not wanting to re-write and research articles. It’s more about your passion, your level of knowledge your ability to relate to your clients that really matter.

Doug Holt: Okay. That’s great advice. And obviously check the local regulations and law in your area to make sure that the advice you give is appropriate.

Lori Kennedy: Yes.

Doug Holt: And always a huge thing that we always talk about.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah. I was going to say that. The regulations are different in every province, in every state. It would be best to check where you live to see how you can practice within your scope.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. And everybody listening should be doing that and it’s ever changing as we both know.

Lori Kennedy: Yes, it is.

Doug Holt: It is right in your bio earlier and everybody heard that you’ve mentored over 250 nutritionist, dieticians, and personal trainers. What services do you offer exactly? And people are looking for you, how are you helping them?

Lori Kennedy: So when I started my company back in 2006, 2007, I just finished school and the downside is to becoming a service-provider, a nutritionist, a personal trainer whether yoga professional or whatever the case maybe is. The business skills, the start-up skills, the implementation, the practical tips are not really taught in the school even in the university courses, they are not taught. So unfortunately, I don’t have a really great job and the fitness facility that has four clubs and that over so in the Nutrition Department, so I learned very quickly, I had to, how to sell nutrition in big packages, how to sell personal training in big packages and I just transferred that over to my own program. So that is essentially what I teach.

Dieticians and nutritionist and other wellness professionals either coming freed out of the school or you have already a pre-existing private practice where they’re not achieving that financial and personal goals that they would want to achieve. So in terms of how to setup their website, how to create sales processes and sales funnels and renewals and marketing campaigns to actually benefit you, so all of this sort of entrepreneurial business skills that wellness practitioners lack, that they need in order to really be successful in this highly competitive field. So that’s essentially the coaching and mentoring that I do.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. So you kind of give them a business to run through right away.

Lori Kennedy: Correct.

Doug Holt: And on Fitness Professional Online in our website, in the forms most common questions we get are all about business.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah.

Doug Holt: “How do I start a business? How do I market it? And how do I go from there?” Now are the typical clients that you’re working with, are they’re newer to the field or these people at all different levels?

Lori Kennedy: All different levels. I actually just ran a survey for my list to be able to better identify who am I actually helping and who I’m speaking with and the 50 percent was coming in and out of school within 1 to 3 years and then the remaining 50 percent had been the industry between 5 to 7 years, so it varies. I think the skills that I reached and the practical applications that I teach are beneficial regardless of how long he’s been in the field or whether you’re just coming out of school. Like I said before, these things that aren’t taught in the certifications, in the programs, in the university degrees the entrepreneurial spirit that you need to have—the mindset that you need to have in order to really succeed in your goals.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. And how did you come about as far as you getting to this end of the business?
Lori Kennedy: So when I started with the newest program, I had nutritionist friend saying, “How are you doing this? How are you selling $5000 a month of nutrition? How do you that because I sell a client at a $120 and I don’t know how to do that?” So I had a lot of friends who were essentially failing in their goals asked me to buy my stuff.
Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: And then ask me to help them. So it’s sort of a business by chance that I stumbled upon and it just quickly grew from there. [10:47] board of my association called CAHN-Pro which is specific to holistic nutritionist. So I have a great stuff from there that I need, book and teach and interesting, professionals grow their business. So I really have created a proven model that I know that works but I like everyone else, I had learn and I had to grow. So I invest in business coaching and I invested in the mastermind group and I invested in working with other professionals who are or where I aspire to be. I definitely or not be where am I today if I didn’t have mentors and coaches helping me out. So it’s just how I help other people out.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. And for everybody listening, that listens to the show regularly. I am a huge proponent in both mentorships and mastermind groups. They’ve done so tremendous specs for anybody that’s involved in them.

Lori Kennedy: Yes.

Doug Holt: They’ve helped me out tremendously and we run several of them as well and I just can’t say enough. Wherever you are or your area, seek a mentor and a mastermind group out and they can be both in the same, sometimes.

