What is the most important thing you can do as a local business owner? Doug Holt and The Branded Innovation Team get asked that on a regular basis.

What is the answer? Simple. Google+ Business Page.

Optimizing your Google + Business Page is one of the most effective things an owner can do, or have done, for their local business page. Doug has run a successful fitness business for over 15 years, and also owns an internet marketing company, Branded Innovation. The result of this is: he knows what he is talking about.

To help you catapult your business in 2016 and increase your exposure on Google and increase your chances of getting found and also getting selected for business – Doug has created an invaluable video that will walk you through all you need to know for optimizing your Google Business page for FREE. Make yourself and your business a priority by taking the time and effort to both watch this video AND apply it to your business.


FPO Team

FPO Team

We exist to give a voice to Fitness Professionals around the world in order to help exchange information and build our community. We, professionals, are the answer to many of the World's health concerns. By educating ourselves, and helping one-another, we can create a better world for ourselves and those around us. 
FPO Team

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