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Since 1992, the Leader in Professional Education and Practical Training for Older Adult Fitness Specialists

The rapidly growing field of older adult fitness management is becoming more sophisticated — and more competitive. But you can keep pace and more. Today you have the opportunity to become one of a select group of leading professionals with exceptional careers in senior fitness. With SFA resources and services on your side, you’ll hold the keys to excelling in this exciting and quickly changing field.

At SFA, we realize you don’t have time to pour over all of the extensive new research on older adult fitness. We take care of that for you. With SFA publications and educational programs, you learn the latest, most effective, and most enjoyable methods for improving your participants’ quality of life through fun, responsible exercise programming.

Through the American Senior Fitness Association you can gain the most in-depth professional training available to senior fitness practitioners. You can also take advantage of SFA membership benefits including personal career promotion assistance. Or, simply subscribe to SFA’s respected quarterly publication Mature Fitness to keep up with the latest training techniques, senior-specific fitness research, and new videos, books and equipment.

Get the Highest Standard of Training

With SFA courses you get state-of-the-art textbooks, training manuals, and videos — all designed to make your senior fitness program the very best available. You’ll learn the how-to’s and why’s along with lots of exciting ideas for new and beneficial fitness activities. SFA courses are written by eminent authorities, peer reviewed, and internationally recognized. These educational programs have been carefully researched and extensively field tested. SFA is a major provider of continuing education world-wide.

Boost your CareerA

Education and professional support services from SFA will…

  • Help you increase your client-base.
  • Expand your opportunities! SFA professionals are sought-after by health clubs, city recreation programs, senior centers, retirement communities, hospital wellness programs, and nursing homes. Be in demand everywhere that older adults gather to enjoy activity and recreation.
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest in senior health and fitness research.
  • Give you advance knowledge of the newest resources and techniques.
  • SFA’s comprehensive educational programs give you the professional knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

SFA’s Mission and History

SFA was founded in 1992 to promote excellence in older adult fitness by providing widely accessible, senior specific fitness education programs, fitness resources and internationally recognized advanced professional qualification.

The American Senior Fitness Association’s record is characterized by extraordinary growth and achievement. The early years were devoted to establishing SFA’s expert National Advisory Board and developing SFA’s comprehensive educational programs. In recent years the association has continued to set the standard in older adult fitness, for example, with new year-2008 editions of all SFA educational programs.

SFA participates in major health-fitness events such as the New World Fitness IDEA International Convention, the International Conference on Aging and Physical Activity and the National Association for Activity Professionals’ national conventions at which SFA principals conduct educational lectures and workshops.

The American Senior Fitness Association is proud to have been one of the original coalition members that developed the American National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors. SFA is also a recognized supporting organization of International Guidelines for Preparing Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults which were developed in collaboration with the Aging and Life Course, World Health Organization.

Presently, the association is facilitating a number of valuable new benefits for members and program participants, including a structured networking system for SFA affiliates and increased access to senior specific fitness resources.

Contact SFA

Contact by Telephone and E-Mail:
Phone: (386) 423-6634
Toll Free: (888) 689-6791
Toll Free Fax: (877) 365-3048.
Our Office hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Contact by Mail:

American Senior Fitness Association
Post Office Box 2575
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170

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