NCHEC Mission and Purpose
The mission of NCHEC is to enhance the professional practice of Health Education by promoting and sustaining a credentialed body of Health Education Specialists. To meet this mission, NCHEC certifies health education specialists, promotes professional development, and strengthens professional preparation and practice.

Our charge is to develop and administer a national competency-based examination; develop standards for professional preparation; and promote professional development through continuing education for health education professionals. NCHEC is governed by an eleven-person Board of Commissioners and two seven-person and one thirteen person Division Boards. Each division board addresses one of the three activities noted in NCHEC’s mission: certification, professional development and professional preparation. All directors and commissioners are elected volunteers and are active credential holders with the exception of the public member who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners after a call for nominations.

NCHEC Strategic Plan

The NCHEC Strategic Plan guides the activities of the organization around four major priority areas. On May 16, 2010, the Board of Commissioners adopted the 2010-2014 NCHEC Strategic Plan which included 12 goals and 33 objectives. These goals and objectives were placed within 4 priority areas in accordance with the NCHEC vision and mission statements. Specific tasks have been assigned to the NCHEC Board of Commissioners, Division Boards, Officers, the Executive Director, various committees and NCHEC staff.

Priority Area 1: Certify health education specialist


  • Ensure the certifications are based on relevant Responsibilities, Competencies, and Sub-competencies
  • Ensure the certifications are appropriate in scope and content, and for the priority audiences
  • Ensure the certifications are based on accepted certification standards

Priority Area 2: Promote professional development


  • Increase retention of credential holders (CHES & MCHES)
  • Maintain quality standards for recertification of CHES and MCHES
  • Improve services to designated providers of continuing education

Priority Area 3: Strengthen professional preparation and practice


  • Enhance quality assurance of the health education specialist
  • Increase the number of active certified individuals (CHES & MCHES)
  • Increase the recognition of NCHEC as teh premier certifying body of all levels for the health education profession
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with universities and other organizations to support quality assurance as appropriate with the NCHEC mission

Priority Area 4: Support and promote the profession


  • Increase the visibility of NCHEC, CHES, and MCHES
  • Increase the recognition of the CHES and MCHES credential by employers

Contact Us/NCHEC Staff

National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.
1541 Alta Drive, Suite 303
Whitehall, PA 18052-5642
Phone: (484) 223-0770
Toll-Free: (888) 624-3248
Fax: (800) 813-0727
Executive Director
Linda Lysoby, MS, MCHES, CAE
Phone: Extension 13

For questions about NCHEC NEWS Bulletin & Web Inquiries/Media Relations
Communication Director
Melissa Rehrig, MPH, MCHES
Phone: Extension 11

For questions about the MCHES Exam/Eligibility
Certification Project Coordinator
Blossom Paravattil, MPH, CHES
Phone: Extension 16

For questions about CHES Exam/Eligibility
Exam Coordinator
Tanya Cole
Phone: Extension 12

For questions about Accounts Payable
Financial Coordinator
Janice Cole
Phone: Extension 15

For questions about Provider/Continuing Education/Recertification/Change of Status/Credential Verification
Continuing Education Coordinator
Sandy Schaffer
Phone: Extension 14

For questions about Renewal/General Information Melissa Schmell
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: Extension 10
Email :

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