The Method Pilates continues to stay ahead of the education curve. Our certification program is more comprehensive than ever before by providing students with an online teacher-to-teacher experience while maintaining valuable in-studio study.

Evolution 101 Online is our gateway to Matwork and Apparatus training. This course can also stand alone as continuing education for all fitness professionals.

Evolution 101

Evolution 101 Online covers TheMethod® Pilates Fundamentals & Pilates Exercises. We begin with the 27 Fundamentals, as they encourage proper form and deeper understanding of Pilates exercises. After two decades of teaching the Fundamentals, we have synthesized their application so you can feel the movement biomechanics. You will learn that the Fundamentals are not only the cues but also the basis of every individual Pilates exercise: spinal and limb movements are applied variations of these basics. The focus on Fundamentals as the backbone of the entire catalog of Pilates movement is what sets TheMethod® Pilates apart from other certification programs.

Even if you have done Initiation 101 – our original level 1 Matwork course – or other Matwork certifications, you will benefit from the expanded content and new material of Evolution 101 and 201. Teachers find that the cinematography allows students to see the intricate Fundamental movements even more clearly than in person. PhysicalMind Certified teachers receive 2 CECS for this online course. ACE-certified instructors receive 0.6 hours.

“Very clear, easy to follow and very instructive…The new program is fabulous. I haven’t seen better.”
-Dorothy Curnow, Nowra Pilates Studio

Evolution 101 Online contains:

1. The Awareness Sequence: Part 1 & 2
3. Fundamentals training demonstrated by Yuu Fujita
4. A Pilates exercise sequence with Classical Matwork, Standing Pilates, and Circular Pilates
5. Introduction and Conclusion with Joan Breibart
6. The BodyMind Matwork video demonstrating all the classic exercises.
7. Evolution 101 Manual
8. The Pelvic Floor, article by Marika Molnar PT.
9. Online multiple-choice final test

For all purchases within the USA, we will mail you a Tye4 apparatus with the purchase of this online course.

All orders made outside the USA, an additional mailing fee will be applied.

Training Prerequisite:

  • Existing Matwork certification or 20 Mat ClasseS
  • Required material for In-studio portion of Evolution 101:
  • Tye4 (included with course) and Anatomy of Pilates (to be purchased separately)

Online Course Fee: $150 (limited time offer!)

Students working to acquire a first time Matwork & Standing Pilates certification, please contact any of our Certifying Studios to complete the in-studio portion of training*. You will pay the studio directly for this practical workshop. The 1-day workshop will range in price from 150-175 depending on the studio; the price for private training will vary by studio. Please visit the Evolution 101 Studio Schedule for available workshop dates and locations.

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