Lori Kennedy: I definitely agree with you.

Doug Holt: And so myself. What books are you reading right now? Is there anything that’s on your kind of reading list that’s sitting by your dresser or anything right now that you’re reading that fitness professionals might be interested in or interested more in the business or self-improvement aspects?

Lori Kennedy: Pretty much anything by Dan Kennedy and I’m sure you bought it. So right now, I’m into the NO B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

Doug Holt: Yeah, great.

Lori Kennedy: Which definitely, it just helped to remind you about your falls and being an entrepreneur is very lonely. Oftentimes, it’s nice to always hear story of success but importantly for me, it’s the splice of failure that really drive me forward because you’ll not kind of get into this business and succeed a 100% in everything that you do. It’s just, you’re going to fail.

Doug Holt: Absolutely.

Lori Kennedy: So prepare to be quick, you stop, or do you look at that as “Okay, this is the test. This is what went wrong. Let’s do it better next time,” so I get a lot from that. Anything by Dan Kennedy, I read of nutrition stuff obviously.

Doug Holt: Sure.

Lori Kennedy: Being in that. And I read Early to Rise which is a newsletter that I get every day that every single person who wants to have a career online should subscribe to it. It’s called Early to Rise, you can just Google it.

Doug Holt: Yeah, never heard of that one. That’s great.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah. It’s actually Craig Ballantyne who has put together. So I don’t know if you know him but he’s anything it’s about to new adventure.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. It’s a great tip. So you’re obviously reading a lot of business and nutrition as well as personal development. And you’ve mentioned something that I think is really important that when we have these talks about entrepreneurship and business that gone or gets glanced over is entrepreneurship is tough and it can be lonely at times. And I think you do seek more failures than you do successes and it’s kind of how you respond to those failures.

Lori Kennedy: Yes.

Doug Holt: Would you agree with that?

Lori Kennedy: I do. And I don’t remember who had said this but can’t get the proper, probably Dan Kennedy. “Failure in business is just testing.” So if you can look at it like that, that when you fail, it’s just a test. It’s not, “Okay, quit.” It’s just a test. So get out, move on, brush up and keep going.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. It’s just kind of like you look at the old baseball analogy. You know baseball players, the pro level, you strikeout more often than not.”

Lori Kennedy: Exactly.

Doug Holt: “You’re still on the top of the charts.”

Lori Kennedy: Yes, that’s good.

Doug Holt: Any other tips or tidbits for people listening? Anything else that they should jump in today that they can pick up as far as reading materials or online resources besides in the ones you’ve mentioned.

Lori Kennedy: There’s a website called PTPower.com that they can go to.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: That’s also one of my mentors. He also is more on business and the things.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: So that’s a phenomenal [14:35] there.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. That’s a great one.

Lori Kennedy: Yes. Anything else, like you had mentioned before, if you’re struggling, if you feel like you have what it takes but you’re not sure how to get there, go into a mastermind groups. Have the money, figure it out. Apply for coaching, apply for a mentor. Somewhere, somehow if you want about enough, you need to take care of that. In my opinion, it’s the only way to take you business to the next level. I see a timing and I know for myself I would not be like I said before, I wouldn’t be happy where I was in a short period of time had I not joined the mastermind group. So I know that you guys offer one. 20 people are out there that off for one that are all various levels of financial commitments and that would be I think my main suggestion for people.

Doug Holt: And I couldn’t agree more. I don’t [15:23] even hours over at anybody else’s, I just say get in one and keep moving.

Lori Kennedy: Get moving—taking action to get moving. So you have an idea, lot of people sit on it and they’re afraid or they’re fearful that they going to get rejected. For me, in my experience, what I’ve learned is just get it over. Get your idea out there. Even if you have to give some sessions away for free or do whatever you need to do to become that expert to get out there. The person who takes action the fastest, when and that’s it, no one is going to know who you are if you’re sitting at home thinking up new idea then never doing anything about it.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. I have a quote right above my desk by Abraham Lincoln and it goes, “Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Lori Kennedy: Exactly, yes. Yes.

