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Hello everybody! And we’re here with Sean Croxton, founder of Underground Wellness at and We’re really excited to have Sean on the show today. I’ve been a big follower of him, I’m sure a lot of people have. If you haven’t been to Sean’s site, go to it as soon as possible. Well, it’s just great. It’s got a lot of information from amazing interviews from some of the brightest minds around the world. Real quick a little bit about Sean. The word that describes Sean mostly is passionate. The passion comes from a life-long love of fitness and health and a dream to revolutionize the way the world thinks about health. Recognizing the failures of healthcare, Sean promotes a concept of healthcare in order to regain and/or maintain superb health, we must become more responsible for ourselves. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2001 with a Bachelor in Kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness, nutrition, and health, and a Masters from, I love that. After he hears the study in line of classes and courses, Sean works with clients to undercover the root causes of their health’s challenges. He works with individuals from all over the world by phone and Skype from his home office in beautiful San Diego, California. Sean takes a holistic and functional approach to rebuilding health from the ground that as a functional diagnostic nutritionist and certified metabolic typing advisor and currently enrolled in a functional medicine program, Sean does not focus on symptoms, rather, he is solely concerned with uncovering the root causes of health challenges.

Sean also is a video blogger, a radio show host, and educator for the functional diagnostic nutrition life course. You can find a more complete bio on Sean on or on So please join me in welcoming the man himself, Sean Croxton. Sean, thank you for —

Sean Croxton: I’m sorry, my bio is so long. My bad.

Doug Holt: It’s great! It was actually really hard for me to tear it down a little bit. And I can say, everybody can find a complete bio on you. I think it is a great story. As I told you earlier, your story really resonated with me myself. I’ve been in the fitness industry for, gosh, almost 17 years now, maybe a little bit longer. I even had such, your basic story, you starting out as a trainer coming out of college, learning all the — that’s actually seeing the things around you weren’t actually adding up. That really rained through to me and I saw a lot of myself in a lot of things you were saying.

Sean Croxton: Yeah, I’m really sure with a lot of people, you know, I don’t think I’m unique in any way, you know, when we’re talking about the fact that I used to apply things with personal training client that I thought were true, that I thought were supposed to work but absolutely did not. And a lot of times made my clients worst. And whether really working through with myself either and so, you know, it’s not working. I don’t want to keep on doing it over and over again and so I decided, hey, well let’s go see what else is out there. You know what can we learn and found some pretty cool stuff, really glad about it.

Doug Holt: Yeah, absolutely! And like I said earlier in the introduction, your blog, both your video blogging and radio show are really on points. Where I do as I download your podcasts to my iPhone and next to my iPod and so when I’m, you know, in the car or walking around my personal training studio, I listen to that podcast kind of in the background or when I’m just taking a walk outside and it’s always exposing me to new ideas and something I really enjoy about it is you don’t always agree with everything that’s being said but you open up a conversation to the possibility that might be there. It really kind of, there’s no dogma you’re setting down in anybody’s throat which I really like.

Sean Croxton: I tried to be as open minded as I possibly can. I try not to discount things just you know right off hand. Because many years ago, if you would have told me some of the things I’ve been saying now, I would have thought you were absolutely crazy. You know, as I always say, there’s somebody who told me that little green men were living under my carpet, you know, 09:17 and check things out and you know I stay open minded and try to look at all of the information and decide for myself, you know, what makes sense and you know when I’m talking about make a whole lot of things to me, you know, some of it could be wrong, but a lot of it is right and it works with real people.

Doug Holt: I mean, absolutely. What — you speak about the green men on your carpet, what brings you to make a move from a personal trainer, from a very educated obviously personal trainer to what I would call health detective and a reporter.

Sean Croxton: Are you talking about the questions that what made me?

Doug Holt: Yeah, what triggered the response or what made you decide, hey, look, I’m an educated personal trainer, obviously, you have a great background, what kind of made that transition to what I would call a health detective and a reporter at this stage?

