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An ENERGIZING, EMPOWERING & EXCITING aerobics conditioning program using sports and fitness skills and movements to achieve peak physical performance. We can challenge anyone, at any level…from making it easy to completely challenging… the most versatile program around!For any age and any ability: from the physically challenged groups to the sport athletes.

Used by: fitness trainers, coaches, fitness leaders, recreation directors, aerobics instructors and individual fitness advocates.

Educational Movement: Concepts with skill theme approach to develop health, skill & physical related outcomes.

Advocates: promotes sound nutrition and physically active lifestyles.

Health Related Benefits: Cardiovascular, Flexibility, Strength, Muscle Endurance, Weight Control

Skill Related Benefits: Balance, Coordination, Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power

Mission Statement

 Mission Sports is committed to designing and implementing both programs and products which promote and enhance a more healthy active lifestyle. We do this by emphazising the importance of a multi-dimensional balanced wellness program which incorporates the physical, mental, emotional, psychologicl, social and spiritual aspects of life.


Sport Skill & Fitness Training At It’s Best!

You will not see this program anywhere else

Sports are universal. Everyone loves them from youth to seniors. The program provides variety, fun, spontaneity, it’s easy to follow, self-paced and a GREAT activity for all ages and abilities: children / seniors / adults.

In addition to earning CEU’s, this AMAZING workshop provides you the opportunity to implement a Sport Aerobics Youth Fitness program and Adult/Senior Group Exercise classes at your health club or in and around your local community.

Sport Aerobics Workshop

Participants of the workshop are required to have a degree in Exercise Science, Health Education, Physical Education, or an up to date certification through a recognized and approved fitness education provider.

In order to maintain consistency and safety it is important that everyone teaching this program has the same foundation of teaching the cues, transitions, sport specific movements and elements to conducting a safe and effective class. We have established this certificate course to ensure that foundation.

Workshop Options:

The difference between the two levels below is the Certification/Certificate course includes a pre-quiz, post practical and written exam, and a skype presentation a month after taking the course for final approval. This level allows you to teach a Sport Aerobics group exercise class at your facility. Both levels earn CEU points listed at the bottom of the page.

Certificate / Certification Level: This workshop includes instruction with a Sport Aerobics Master Trainer, a DVD, workbook, and brief pre-quiz and exam for $249.00. SPECIAL 99.00. Upon successful completion of both the written / practical components, and skype presentation, participants will be a Sport Aerobics Instructor and earn recognition as a Wellness Advocates for Youth Ambassador. As an instructor you may conduct Sport Aerobic Group Exercise classes for youth and adults, and seniors, representing Mission Sports.

CEU only. For those interested in taking this course simply to receive CEU requirements and not implement the program at any facility. This workshop includes instruction with a Sport Aerobics Master Trainer via Skype, a DVD, workbook, and brief pre-quiz to determine knowledge base. $149.00. SPECIAL 99.00

Study materials are sent as downloads after receipt of payment.

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