Doug Holt: It’s Abraham Lincoln and I think that still applies today.

Lori Kennedy: Hustle, yeah.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. Well you wrote an article for the Fitness Professional Online about the importance of specializing, what do you have for those thinking about specializing in holistic approach as opposed to simple fitness and nutrition?

Lori Kennedy: Well I think at this day and age, if you look at the trend, I think that a person wanting to go into health and wellness needs to be open-minded and needs to have more of, I’m going to say, whole body or holistic or alternative approach just based on the current trend. I think he’d be living a lot of money on the table and I think you’d be leaving a lot niche market option if you didn’t have sort of an at least an open-mind to alternative practices.

Now without being said, you can definitely be a personal trainer and practice, have holistic philosophy. Meaning, just looking at the body, at the whole, it’s not just about think by the inches from the person’s waist or getting into have big biceps to though looking at them as a whole and that’s really the philosophy behind holistic means, just taking our body and looking at it as a whole with a separate parts which is more of the sort of medical philosophy. “Okay, you come in with a symptom and we’ll treat the symptom.” It’s not, “Let’s look at what’s really going on behind the picture.”

So I do think that anyone wanting to sort of [17:30] into the alternative or holistic side, like I said there’s just plenty of certification that’s out there. I know for example, school that I went to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has a distance education program that you can just do individual courses. They also have an advance nutrition program where you can do individual courses. There’s the Alive.com, the Alive Magazine. I don’t know if you have that in United States, I’m pretty sure you do but they have courses online that you could go and take.

There’s so many books that you can read on just food and nutrition and the body, things that opening up your practice to offering nutrition is where the market is going, just based on the rate of obesity, prevention of the huge thing versus just spreading the disease. And it’s very easy for personal trainers even to do that within their scope of practice just looking at someone food track or in giving them simple suggestions as to how they can improve. That’s the holistic philosophy right there. You’re not just training them from a physical standpoint. You’re looking at what they’re eating and giving them better option.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. That sounds great. Now, you offer a certification, correct? Through Wow?

Lori Kennedy: I do. It’s a license opportunity actually where they can license the nutrition program and they can license the business model. So essentially, it’s a 4-days course they take in order to facilitate the program that we’ve created and implement it into their either existing business or we help them start-up a business.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: So it’s a complete turnkey model.

Doug Holt: Excellent. Not just to plug your business because I think our listeners were going to be really curious about what you offer because this is every unique from what I have seen. I’ve been through your website pretty extensively and it’s a fantastic website, by the way.

Lori Kennedy: Thank you.

Doug Holt: You’ve done a great job with that. But give us all, myself and everybody listening kind of a glimpse of what’s included in that course? Is it on-site visits? Do they come out to your location or is it online, remotely? Walk me through that process.

So the first thing that I will have people do is I would have people go to www.fitnessprofessionalonline.com and under the ownership tab, there’s an expression of interest for. So I get you to say hello and then we do a strategy call or meet-and-greet call where I interview you and you interview me and we can discuss more detail about the ownership of opportunity just to make sure that it’s the right thing both of us. I do have some qualification that professional need to have in order to be able to license it.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: So depending on where you live, the qualifications are a bit different and then should we decide by this is running for both us, and if you want to proceed, then I offer you a license and we have an agreement that you have to sign. And then the 4-day course is really only open to those people who are going to become licensee. It’s not an independent course but anyone can just take although I am working on creating a 2-day version that anyone can take more for the business strategies and implementation just because I find that’s there’s a huge need for that.

The four day course goes over how to actually facilitate the nutrient program on how to deal with clients, how speak with clients. It hands out what you do with them on a weekly basis. We provide you with all of the materials that you would need to be able to implement a nutrition practice within your existing practice or how to start one up. And then we go through the business implementation.