Sean Croxton: Right. I just, you know what, I just got burned out as a personal trainer. I’m a personally trainer for 8 years, probably on year number 3, I was just, I’m just kind of over it, you know, I mean, I felt like I was faking a funk out there. I felt like I can do a whole lot more. You know, it’s actually after all the thought that I was reading about you know nutrition and digestion and all these other things I wasn’t really tackling as a personal trainer and you know my feet was hurting, if you know what I mean. You know my feet ached nine hours a day, it was killing me. I just kind of lost my drive for it after awhile and said hey what else can I do? And I said, hey let’s do some nutrition coaching, you know. I like being at home. I like working from home, let’s create a job for myself at home that I can do over the phone and via Skype. You know, it took a little while to build up the base and do the right marketing to bring the clients in but, you know, slowly but surely I was able to start saving out of personal training and get more into diet coaching then I stumbled upon Reed Davis in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program and that allowed me to really take things on a brand new level in using test kits, looking at people’s hormones, you know, do a stool testing and looking for parasites and all that kind of stuff. And you know that’s where things really exploded for me in terms of my education and as well as my success as a video blogger and a blogger because I have so much stuff to talk about because there are so many things that are being covered very well by the mainstream and so yeah I’m sure I want to help people, I want to learn more stuff and I wanted to get off my feet.

Doug Holt: Yeah, you’ve obviously done a great job with this. Well, you started off as a blogger. You said that it kind of took you awhile to build up your base with your business and finding things, were there any key points that you’d recommend or key things that you had that you said, “Ah! This is the way to do it?”

Sean Croxton: You know, it’s so fun, I get that question a lot and to be honest, I did a lot of it unconsciously and I think that it was just more a matter of just being real, being somebody who’s relatable to people combining education with entertainment, you know, on a video blog, people don’t go to YouTube typically to look for help and information.

Doug Holt: That’s true.

Sean Croxton: And you know, they want to be entertained, they want to enjoy what they’re watching and they want to feel like they know the person, you know, whom they’re learning from, and you know, I think I did it pretty unconsciously. But I just try to be a real person. I was very consistent with videos for a good two or three years. You know, always putting up new stuff and then eventually, you know maybe after a year or so after I started the YouTube channel, started Blog Talk Radio channel which really took it to another level because you know instead of me being on camera with my head on backwards talking about these serious health issues, you know, I was able to bring the expert onto my show to verify and to confirm what I’ve been saying, so giving that third party credibility, a third party validation which really took it to a whole new level and so and that’s kind of what I did and I thought it was the same thing that I was most comfortable with at first which was video, moved to radio, and then moved on to writing, and then, yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.

Doug Holt: Yeah, you’ve done a great job and I saw like most professional athletes I know as far as reading The Dark Side of Fat Loss. You have a lot of coaches in there that helped you out throughout the time and I think that’s important for people to remember is you know even if you are professional athlete, even the best in the world always have somebody by their side. And I thought it was really neat that you kind of pointed out and called out everybody’s names.

Sean Croxton: Yeah, I’ve had a lot of mentors, a lot of help, you know, Todd Durkin who was my first mentor. I learned a lot from that guy. Yeah, (Inaudible) to what I did by myself and getting a coach is huge. I mean, I just you know, it could be a personal trainer but I just hired myself a personal trainer just for the heck of this and to push me further than I can push myself and just got back right now and I’m big, I’ll be honest.

Doug Holt: I appreciate you joining us. Right after work, that’s dedication, I love it. I love it.

Sean Croxton: (Laughter)

Doug Holt: Well, tell me a little bit, and tell us a little bit more about Underground Wellness, what you’re trying to achieve with your site. You have a ton of content on there. Give me a little bit of background on it and tell us a little bit more.

Sean Croxton: Well, we go as just to reach as many people as we possibly can, you know, through the various forms that we have, you know, again radio and video and blogging. Gosh! I would love to reach, you know, over a million people you know by the end of next year to have one of the most active blogs on the internet, one of the most active websites on the internet and just to take this underground information and make it more mainstream and accessible, you know, where people don’t feel like, hey I always have to rely upon the pills and potions to get myself better. They’re usually not working at all for most people. It’s just covering the stem itself. You know, I’m just here to educate people to start to think outside of the box and you know as you said in my bio earlier, I like self care instead of being so dependent upon the healthcare industry, to heal us. You know, it’s about time that we start taking responsibility for ourselves and so you know I think there’s a lack of education. You know, people just don’t know that this information is there. They don’t know that there are easy steps to follow and I think me and my team, we do a really great job of packaging it in a way that people would get and they really identify whether they want to come back for more and so you know we’re shocked, in a way. We started on one subscriber on YouTube and now there’s 40,000. It started with 5 people coming to the website per day, now there’s a couple of thousands and so you know, we’re steadily growing over time and you know I got my list of goals right in front of me on my wall for the next 13 months and you know we’re going to pull it up.

Doug Holt: Share a couple of those with us.

