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Founded in 1980, Desert Southwest Fitness, Inc is dedicated to the publication and distribution of the highest quality professional development materials for the health, fitness, wellness and clinical professional. We specialize in self-directed distance learning and offer the largest selection of home study courses. Our courses are taught by outstanding industry leaders and use a variety of multimedia formats. The company has been an innovator and leader in the field of continuing education for over 32 years.

At DSWFitness, we believe that learning is a lifelong process, and the design of our courses make learning, not just studying, the goal for the participant. Our courses allow you to upgrade specific skills that are necessary for job enhancement and give you the tools to produce positive lifestyle outcomes in your clients by linking course offerings to applicable job-related skills. The strength of DSWFitness is founded on quality education, student feedback, and personalized customer service.

Mission Statement

The mission of DSWFitness is to provide the highest quality professional development materials for the health, fitness, wellness and clinical professional.

Our Vision

The vision of DWFitness is to:

  • Be a global industry leader through the identification and communication of industry trends and the creation of effective and innovative high-quality resources that contribute to and support customer success.
  • Incorporate advanced technology to improve the delivery and communication of our products and services by making education more convenient, accessible, flexible and efficient while maintaining the human quality of our customer interface.
  • Provide a fun, friendly, family-oriented and nurturing environment that cultivates personal and professional growth and a harmonious and knowledgeable team.
  • Achieve excellence in the development and presentation of all our products and services while operating with honesty and integrity.

Share and inspire our customers’ passion for physical activity, health and vitality, and the joy of lifelong learning.

What other professionals say about DSWFitness…

It is a pleasure to work with a company who takes pride in being a BOC approved Provider and we appreciate your support of the athletic training industry.
Mindy Lindquist, Manager of Provider Relations, BOC

I enjoy doing business with your company. You have a wonderful variety of courses to choose from, everyone is so helpful and friendly and you make taking online test so easy.
Anne Noyes, ACE-certified

A big applause to your customer representatives. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, unintimidating, and professional. Thanks
Jeanne Schneider, ACE-certified

I have used DSWFitness since 1992. No one else. I have always been very pleased with quality of materials and the friendliness of the staff. Thank you DSWFitness!
Thomas Cramer, ACE-certified


Phone: 1-800-873-6759

Fax: 1-520-292-0066

Mail: 602 E. Roger Rd.

Tucson, AZ 85705 USA

FPO Crew

FPO Crew

The FPO Crew is made up of a number of skilled, fit, intelligent, and beautiful people who love overall wellness as well as helping people. Everyone in The FPO Crew has a true passion for working with Fitness Professionals all around the world to help grow the industry and thus help more people on a larger scale.
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