Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

Mission Statement

CDR protects the public through credentialing and assessment processes that assure the competence of registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, registered.

Vision Statement

The nation recognizes, seeks out and relies on competent CDR credentialed registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, registered, for food and nutrition expertise.


The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) has sole and independent authority in all matters pertaining to certification, including but not limited to standard setting, establishment of fees, finances and administration.

Canadian Fitness Professionals (CANFITPRO)

canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro’s over 65,000 members

Educational conferences throughout the yearinclude some of the world’s finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.

canfitpro provides the following member services:

Certification courses, exams and resources
Bi-monthly magazine for our members

International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

ISFTA Mission Statement

The mission of International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA) is to promote worldwide education of health and fitness professionals in a standardized manner so that our students, trainers, instructors and professionals will all have the most current and relevant information available.

International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association was founded in 2000 by a team of medical and fitness professionals with the intention of providing training at a level superior to that which had previously been available. We have been providing quality education for over a decade and have some of the highest standards in the industry. We continue to increase our standards as the industry evolves.

International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)

Mission of IFPA

The International Fitness Professionals Association is devoted to offering the highest quality learning experiences to individuals aiming to improve their lifestyle, and those aiming to improve the lifestyles of others. Our educational opportunities provide only the most practical and scientifically based health and fitness information that can be directly applied to “real life” experiences. It is with this dedication that the IFPA is committed to being the lifelong exercise and training resource to the entire fitness community.


To train individuals to become leaders in the fitness industry, in order to assist every person throughout the world in leading the health and fitness lifestyle.

International Fitness Association (IFA)

The International Fitness Association (IFA) is committed to providing fitness information to both Fitness Professionals and Fitness enthusiasts. Becommitted … Get Certified here online.

About IFA

IFA began in 1995 as a group of Aerobic Instructors and Personal Trainers sharing a common goal, to provide a category of Aerobics Instructors & Personal Trainers with the basic academic credentials necessary to instruct and guide the general population in health and fitness. We are dedicated not simply to a select few who seek certification but to the general population as well which is why all our services are free to everyone.

FIT Launch

About FIT Launch

The FIT Launch Studio in Snohomish, WA provides a variety of classes and services to assist you in meeting your Health & Wellness Goals. Our Gatherings and Grader programs are available throughout the U.S. and our exclusive studio schedule provides many small group and personal training opportunities.

Who We Are

We are recognized as a Continuing Fitness Education Specialist, Faculty and Master Practical Trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

ECA World Fitness

About ECA World Fitness

ECA WORLD FITNESS is an international organization and association representing the wellness and fitness community. Established in 1991, ECA is the undisputed leader for innovative and quality programming. ECA’s reputation for integrity is well known and has earned respect and trust for delivering Win-Win relationships with all of its partners.

Who We Are

ECA is well known for its leadership and fostering ideas of imagination and cooperation. Our audience represents the influencers in fitness, primarily from urban centers they are diverse, multi-cultural, “thrill seeking” explorers.

Board of Certification (BOC)

What is BOC?

The Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) was incorporated in 1989 to provide a certification program for entry-level Athletic Trainers (ATs). The BOC establishes and regularly reviews both the standards for the practice of athletic training and the continuing education requirements for BOC Certified ATs. The BOC has the only accredited certification program for ATs in the US.

BOC Vision & Mission

The Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) has been responsible for the certification of Athletic Trainers (ATs) since 1969. The BOC was the certification arm of the professional membership organization the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) until 1989 when the BOC became an independent non-profit organization.

American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (ABPTS)


ABPTS coordinates and oversees the specialist certification process, is the governing body for certification and recertification of clinical specialists. This board is composed of nine individuals: board-certified physical therapists from eight different specialty areas; one physical therapist member of the APTA Board of Directors; one physical therapist representing the APTA Council of Section Presidents; one individual with expertise in test development, evaluation, and education; and one nonphysical therapist representing the public.


ABPTS’ mission is to improve public health by enhancing clinical excellence in physical therapy practice through credentialing clinical specialists.

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA)

BCRPA Strategic Intent

The BCRPA is a recognized leader in building healthy, active individuals and communities.

BCRPA Mission

The BCRPA is committed to leading the parks, recreation and culture sector in building and sustaining healthy active communities, including fostering economic and environmental sustainability. We inspire and support community leaders and practitioners through advocacy, communication, education, and resources.


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