Sean Croxton: Oh gosh! The name of it on the headline is before the world ends in 2012.

Doug Holt: I love it.

Sean Croxton: Actually, I don’t really believe that the world is going to end, but why not just act like it. And so these are some of my goals. Oh men! What are the ones I want to share here? To be a much sought after public speaker in the realm of health motivation and social media marketing, to get in the most ridiculous physical, mental and cardiovascular state ever, and the rest of them are kind of business type of goals. They come along with the rest I can’t share yet because I don’t want to give away my ideas.

Doug Holt: It’s a secret, and I don’t blame you. Like our buddy Todd Durkin says, 1% better every day, right?

Sean Croxton: Exactly. Exactly. Whether you take 212 degrees or something like that, like olive oils at 212 degrees, at 211 it doesn’t but that 1 degree makes all the difference of we’re going up to 212 degrees, I figured 212 or something like that.

Doug Holt: Yes, it’s 212, you’re right on. Now, it’s great, I love that little video and that little story. I use it with my staff all the time as much as probably too much. I love those things. Well, what are some of the big, I mean, you have so many discoveries on the time that I’ve just been on your site and listened to your blogs, things that really kind of tweaked the way I thought about it from traditional, you know, the college and post-graduate course textbooks I’ve read on nutrition, your macro and micro nutrients and all these things, what are some of the discoveries that really kind of blew your mind and that really resonated as true to you along your path and you kind of found new things in talking to people?

Sean Croxton: Yeah, I think the biggest one is that there is no one that I thought and then everybody saw it different biochemical individuality and so I mean you’ll never going to find any book including mine that tells you exactly what you should be eating, eating exactly. You know, you really roll the dice because we’re also different. You know, in my book, we have what we call body language logs you know where you eat the real foods in particularly proportions and then you listen to your body language one or two hours and you’ll see you already, you translate what your body is telling you. You know did you eat much proteins and fat, did you eat too much carbohydrates. I mean, we’ve got all these different populations such as Massai of Africa who are like 80% protein and fat diet. You know, who are perfectly healthy, they don’t have heart disease, no cancer, anything of that sort and then we have the Kitavans of New Guinea who have like a 70% diet, you know, with carbohydrate. For example, they eat a lot of tubers and things of that sort and they’re perfectly healthy as well and so, you know, I think we get too much into this, this is the perfect diet for everyone type of approach and it just doesn’t work that way. We need to quit thinking like that and start working with people in giving this cookie cutter thing and working with them, you know, on an individual level and customizing things for them. Also, you know, again, as we talk about the book, we’re stuck in the box. You know, on the matter what kind of fitness goal or weight loss goal or health goal people have, it’s just really all about exercise. It’s such a limited approach and the worst thing to be working out well for a lot of people and so you know understanding how digestion and toxicity and stress and sleep and mindset. I mean mindset is huge. You know, all of those are all involved with getting to where you want to go. I mean what functional diagnostic nutrition courses really blew me away and it was just a lot of stuff that had never even crossed my mind before. I never asked it in my personal training clients, how well do you sleep? You know, how is your libido? Do you have sugar cravings you know specially at night? You know, these things are very important questions and your clients are waiting for somebody to ask them that. Because of course they want to lose 30 pounds but at the same time, they’re not going to be happy being 30 pounds lighter if they still have an insomnia, they still have a low libido, and still want a lot of candies every day. No! You want these people to be completely healthy. My favorite quote ever and I think I stole this from Diana Schwarzbein we call the Schwarzbein principle, I think I stole it, people say I stole it from her solely unconscious. But it’s you don’t lose fat to get healthy, you get healthy to lose fat. And so a lot of us are missing that and when I say it to people, they look over and they go, “Oh! I never really thought about it that way.” I’m like, “Yeah, you got to get healthy and then your body will go back to where it used to be and so those are the probably most important things that I’ve learned over the last several years.

Doug Holt: Well, impressive. I know that’s in your blog and like I said when I was reading through that, I love how you started off with when I quoted it for a second, if I mess up, I apologize, by only agreeing to do in one condition, that you forget everything you think you know about diet, health, fitness and fat loss and have an open mind to what you’re about to read.” And then you go on to say, “Seriously, I read it only, I only want you to keep on reading it if you do that.” And that helped me approach your contest in the book especially if they can step back and say, “Okay, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to make this agreement with Sean.” Because your writing style makes — it seems as if you’re in the room when I’m reading your stuff. And it seemed like a personal agreement like you. I thought like I’d be lying to you and I don’t want to do that.