So literally step-by-step, “Okay, website. What do you need?” Your email marketing, “What do you need?” Your eBooks, your opt-ins, how do you grow your email list? What do you say to your email lists? Like nothing built really behind the scenes of what it takes to make a successful product practice and then that day is really centered around role playing and making sure that the licensees feel comfortable selling packages to clients. I find that sales is a huge stumbling block and a huge challenge for a lot of people.

Doug Holt: Absolutely.

Lori Kennedy: I know that the same in the personal training world. They’re not comfortable saying, “Hey look, like my program is $1700,” 2004, whatever it is. So we really work a lot with the licensees on how to change their on a mindset acting for money.

Doug Holt: Okay.

Lori Kennedy: And then after the 4-day course, we go through our 90-days start implementation where every single week they’ll have a task to do so that they’re not overwhelmed. So that at the end of the 90-day, essentially, they should be up and running. They should have their clients already. They should be able to run their first nutrition group. So every week, they’ll get a coaching call. We have goals for them. We have all the materials already created, so it’s just about them taking the materials and putting it into action. And after the 90-days, we continue with professional development webinars every month and bi-weekly coaching calls to make sure that they are accountable to their goal and their business keeps moving forward.

Doug Holt: That’s fantastic. And now, for personal trainers listening to this that have always been interested in nutrition, this is an avenue they could pursue, correct?

Lori Kennedy: Absolutely. So like I mentioned before, we do have some qualifications that we require from anyone who wants to be a licensee and so that’s basically just having some sort of nutrition credentials whether it should be a 2-day course or a year long program to be able to properly [23:08] the nutrition advice, it have to be a credential of nutrition professional.

Doug Holt: Okay, fantastic. And then obviously, they can use a lot of the other aspects of the business to build their personal training business if you’re talking about website design, everything else. They can take that in there.

Lori Kennedy: I mean the business side of it is applicable [23:25] and private business. I mean I’ve been consulting for hairdressers lately, my hairdresser. I told them all about his email list and he got so excited. So the business side, the entrepreneurial side, what it takes this day and age is applicable across the board. What’s specific is the nutrition program and the handouts and how to run a nutritional weight loss practice in your existing business.

Doug Holt: Yeah, absolutely. Most people know I run an SEO and internet marketing company and I specialize in the fitness industry but a lot of my clients actually have grown out kind of like sounds like yours and anything expands. Business is business and it’s just how you market and focus that.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah.

Doug Holt: Lori, you’ve done so much already but where do you see yourself in the next 2 to 3 years?

Lori Kennedy: My biggest vision I would say or my biggest goal is to get my licensees into the medical model. I think that the medical profession is doing their best to focus on profession, I think they’re overwhelmed. And I know that as a nutritionist, I know what we can bring to the table in terms of disease prevention and health promotion. So I will be focusing my efforts greatly on getting my licensees, getting nutritionist in general into doctors’ offices.

I’ve been running a coaching out of a pretty dominant doctor’s office here in Toronto and we’ve seen remarkable results in terms of cholesterol level and blood pressure, metabolic syndrome. Just now within the 12-week then really reducing that just through changing their diet, getting them to eat proper portion sizes, improvements in their overall health. So my focus is going to be bringing nutrition, disease prevention and health promotion into the medical model. That’s essentially my passion, my vision, my goal, my dream.

Doug Holt: And so much needed.

Lori Kennedy: So needed.

Doug Holt: I applaud you for that. It’s a huge challenge but you definitely sound like some way they can step up to that.

Lori Kennedy: You got it.

Doug Holt: My guess is you don’t take on small challenges very often?

Lori Kennedy: Yeah, there are bigger goal hole. While go in between, right?

Doug Holt: I am with you, 100 percent. You got to. It’s more exciting that way.

Lori Kennedy: That’s right.