Sean Croxton: Everybody says that. Like it seems like you’re right here, your voice coming out directly from this book, and I thought it was really cool. I’m really, really happy about that.

Doug Holt: Ah, yeah, definitely! I mean it’s just, it really comes through easily. There are a lot of other things that made me step back and really kind of digest or redigest some of the things that I held to be true and a lot of it, you know, something I found interesting with myself and Sean tell me if it’s what you find as, you hear something, it resonates with you a little bit and you almost need to hear it the second time in a different way and that’s what I find when reading through your book. Though it’s really stiff and kind of bring that little light bulb to go up and say, “Oh, yeah! That’s right. I need to be paying more attention to X, Y, and Z.”

Sean Croxton: Yeah, I mean, that just what’s everything. I mean, it isn’t how many times you know. I even have people talk to me about certain things just about life in general and I go, “I know this. I know this!” I just needed somebody to say it to me that that should be my need. Because sometimes our mind feel a little bit sidetracked and yeah that’s just seem the nature, to be honest, and you just need to be reminded and I think that’s what the book kind of does. It reminds people you know, “Hey, you got to be healthy. Hey, you know what, you’re supposed to go to sleep.” You know.

Doug Holt: Yeah.

Sean Croxton: You’re supposed to go to the bathroom everyday and not skip two or three days. You know what I mean. Hey, it might not be a good idea to rub chemicals all over your body. You know, those things like that like, “Hey, you got to know this, well let me give you the nuts and bolts, and the how and why behind these as well, where you really get it, and now you have this resource fat. Hey, and when you find yourself kind of sleepy and you can just go back to the book and read through it again and go up to you and will say, “Hey, I read that book in one night. I just went straight through it, and I love it.” You know, that’s what we want. You know, we want people to identify with the book and love it and just kind of use it every day. You know, not only just to get started but also to stay on course.

Doug Holt: Yeah, that was me. One night, I went through the whole thing and found myself really delving into it quite a bit. I got a million dollar question for you. If you raise this one, it’s going to be obligatory question. Where do you see the field of wellness going in the next few years? (Voice Overlap)

Sean Croxton: I see it going — I see this wellness field starting to get into traditional medical practices, you know, like the paleo folks, by Alice Walton, and you see they’re actually teaching doctors these days and I’m meeting more doctors who are kind of gravitating more to that type of approach, real food. You know as I said, there are just few real food. That type of approach. Because if you will realize and specially in the medical profession, hey you know it is highly important and we don’t learn a whole lot about this in medical school and now they’re watching TV and go and hey you use drugs that were putting people — killing people. You know, I mean Michael Jackson would be the extreme. We got celebrities just dropping because all of these pharmaceutical drugs and so I think doctors are becoming a little more hesitant about so freely prescribing drugs and I think now, they are going to start to take more of the preventive approach and be like hey patient, have you ever thought about the food that you eat? And so I see that starting to happen. Now, once that starts to happen, that’s going to be huge because you know we were raised to believe that our doctors knew everything. I mean they’re just so freaking influential in the decisions that we make and when they take this information and apply and give it to the patient, I think we’re going through just a whole new planet with this. I just see that this is becoming not completely mainstream, I think that’s going to take a long time of really fighting this huge machine, you know when you talk about the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, I mean, just look at the influence of the food industry, you know, in getting congress to make pizza a vegetable, you know what I mean. That’s powerful right there. So we do have a huge mountain to climb but we’re certainly getting there. There’s this video that I’d like to watch, it’s called, “Will’s Wisdom”. It’s on YouTube. But there’s just all of these interviews of Will Smith and he’s talking about his dad, and his dad had he and his brother to build a brick wall, but the idea wasn’t to build the wall today, you know, the idea was to build that wall brick by brick. You lay one brick, you lay the next brick and then over time, you’ll have a wall. And so I think that’s what we’re doing right now. First laying down a brick, and then you know, maybe 5, 10, 15, 20 years, we’re going to have a law. And it’s better than having no bricks at all and so I think that’s what we’re doing. We’re working our way and we’re moving on the right direction. So I tell my clients all the time, move in the right direction. That’s all I want you to do, and that’s a good one.

Doug Holt: Excellent. Words of wisdom. I’m out to check that out.

Sean Croxton: It will fire you up man! I will watch it. You got my words too. I’m going to watch this to get done and do my job.

Doug Holt: That sounds great. I mean, I would probably be joining you online. Very cool, very cool. I want to go back a second and you mentioned Walton Paleo diet, and you hear that all over the place. People are talking about it obviously across the state growing as quickly as it is around the nation. What are your thoughts on the paleo diet as it applies to a blanket audience? I was being kind of — I know you said there’s no one diet for a person which I completely agree with but how do you feel about the paleo diet as a lot of people are saying where everybody should start there as a baseline?

Sean Croxton: I like the paleo diet. It’s so funny. The paleo diet is actually one of the first books that I read when I first started to change my approach to health and nutrition and I like it for most people when you talk about general population, like my mom, my aunt, or something like that. It’s going to be hard to get them the paleo diet. And I feel like to a certain extent, it puts people, it kind of labels people. You know, I’m paleo. I think that doesn’t — can’t resonate with that very much. You know, I’m a fan of just — you know, you just eat real food. And it’s very similar to the paleo diet. It’s pretty much the same thing but we just need to start saying, “Hey guys, you’re eating processed foods at every single meal.” Can you just eat real food? Can you give me 30 days without the processed crap? Can you give me 30 days without the gluten? You know, just get off the grain, period. Can you give me 30 days without the dairy and just see how you feel. And you know what, you’re a real person, you don’t even have to be perfect. If you’re going to do it 90% of the time, 80% of the time, I’m going to be happy, because right now, you’re doing it wrong at 80% at a time. And so, I feel like some diet approaches can be kind of strict but that just depends on you know the individual who’s talking about or kind of espousing in different dietary beliefs or whatever we’ll call them. So you know, I love paleo, I think it’s great. I’m sitting at a paleo effects conference in the next couple of months in March. I’m going to have to do a — I can’t give away that — never mind. But I think it’s great. I think it’s the way that we should eat. I think it’s something that makes a whole lot of sense but at the same time, you know, if I ask my mom to eat nothing but paleo, it’s probably hard. We have to have some baby sets in between and you know that’s my stand. It’s really all about we always say, the best diet to stick to is one that they can stick to. And so again, let’s just start moving people in the right direction and get them to that big wall that is paleo. But let’s just start laying the bricks on them.

Doug Holt: Very cool. Now, do you recommend — we’re talking with people, whether it be your mom in this case, or clients that you have and I realize you do a full diagnostic with your clients so there’s probably a little bit difference but would you advocate someone say, “Hey, for 30 days, I want you to pull out gluten, milk, or dairy in that case, alcohol and sort of things for those 30 days or do you eliminate one at a time typically?

Sean Croxton: Typically, we try to do it all and the client flips very often but I don’t get mad at them. We really, really try to do it all but then again, I will bump into some clients who are just extremely resistant, and I say, “Okay, this is now just like you said, let’s start with the grains. Let’s pull those babies out.” You know, and I give her the proper expectations, “Hey, you’ll probably not going to feel to good for a few days.” You know, you’re going to have some sort of withdrawals, and grain withdrawals, and it has opiate-like effect on the brain. You’re not going to feel great but after that you can feel so much better and then within two or ten days until hey, Ms. Nelson, can you pull this — you feel how much better you feel? Hey, a lot of people have problems with dairy as well and maybe some of these symptoms that you have, you know, lingering so are because of dairy, do you mind pulling those off for another 10 days, and let’s see what happens? I will do it. They’re going to give the client some confidence. You got to give them the confidence that you know what you’re talking about and also that they can do it. You know what I mean. So it’s got to be an individual kind of mentality. It can’t be cookie cutter, like hey, I’m taking everybody off those grains, milk and whatever. It’s just not going to happen that way, so you have to tailor it for the person.

Doug Holt: So there’s no stop-go type of thing going on across our rules.

Sean Croxton: Absolutely. And I think that’s one of the reasons that people like me so much is because I keep it real and you know I even know myself. I flip off it as well, you know. You might catch me out one day throwing down a hamburger, you know with a wheat in bun. You’ll never know. So I just try to be realistic. I encourage people to not be the weird one. You know, don’t be the weird person who won’t eat at a restaurant because the food is not organic. Don’t be the weird person who doesn’t go out with her friends anymore because they’re afraid to be put in such and such situation. You know it’s food. I mean, if I’m going to ask you to go out with blankets on, it’s just food, hang out, be social. We’re talking about age and culture and whatnot and they will so long and you talk all about (Inaudible) and you know what about the community that Asian people have. You know to follow dairy or to support those things I think a lot of us are missing that type of stuff. I have a question on my questionnaire, it’s a, “Do you feel isolated and lonely?” And maybe about 90% of people checked yes to that question. Hey, when was the last time you actually hang out with somebody, and I was like, I can’t even remember actually the last time I hang out and have fun. But you got to have fun, you got to be people. You got to live. You know what I’m saying. And so that’s my take on that. You have to — it’s not just about diet and exercise. It’s about everything that’s involved. You know, 10, 11, 12 things that you got to put together and those are the recipes for health and some awesome lifestyle, or longevity or everything you want out of life.