Doug Holt: Talking about [25:40] I asked people especially people that are doing such amazing things like yourself or you obviously have hit, I’m sure your share your bumps in the road. Is there one particular challenge that you’ve hit in your business that you thought was a pivotable turning point and talk us about that and how you over came that?

Lori Kennedy: Well, I can speak about what’s going on a bit right now. So when we start at it. It was based mostly on the weight loss program and so what I’ve seen and my focus was predominantly weight loss because that’s the hook that’s what gets people in the door. And so I really focused on that for a long time and I sort of look behind the aspects of looking at the whole body, looking at the diseases, looking at the symptoms and just focusing on getting them to lose weight.

Now with that being set a lot of the times, their aches and pains were chilled or improved because of the change in diet. But now I pigeonholed myself and my company a little bit in terms of just being known as weight loss. And so as a nutritionist, if so especially the holistic natures in it, it’s so much more than that.

So now I’m looking at sort of opening it up, becoming a little bit more – I don’t want to say corporate. A little bit more applicable to the medical model in terms of taking the, I’m going to say this is not politically correct but the airy-fairy part of the holistic-ness away and really bringing in science to it and brought them in the scope because I did for a long time just focus on weight loss and what I’m starting to realize is that was a bit of a downfall on my side. It’s become a stumbling block because I’ve branded well, we branded well and we branded our weight loss and we’re known as a weight loss company which wasn’t essentially my goal but that’s what it came.

So now I have to sort of take a step back, re-evaluate and say, “Okay. How do I open it up? How do I get people to know us now as nutrition professionals to do more than just weight loss?” Who can actually have a stand in helping people prevent disease and so that the medical profession looks seriously and takes us seriously. So it’s been a huge learning, realization for me, for the company, for the direction of the company, for the license fees. It’s been a challenge and like I said, it’s not necessarily a failure but business has grown, they evolve and you’ve got to sort of new with it and the feedback that you’ve been given and grow with that feedback. That’s what’s going on now.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. It’s almost like a little bit of rebranding then?

Lori Kennedy: A little bit. Yeah. That’s a little bit.

Doug Holt: It’s just getting out there and that’s fantastic information for everybody and I think that gives everybody an idea. So often the questions that we’re going to see that’s in our mastermind all the time, people look from the outside and see such an amazing business that you do have and just assume that there you have no more hurdles. You’ve done that and now you’re probably sitting on the beach with that, am I tying your hands somewhere?

Lori Kennedy: Right.

Doug Holt: It’s not quite like that, is it?

Lori Kennedy: No and I think that’s a huge misconception from people who look and go “Oh. They’re so successful and they don’t understand that it’s working 16 hours a day, most days of the week to get there” and what I learned is called responsible fun and it’s about taking actions, keep going and never quitting and evolving with your business, not being tied to a specific idea because sometimes those ideas need to grow and need to evolve.

And you know if you’re tied to a name or if you’re tied to an idea you can go with that name and go down with that idea and you have to be open to receiving feedbacks but I think like what you said, sitting on the beach with a Mai Thai like and if you’re truly an entrepreneur and this is what I’ve learned. You’re sitting on the beach with a Mai Thai but you’re sitting there with like a notebook writing your—yeah.

Doug Holt: Yeah.

Lori Kennedy: It’s not something that goes away. Can’t snitch your brain off and I think that that’s the benefit of being a mastermind is because I’m coaching and being like a mass of people is that you’ll learn that, “Okay, I’m not crazy. I’m not informal that I can’t shut my brain off because this 38 people sitting in the room don’t shut their brain off either.” It’s very helpful and it helps you to direct that energy, direct that passion into something that turn to be financially successful for you rather than speeding your wheels and doing nothing.

Doug Holt: Absolutely and just amount of ideas that can come about just by bouncing ideas off one another is absolutely amazing. That’s one of the true powers of a mastermind in my opinion.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah, for sure.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. Where do you see the industry going? I mean, where you’re going? You guys will definitely revolutionize I believe the way that the nutrition, the medical community anyway is doing nutrition. Again, I think that’s the way that needs to go. Where do you see the industry as a whole going?

Lori Kennedy: Well, I hope that it’s going in that direction as well. So put down the statistics, I’m not so sure. I think that there are pivotable people in place, Andrew, I don’t know what to say [30:41]

Doug Holt: Yeah, act on wild.

Lori Kennedy: Okay. She has been a huge proponent. They’re doing amazing things of functional medicine and also molecular medicine. I do see that the alternatives and part of the more Eastern philosophies are now having the place. There are tons of researches on while look at medication for pain relieve and just in cancer treatment to what’s going on.

So I don’t think that there is starting to be a shift. I think a shift is a way that nutrition is promoted and spoke about. You know there are certain books for example that has dramatically advanced people’s awareness that are wrong I’m not backing the certain books like “Wheat Belly” with a huge eye opener and a lot of people, again you can debate the scientific explanation in that book but I think that there is a shift. I think there’s a shift in psychology and health. I think there’s a shift on people’s mindset. I’m sure that the medical institution is waking up and saying “Hey. We better do something. We better do something fast or we’re going to be bankrupt very soon.”

Doug Holt: Yes.

Lori Kennedy: In terms of just health promotion and disease prevention. So I do, I see that going, to look at the top trends from any association. If you look at IHRSA, if you look at Ace or any of those credible associations, obesity wellness is always within the top three to five of the trends. So I do see that that’s where the industry is going.

We spoke earlier before about trainers and people who want us to take more of a holistic approach and I think that if anyone is successful on this date, he do have to have more than one modality. You have to be able to offer your client a well-rounded health program. It’s not just about they get muscle or losing fat. It should be about achieving optimal health and that I think and I hope that’s where the industry is going.

Doug Holt: Yeah and I hope so too and hopefully, we can get the certainty that everybody around the world needs to make that movement or that shift.

Lori Kennedy: For sure.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. Well Lori, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time. I know how busy you are being on the show today and I know we’re going to get a lot of questions and I’m going to ask you if I can if we can follow up with you.

Lori Kennedy: Absolutely.

Doug Holt: And see how things are going a little bit later and get some of those questions answered.

Lori Kennedy: Yeah, for sure, anytime. I’m happy to always answer questions for sure.

Doug Holt: Fantastic and for those listening, I will put Lori’s website in the show notes. And is there any other way, people what’s the best way for me to get a hold of you if they need to get, is that the website, Facebook, Twitter?

Lori Kennedy: Maybe, they can Facebook. So it’s just Lori Kennedy or they can e-mail me. So it’s lori@wowweightloss.pa.

Doug Holt: Fantastic. Well Lori, thanks again and I wish you nothing but success.

Lori Kennedy: Thank you very much. It’s great.

Doug Holt: It’s always great to hear from fitness professional who has turned their dreams into reality. I know so many of you who are listening now trying to figure out where you can get from point A to point B let alone to Z and that’s always a journey and one of the things that you’ll hear if you’ve listened to the past shows is that everybody that’s been on the show seems to have some common factors. They’ve sought out mentors. Would that be mastermind group or people in the industry and it seems to be both and just continue developing themselves.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success and Lori is proof of that. She’s dug her heels in, done and it’s taken and has helped out hundreds of fitness professionals and nutritionist all over the world. I am just so impressed with her and with everybody else is doing. So with that, we’re going to wrap up this episode. Thank you for staying with us. Stay tune next week. We’ll have another great edition for you at Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. Love to hear your suggestions and comments and we’ll see you next week.

Thank you for listening to the Fitness Professional Online Radio Show. You can share your thoughts and join the discussion on this episode by going through our website or on Facebook.com/FitProOnline. Let us know what you’d like to hear on future shows and please feel free to contact us via e-mail or give us a call at (805) 500-6893. We look forward to hearing from you.

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