Doug Holt: Yeah, a true holistic approach to it. I like that.

Sean Croxton: Oh, totally, totally. Gosh! And we got people out there who aren’t doing what they’re passionate about, people who are hating their jobs, you know, who are in bad relationships, people who are fear-based mentalities, I’m not going after what they want in life, their values, their beliefs and their habits, but you know these things all funnel into their health. You know what I mean. A lot of folks are miserable, medicating themselves of food, and as long as you have that faulty mindset, you might always have the poor habits and you know lifestyle things that are going on with them. You really have to get down to the root cause. I mean, I used to have a personal training client who loses weight and gets to a certain point and then she freaks out and starts eating as hell. Some of that could go in her mind because hey the last time she was fit and healthy, men used to hit on her all the time, she used to be in relationships and the guys would abuse her or something like that. And now, she’s starting to lose weight and she’s starting to get that attention again, and she associates that with being abused and starts going in the wrong direction and makes excuses and blames you and it’s just really on her head. And so you really have to get super holistic with this stuff and that was one thing I didn’t like to do with personal training. I was like, “I’m tired to be in everybody’s therapy. I got my own problems, you know.” But those problems that your client have a whole lot to do with the problem that they have with their health and so we have to try to address them all or at least have something to refer them out to get help for those things.

Doug Holt: Absolutely. Do what you do best and refer out the rest.

Sean Croxton: Absolutely.

Doug Holt: I love — Sean, I asked you for about 20 or 30 minutes today, I knew you would go over. I’m going to try to wrestle you or something to get you back on the show. There’s just so much I want to talk to you about. One last question for you. I want this at the end of the show. It’s just a random question that I’ll throw at you. What was the most fun you’ve ever had in a party?

Sean Croxton: Oh wow! My 30th birthday, we did a pub crawl. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m not setting a great example. This is early days of Underground Wellness, I couldn’t even remember what happened. I heard all of these stories that I did and they were just erased from my mind. And we had it on a video. And I lost the video camera. And I was just so mad because I didn’t have any record of it and like 3 months later, when my personal training clients comes in, she says, “I have a surprise for you.” And she pulled out the video camera and I was like, what? Where was it? Oh, you put it in such and such’s purse and I just talked to her the other day and she gave it to me. And I watched that, I had fun! I had a lot of fun. I mean freestyle battles in the middle of the bar, it was great. But I don’t encourage people black out and whatnot. In my 30th birthday, we had a blast.

Doug Holt: Living life, just like you said! That was a big one. Well, Sean, again thank you so much for being on. I love to have you back on. For everybody listening, you can find Sean at and I highly recommend picking up his book. I found it to be phenomenal and as everybody knows that I don’t plug anything or promote anything that I don’t fully agree with and I thought this is just a great read. So Sean, thank you again so much for taking time of your day. Hope you have a great work out and so we can have you here back on.

Sean Croxton: For sure. Thank you, Doug.

Doug Holt: Well, that wraps up this episode of Fitness Professional Online radio show. We appreciate you listening. Again, take a moment if you can to go over to iTunes and rate the show. If you do have any criticisms or suggestions, we’d appreciate you if you get those via email at or by leaving a message on our voicemail, 805 500 6893 and please check out regularly as the events will be updated. Just a list of the few events for this week, they are listed on the site, the check Holistic Lifestyle Coach Program Level 1 that will be taking place in San Francisco this week. Also suspension-based exercise programs will be taking place in New York City. The Essentials of A Lead Performance, Step By Step Training For World Class Mobility Flexibility, Balance, Vision And Speed will be taking place in Houston. This and a lot more on We’ll continue to bring you as much as we can on the show as well as via our newsletter. So, on behalf of myself, Doug Holt, and the rest of the Fitness Professional Online team, have a great week and take care!

You can join in on the conversation at If you have any questions for Doug Holt or the staff regarding Fitness Professional Online Radio, please feel free to email us at or call us at 805 500 6893. Have a happy and healthy week.


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